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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 August 2012
Both cases offer fantastic protection, I have used both in the time I have owned my iPhone 4S.

They both have pros and cons, neither is perfect but they do what they say on the tin.

My personal preference is the Gumdrop case but it is a very close run thing. I have reviewed the Griffin case and gave it full marks but I find this one, the Gumdrop more usable.

1. The screen area is larger so you don't tend to bump up against the edge of the screen protector rim so much. It makes navigating the screen so much better.
2. The home button is more recessed on the Gumdrop whereas on the Griffin it protrudes and it is easy to accidentally press it in your pocket.
3. The Gumdrop has less bulk and fits into your pocket better.
4. The quality of the silicon is better, it feels harder and less likely to open the port covers by accident.
5. The camera lens is not covered making it easier to take those 'just happening' photos. It is also protected by a raised plastic flange.

The Griffin outscores this Gumdrop in that although it is not entirely waterproof,it has a lens protecting flap and has a slightly better built in screen protector. The Gumdrop screen protector may show what is commonly called oil slicking where the screen protector is not entirely flush with the phone screen. The Griffin screen protector sits away from the screen so there is a bit of noticeable give when you touch the screen.

Either or, it doesn't really matter if you want best protection for your investment however there are always compromises to be made. For me this one is more pocketable and doesn't detract from the usability of the phone in any way. Also, a point to note is that the Gumdrop for the iPad is exceptionally good, except for the screen protector, its what I use.
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on 8 January 2013
An excellent, all-enclosed case with a built in screen protector for your iPhone 4/4S... but it does have a few down sides...

The rubber starts off feeling quite rigid but softens over time (I guess due to warmer ambient temperatures or just normal use) and while this doesn't compromise protection levels, it does mean that the edges can sometimes peel themselves off of the plastic 'exoskeleton' that it 'clips' to. Not a big deal really... you kinda get used to rolling it back on but it might make some feel like its not doing its job. Can also make the phone tricky to get out of your pocket as the rubber is quite grippy to fabric.

Replacement screen protectors are available... apparently... but no one stocks them in the UK... and if they did, they'd probably cost more than just getting a complete replacement case. You're better off removing the attached protection film from the case's frame and attaching another directly to the phone's display.

The headphone opening is only suitable for small jack plugs. If you have anything bigger than apple's own headphone plugs then they may not fit... although a right-angle jack such as those found on Dr Dre's Beats headphones will fit if you're prepared to squish the case's plug cover.

It also won't fit into any dock that I know of while its in this case... but that's kinda fair enough...

The opening for the mute switch is for 4 year old's fingers only. If you got chunky fingers like me, you'll need to grow your nail on your pinky finger to work that switch.

And despite looking like it can survive a direct nuclear strike, it won't stop dust getting in and is only splash proof at best.

Biggest flaw though, has to be the red (in this case's) camera lens/flash bezel... as it reflects the flash into the lens causing any flash photography to have a 'red mist'. Again, not a biggie if you only take non-flash pictures but it basically renders the flash unusable for taking low light photos.

However, despite all those flaws, it will COMPLETELY protect the phone from being dropped down a flight of stairs... or from bouncing off the pavement should it fall out of your pocket whilst running... or from kids fighting over it. My phone's seen it all and lived... and on that basis, I gotta give it 5 stars. Recommended.
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on 7 August 2013
I found that this case was very protective, and also looked quite nice on. It doesn't seem to ruin the look of the iPhone, and it is also good because you can get it in a range of colours, to meet everyone's taste. However, I did find it quite tricky to get the iPhone in and out. It is fairly easy to get the phone in, but the main difficulty is getting it out, as I almost broke my phone in trying to do so the first time. After a few tries at getting the phone out, I managed to find a way of getting it out safely, but it did take about 5 minutes to do. I am altogether pleased with the product, even with some difficulty in getting the phone in and out. I would recommend this item.
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on 11 June 2013
Looked at numerous case reviews for Iphone 4 before settling on the Gumdrop! We needed something that would not be too bulky to fit in a jacket or leg pocket of a pair of work trousers and especially something which could easily be extracted when it rang. Having sized up other Ballistic cases and narrowed down our particular needs (ie not really necessary for it to be completely water tight, have an exterior clip, etc.) and taking into account that the cost of the Gumdrop was reasonable given that it might turn out to be totally unsuitable, we made our decision.

There is a good range of combination colours available for this model, however as our iphone already has a white face we opted for plain black.
it's a very good case! It has a soft silky feel, but adequately sturdy for any accidental falls from at least head height (haven't dared to try any higher). The cover fits snugly over the phone covering the home key volume buttons, on/off button, as well as the charging port, headphone jack and mute button, the latter three accessible via pull down flaps. The rear camera, microphones, etc are uncovered in this model hence it is not classified as waterproof, but unless you are standing in a downpour of rain i would say that it is weatherproof to a degree. The rigid screen protector is amazingly responsive and snugly fits inside the cover right on top of the iphone screen. We left our original flexible screen protector in place and you cannot tell that there is both a rigid and flexible one in situ as there is no perceptible difference in the touch screen or clarity. The home key being covered also has not presented any problems.

The outer case is covered in alternating raised tracks, rather like the bottom of some running shoes for rugged terrain. This is great and makes it virtually impossible for the phone to accidentally slip out of your hand, so for single handed users it's versatile.

Only downside we have noticed about the case is it's uncanny ability to pickup any small debris that might be lingering in your pocket, however this is such a small inconvenience and whether it is static or just the traction of the rubber that picks up little pieces once you give it a blow or brush down it releases them. We think that it is not static as it doesn't attract cat hair.

All in all, considering, cost, ease of use, size and availability we think that this case deserves to be considered as a serious contender for one of the top ten rugged Iphone cases around!
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on 5 October 2013
I ordered one for the iPhone and another for the iPad. Extremely well constructed and easy to fit. Provides really solid protection for these devices and you can drop them from a height and still feel confident they will land safely. If you are looking for extra protection whilst on holiday they are fine but make the devices bulky and much heavier so better off with the more conventional case. I don't use them all the time but as I am off to the Amazon shortly my devices will be wearing their Gumdrop cases again. Essentially they are well made protective cases for use in heavy duty situations.
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on 24 February 2013
this case is the best protective case I have had better than otter box defender the rubber is thicker therefore doesn't peal off like the otter box it has red plastic that your phone clicks in to then the rubber surrounds it

I have given it 5 star as I have dropped my phone in this case and not had a problem this is
a great case if you work in a place were you could drop it a lot or don't have insurance on you mobile

there is nothing i can think of that i don't like this case is a must get
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on 3 March 2012
Perfect ALL ROUND protection for my i Phone.Ok, so it makes the phone slightly more bulky, but it's purpose is to stop my phone from shattering if dropped.I spent some time checking out tough iPhone cases in white, and I'm well pleased with this one.
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on 15 March 2013
Great purchase, bought to prevent secret from cracking if dropped accidentally. Have dropped the phone a couple of times since fitting and it has worked very well. Only negative is that the phone is quite heavy and bulky now. But not worried if the screen is protected. No problems using the phone with it in place either.
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on 18 May 2015
Does everything I wanted it to - brightly coloured so easy to find; straightforward to fix around phone; easy access slots for phone buttons, camera lens, etc.; protects phone if dropped. And all at a reasonable price, can't ask for any more! Excellent product, highly recommended.
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on 28 August 2012
This product has been a godsend. My one year old regularly uses my phone as a teether and my three year old loves watching interactive fairy stories while eating leading to messy fingers touching my screen daily and the Gumdrop Case is CHILD PROOF. Way to go Gumdrop!!!!
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