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on 26 November 2016
I used to be married to a special forces soldier, he was manly, brave, and a decorated hero. He could carry the house on his back whilst fighting off terrorists and a zombie invasion. I accidentally bought these pens and put them in his backpack for pen type emergencies when he was out in the field. Now he is called Agnes, he lives in a commune in Brighton, is a professional mime artist and knits underwear out of cat fur. The divorce cost me my home, my in-house car mechanic and D I Y expert and the person who could get the plates down from the top shelf, I am old and bitter and my life is over, all because of these pens. Heed my warning people of the world, these pens ruin lives, do not touch them, do not even be in the same house as them and certainly do not put them in your husband's backpack. If I can save one other person then my sacrifice will have been worth it. And please see Amazon for my ex-husbands range of cat fur underwear.
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on 16 January 2016
As a women I am incompetent. How can I be expected to write with 12 pens! I have tried using my feet and mouth to help out but still I can't write with more then 9!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 March 2016
Before purchasing these pens I found it almost impossible to write female dialogue but now just check out this line taken straight form my latest novel;

"Oh Dirk, you're my hero!" she swooned.

I couldn't have done that without these pens in my hand.
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on 18 December 2012
My friend is foreign so when I saw the tears of joy cascading down her cheek as she finally had a proper writing implement and did not have to struggle any more to use a "man pen" made the whole purchase experience worthwhile ............
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on 24 December 2012
Just the job for signing letters to Sheila's Wheels. I bought these as a joke, but love the idea of having one in my pocket to produce with a flourish in inappropriate places, like Plumber's Merchants and Police Stations. They are also very nice pens.
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on 26 June 2015
I always wanted to write but I kept this a secret so that I am not laughed at. Also knew it would be hard for my parents and my husband to support this silly idea. Still I was writing secretly when noone could see me, when I had a few minutes because the twins were asleep. I took one of my husband's handwritten notes from his desk and tried to copy the characters there. I had no idea what they were saying. Just copied the small p, the large o and then the twins were crying again, apparently they had woken up.

The twins have just graduated and I am here writing this review! This is my great accomplishment, my dream has come true although I was always too shy and insecure to believe that one day this could become reality. I have not yet told my husband that I can write now. He has already explained to me repeatedly that writing is useless for me as I am a woman, he was also blaming the feminazis for this idea, although I have no idea what that means. I am still wondering if I should tell him. Perhaps not. The most important thing is to keep our marriage safe.

Recently I noticed this beautiful, delicate, charming instrument - the BIC for her pen. I am sure my writing would develop if I used it - it is especially designed for women! Perhaps using this would be appropriate and I could even write a note to my husband one day? I am really lost now so please do message me if you have any advice for me. Do you also write secretly in your stolen 5 minutes? Does your husband know? Should I buy the she pen? I have thought to write to Cosmopolitan for advice but I cannot read yet and am not sure how to send them the enquery.
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on 28 August 2012
Normally I only use pens designed and created for real men, in colours appropriate to such instruments of masculinity - black like my chest hair or blue like the steely glint of my eyes, or the metallic paintwork of my convertible Mustang sportscar. Imagine then the situation I found myself in when, upon taking delivery of another shipment of motorbike parts and footballs, I reached for and grasped not my normal BIC pen, but a `BIC for Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen' (evidently ordered by my well-meaning, but ill-informed girlfriend whilst my back was turned). I knew something was wrong when I had to physically restrain my hands, gnarled and worn from a lifetime of rock-climbing and shark wrestling, from crushing the fragile implement like a Faberge egg. Things only went downhill from there.

Normally my hand writing is defined and strong, as if chiselled in granite by the Greek gods themselves, however upon signing my name I noticed that my signature was uncharacteristically meandering and looping. More worryingly the dots above the I's manifested themselves as hearts, and I found myself finishing off the signature with a smiley face and kisses. Obviously I had no choice but to challenge the delivery man to a gun fight on the rim of an erupting volcano in order to reassert my dominance. Had I not won this honourable duel this particular mistake might have resulted in a situation that no amount of expensive single malt whiskey and Cuban cigars could banish. I leave this review here as a warning to all men about the dangers of using this particular device, and suffice-it-to-say will return to signing my name with a nail gun as normal.
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on 13 July 2013
After hearing about these pens I was captivated. This is the answer to a mans dreams. Thank you BIC for providing the perfect wedding present.

I am sure that she will love me so much more and treat me like a real king once the pens are unwrapped on our wedding day. The new woman in my life will be swamped with these wonderful pens. They are great - so much better than flowers and chocolates - they don't need watering and will not melt in the car on the way home.

On our wedding day I shall surprise her and spread 'BIC For Her' pens everywhere around the room like rose petals - as a sign of my devoted love. Having bought 2 boxes I can even lay enough pens on the bed to spell out romantic messages like 'I love you' - I used to lay out my socks to be ironed on the bed in the shapes of letters to spell out romantic messages but these pens will be much better).

My only concern is how long will the pens last and can one do a bulk purchase? Do the pens come with 'instructions for her' ('push down end only once to start writing' and 'pointy end goes on the paper') as she will need much guidance and help explaining what the pens do and what they are for. Do BIC sell 'Paper For Her writing' paper?

Our wedding will be on 23rd August 2014 everyone - I just know she will say yes as now she will be able to sign the marriage certificate all by herself - wonderful brilliant BIC. Thank you thank you thank you.
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on 19 August 2016
I write this with a heavy heart of an incomplete woman. The fact that my pretty manicured fingers clad in flowery nail art are having to write my lists on scented bright coloured paper paper with - eeeewwwwww - my husband's... sorry I need a minute... my husband's BIC pen (sigh) is killing me. See, my husband won't let me get the she-pens as he says he can't imagine 12 more bouts of pms, the 'I am always right' syndrome and mood swings etc. He says he wouldn't know what to do if one morning one or more of the pens decide to not write 'just because' and moreover he says 12 she-pens would be too much of a distraction and temptation to his manly BIC pen and he doesn't want to take a chance otherwise we might find ourselves with baby BIC pens running around the house and writing in everything.
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on 16 December 2015
This company! As if women are supposed to share their thoughts.

Besides, I think this product is missing some details.
1. I expected the ink to be a bright pink or purple, and it's black! TF? I'm sorry, but that is just too similar to the pens that men use. I mean at least make the ink be scented like strawberries!
2. Where is the white out or eraser? This is very important! Women are always making mistakes!
3. This also needs an instruction manual written by a male. I don't think I can quite grasp the concept unless a male shows me how to use it.
4. The exterior is just too rough for my delicate little hands. I need the outside to be made of the finest silk!
5. This product should be cheaper. How is a female going to afford this on her kind of salary? Oh, wait never mind- women don't have jobs. I suppose I will just have to get my husband to buy it for me.
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