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on 25 January 2012
I got this camera as I had a panasonic Lumix which was getting a bit long in the tooth and this one came on sale and seemed to have updated features that my Lumix didn't have.

Firstly its sits nicely in my hand although I find sometimes that my finger will often get in the way off the shot, so I have to watch that.

The people who have been suffering with blurry photos. Well I did too have this problem to begin with, and then I realised that I didn't have it set to fine in the settings, so even though I had it set at the full pixels it was still taken a lower grade picture.

Also its worth noting that the SR auto scene recognition function, while at first seems a good idea, actually fails quite miserably. It certainly seems to select some scenes accurately but then it goes on to take an awful picture. Pictures too orange/blurry/colours odd. I have two of these camera's so its not down to a camera anomaly this seems to go in the range. When I swapped to just plain auto, the camera does well with this and all my pictures have been crystal clear and the colours are awesome, so much so that actually my editing pictures has been reduced quite dramatically, and I love how the camera corrects the red eye on the camera itself. Again cutting down on my editing time.

I really like the Touch and shoot mode, this is great for when you want to take a focal shot, it changes the aperture so that the focus is central, to the object you have set, and has produced some quite dramatic shots. I wasn't that impressed with the touch and track, except for portrait shots. The panorama mode is really fun to use, I actually took quite a dramatic shot of my living room using this, I am often found tinkering with this mode lol. Scene position is pretty good for most of its scenes, although i found sports to be sadly lacking, but then I am used to the speed of my DSLR. The natural flash is good if you want to save the time of framing a shot twice, giving you the best of two to choose from.

The HD video does quite well, its not as good as my panasonic in the day, although its only a small difference, but much better at night. Seems to cope with low light really well. Much better than my panasonic.

I agree about the screen turning on, I haven't read the instructions so that could just simply be in the settings maybe? But I just bought a hard case to keep it in my bag to avoid the problem.

Conclusion: For the price your paying its a good little camera, you don't often find a camera of this spec with a lithium battery. Its got good function, it lets itself down a little on the SR mode, but all in all I am pleased with it. I think it is good value for money.
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on 28 November 2011
I have had this camera about 3 weeks and used it about 3 times for nights out/meeting the new nephew etc etc. I read all the reviews and thought that as I only wanted a "snap and go" style camera that this would be a good camera for me despite the mixed reviews...

The good stuff is:
1) it's small,
2) light,
3) fun/nice colour
4) competitively priced against other similar spec compacts (I bought it when reduced to £80 from £150).
5) Also a nice big screen and easy on/off function with slide screen.

Now for the Bad bits!!(unfortunately these far outweigh the good, for me, even though there are less of them!)

1) Most of my pictures are coming out blurry - especially with no flash.
2) Its turns itself on and off in my bag and sometimes the screen on the back is on, even when it's the shutter slide is closed so the camera should be completely off - if that makes sense...?
3) Battery life is bad - perhaps due to the above? - but either way its a flaw. About "an evening and a bit" of photo taking can be done and then the battery dies.
4) It is dissapointingly slow to actually take the photo.

Essentially Fujifilm has not ticked my main 3 boxes which are 1) sharp pics, 2) quick photos 3) decent battery life. Which is all I want from a compact camera! not much to ask for nearly £100 is it!?

really dissapointed really. Prob make a good first camera for adolescent age group (?) but I would have expected more for the price and the from this brand. My last camera was a Sony Cybershot but only spent about £100 on it so its a similar value to this - that camera fell apart after a year of hard usage - however I just really enjoyed using it and the quality of the photos regularly impressed me right to the end. I just cant say the same here. It has potential, but that wont get back those pics it missed because it was too slow to respond or it blurred out peoples faces.
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on 30 December 2011
I received this as a Christmas present, having owned a Fuji 2800 Finepix for 8 years of superb reliable service. I assumed that things have probably got a little better since my first digital camera. How wrong could i have been?

