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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2012
I fell in love with 30 Rock around halfway through Season One. I've been buying the seasons the second they become available in the UK. I was a little disappointed in the 4th season - it felt like the show had started to lose its way a little and I just found myself taking a few weeks to get through the whole boxset, as opposed to a few days as had been the case with previous series.

HOWEVER: Season Five is a real return to form. I'd managed to see most of the episodes already in time spent in the US, and I've just watched the final few episodes. The humour is spot-on, and there's some really innovative ideas in there which help keep your interest - including a show shot live (a little gimmicky, but it worked brilliantly) and the Queen of Jordan storyline where Tracey's wife gets her own reality TV show.

For those that have found their interest starting to wane on Season Four like I did, don't let that put you off snapping up this season. It's a fantastic return to form and is worth every penny.

Extras are better than they've been on past releases - there's 10 audio commentaries, which to me are the best value extras you can get - it gives you a second way to watch the episodes, and there's tonnes of great insights and stories about the production.

Thanks to Tina Fey and the brilliant team at 30 Rock for a much-loved addition to my home library.
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on 13 March 2013
I wouldn't normally add to all the reviews already on offer, but the season's conclusion left me just a little perplexed. I wound up for it by doing a re-run of the uniformly brilliant first four seasons, which may have been a mistake. Whilst things started off extremely well, this time around, it was the last quarter or so where the quality became patchier. My final conclusion? That it was a good thing i got this one at a truly bargain basement flash promotional price.

However, this season still contains many more moments of brilliance. Hence the four stars. The fabulous, side-splitting "Live Show" episode alone probably makes this worth the admission price, to be honest, as Liz Lemon continues to deal with the numerous TGS nutjobs. Purchasers will notice that certain members of the support cast become margianalised, to the show's detriment. (I especially missed the deliciously catty interplay with the lovely Cerie, who hardly features.) Issues of pregnancy and Tracy Morgan's illness, as stated elsewhere, seem to be at the root of the season's somewhat rudderless conclusion. Almost as though the producers were desperate to get the season wrapped, using some rather contrived plotlines.

Still worthy of purchase, as there are simply too many good things, but purchasers may wish to hold their fire until the price is really right. Meanwhile, i'm hoping that the next season will get us back on course. This is such a funny series, after all, with no need for a laughter track. Brilliantly written and acted, but season five isn't perhaps quite up to the standard of what came before. Even so, an iffy season of "30 Rock" still leaves most of the competition trailing in its wake.

PS. A repeat viewing of the final six episodes was infinitely more satisfying. Whilst this season definitely wobbles, when Tracy disappears to "Africa", it remains very solid.
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on 25 September 2012
This series is to me where the show took a step down, even given the rather stretched nature I always wonder why people say 4 is weaker than this one. With Jack and Liz both in relationships, the earlier episodes cover new ground, especially the excellent live show (better than the second in my opinion). Matt Damon is a strong guest star, although he's written out rather abruptly.
However, the later episodes, bar the great 100 episode (one of the best ever episodes) were weaker. There was no end of season story, unlike previous seasons so the last episodes looks like a (Summer Special) than the finale'. These last two episodes in particular are arguably the 'jump the shark' moment with the stupid North Korean plot. However, there was numerous behind the seens problems (Jane and Tina's Preganacy's and Tracy's illness) and the episodes are always funny, especially I hart ct.
Other Problems: Danny starts his general phasing out. There is no effort to develop any real relationship between Liz and Avery (yes its been done before, but given Avery's character, an unlikely friendship would be interesting), Kenneth is aimless and his sticks getting tired (improved in season 6), Jonathan continues to be pointless (his absence in 6 is not even noticed), Simpsons syndrome comes in with guest starts having to be introduced as 'This is blank blank off blank'. Most shameless is Carl Reiner's cameo when he does this with a name tag and is pathetically unfunny.
If I sound like I'm complaining, I will say there are plenty of funny moments, just the bad parts are more noticeable.

Extras:These seem phoned in, although given season 1 had no extras, I guess we should be greatful. Jane is badly missed on the commentarys and Too many start with "I was not involved in this episode". There are too many deleted scenes (repeated in 6). The executive superhero shorts are fun, but there are only 3.
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on 27 October 2015
there is a very noticable drop in form here and thats for the first time so while its almost understandable it is still a let down. The first four seasons for me stamped their authority by being zany and brilliant in equal measure, here some ideas fall on their face, some things dont work and a few episodes are just poor.
There is still more good than bad episodes here overall and plenty of funny moments overall but the weaknesses are here and i hope it doesnt spill into season 6 which i am set to watch next
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on 25 September 2013
Love 30 Rock, there’s not much more to say, not as great as the earlier series but when is it ever? I CAN TELL YOU WHEN! This is now my second favourite US comedy and THE BIG BANG is relegated third, and if you haven’t yet seen MODERN FAMILY and love 30 ROCK, I envy you because you have THREE series of THE BEST US COMEDY ever to look forward to!
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on 2 March 2014
Although not as sharp as earlier series, box 5 still shows some really excellent writing. Funny, witty and sarcastic it isn't the usual sappy blend of US comedy as it applies intelligence to the writing.
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on 24 August 2013
Love 30 Rock, great cast and brilliant writing, can watch these shows over and over again. Great viewing for the whole family. Worked my way through to seasons, now can't wait for season 6 to be delivered
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on 14 September 2012
When I accidentally added my fifth season, and subsequent fifth purchase from Amazon of the 30Rock series to the 'save for later' part of my basket, and was then (amazed) - lets say er, pleasantly surprised when it was reduced by over £9.00 last week!! I had to change that status, buy it quick sharp and then add this series five to my now full collection, and as much as I try to convince people here in the UK of the GENIUS of both Tina Fey's writing, as well as her and Alec Baldwin (& all the casts! exceptional roles in the show) - and to ignore the fact that Channel Five were the only UK station with the nous to buy the initial rights to broadcast, (which it stopped mysteriously before sliding back into the safety of endless CSI re-runs and rubbish documentaries) - 30Rock seems to constantly slip under the radar, (unlike say, the crass but great but VERY over-killed both on the BBC and on DVD of say, American Dad or Family Guy) - 30Rock doesn't drop in quality season to season, in fact it gets more addictive, it isn't offensive to the senses but I also get the feeling it won't age as badly as a pointlessly bought 'Friends' series would.

It is smarter and funnier than 75% of even the best in UK comedy and in short, I buzz off having ALL five series for around £60 spent and spread over 3 years, via amazon, that's a great deal. If it remains my secret with a handful of culty convert friends, so be it! But if a long winded review on the mightiest site in the world gets it a few more fans, then that's all good too!

I also MASSIVELY rate this vendor on Amazon for such a bargain, and as is always impressive, the speed in which delivery occurred ahead of schedule.... 10/10.

Duncan W
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on 1 February 2013
Excellent series and if you have watched season 1 to 4 what are you going to do? Well obviously buy this. Still maintains the high standard set by the earlier programmes - they haven't "jumped the shark" yet!
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on 27 October 2013
Consistently funny, witty and cutting. Good to see a more grown up and intelligent show, despite its many goofy, silly moments lasting into a fifth series. Alec Baldwin is absolutely brilliant and I never tire of watching this. Highly recommended.
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