Firsly, the images are always poor quality, lacking in detail, with poor colour balance and being washed out in a way that was hard to believe of such a well known branded camera. Secondly, the focus was consistently blurred on all the shots i took. Despite reading the manual from start to finish and then methodically trying test shots in varying conditions, with each preset programme, the results were terrible. The pictures were out of focus and always produced the cross eyed effect that you get with poorly focused optics. Shutter speed selection was notably poor, with many shots blurring, even in sports mode. As a comparison to my old 2800, i wouldn't give the Z90 50% as a score, when assessed on quality of image. I have an old Halina 1st generation sub 1 megapixel micro camera, which cost £5 on Ebay. The picture quality was low, but tolerable if you forgave it on sentimental grounds. The Z90 wasn't much better than the Halina, that's how bad it was.

On the light side, the touch screen is very cool, the form is sleek and as a lifestyle tool, it's great in the hand. As usual the menu layouts are what you would expect from Fuji, simple and helpful.

What annoyed me was that i had researched the purchase on Amazon and it seemed to be a good all round option. Unless there is variation in the picture quality and autofocus between units, i can honestly say that people have a very different idea of satisfactory performance than i do. However, i am still a loyal Fuji buyer, so the next step is to actually go and try a better model, but actually in person, in a real shop, so that i know exactly what i am buying.

In conclusion, i would say, go and try one before you buy, or you could let yourself in for some unwelcomed hassle. I think that as digital cameras have evolved, manufacturers have inevitably sacrificed reliability and quality, for the sake of miniaturisation and more features, such as internal focusing and touch screens. Do camera makers conduct blind picture quality tests, comparing their new models, with old ones, such as my 2003 Finepix 2800? If Fuji listened to their consumers, i think that they would come up with a performance centred compact, which put quality and '1st time, every time' functionality, before ephemeral gimmickery.
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on 21 November 2011
I bought this camera on the strenght of my old fuji f470 which takes very clear photos, the Z90 has fantastic features and i thought just what i wanted to replace my old camera,however every photo i have taken is out of focus slightly and i want to have alot of my pics enlarged onto canvas(which the f470 did so well)i have tried many different settings and memory cards which made no difference.Although perhaps common sense i will be trying before i buy cameras from now on and the next one wont be a Fuji !
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on 14 November 2011
Bought this camera after reading the positive reviews. I wanted a lightweight camera I could carry in my pocket and liked the flip cover on an older version of this camera that I still have. The touchscreen of this new model proved far too fragile for everyday portability and had cracked within a month. I hadn't dropped it but probably leant against something and put pressure on my pocket. Like most modern technology it seems it's not meant to last and the supplier (Jessops) is principally interested in selling you their camera insurance cover. I would advise against buying this camera for everyday use - it certainly doesn't live up to my very sedentary lifestyle.
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on 23 September 2011
I was really thrilled when I received this brilliant little camera. It is all I expected and more, easy to use with great results. Stores hundreds of memories in crystal clear pictures without having to be an expert photographer.Fujifilm FinePix Z90 Digital Camera - Black (14MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD
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on 16 May 2012
Replaces an older Fuji camera which had died after many years service. Small compact camera with touch display easy to use. The only downside is the lack of a viewfinder which the old camera had. Consequently can be difficult lining up a shot in very bright conditions.Notwithstanding the absent viewfinder, I am very pleased with the camera which is very compact, fits into a pocket and is good value for money.
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on 12 June 2012
This little camera does exactly what it says on the box. Taking the time to get familiar with the settings pays great dividends and produces fantastic results. I suspect the poor ratings come from those who could not be bothered to take time to get to know the camera or think they know it all!! Smashing little tool.
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on 17 January 2012
negatives- picture quality is ver poor, and zoom isnt that great either :( filmed my son in xmas play and was terrible zoom, ppl with phones were getting better quality and zoom :(. the pictures come out all blurry no matter what settings i used, if someone moves on the phottos thats it, pic ruined, thats also with flash too :( my last camera was 12 mp and that had sharper photos, is it a bad batch from fugi film? i dont know. however, the styling is wonderful, very easy, just slide up to turn on, slide down 2 turn off, very sleek and elegant with very responsive touch screen, total shame the photos let you down :(
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on 14 January 2012
Camera just as described very easy website. A very prompt delivery and my daughter loves it.The camera is easy to use and looks very smart and modern.
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