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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2016
This film is an adult X film set in the beginning of WW2 in Berlin. The Nazis turn a bunch of women into prostitutes linked to a night club to spy on the tongues of unsuspecting other Nazis. This was made by Tinto Brass in Italy, a producer/director noted for sex films. This is the extended cut and that footage added that had no English soundtrack dubbing loops has English subtitles added to the screen at those times, otherwise an Italian and default English tracks are available. The person with the largest, by far, is the then young English runaway, Teresa Ann Savoy. I must say she is a delight and the best looker in the film. Savoy got a major part in Caligula when Maria Schneider left the production due to not wanting to do nude scence. Savoy seems to have in Italy with a family and no longer is in films. The film runs 133mins and it plenty gory in parts. In case you are wondering there appears to be only one quick intimate frontal flash of Savoy but there is an abundance of the rest of her body thru'out. Male nudity abounds.
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on 1 November 2012
High production value Nazisploitation film from bootymeister Tinto Brass.If you've seen Caligula , even the trimmed version , you'll know what to expect from this tale of the S.S. recruiting nazi women to work in a brothel for soldiers where the bedrooms are bugged to find out what the soldiers really think about the war whilst enjoying general debauchery (though Caligula didn't have the electronic surveillance,just the nutters and the general debauchery).An excellent camp fun poke at the odious nazi S.S. hierarchy and the shocking banality of evil . On a lower brow note the brothel cabaret is great (think "Cabaret" with nudity) and the overall sleaze is fantastic;Tinto even works in a love/death/revenge story.Brilliant.
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on 18 April 2015
BLU RAY RELEASE: One of the more professional films of the genre, Tinto Brass gives a credible, even somewhat restrained, feel to the subject. Some of the female nudity is, apart from its obvious beauty, tantalising without being leering or excessive - although, if memory serves correct, I didn't quite understand why they were seemingly portrayed as dominant over the selected captured men they were to have sex with. Atypical of the majority of films of this type, picture quality on this BD is crisp, clear and with excellent colour balance - well done the distributor for letting the original camerawork shine through. The extras include an interesting interview with the Director speaking in English, and some tantalising trailers of other releases - the film concerning a nunnery looked, how shall we say, quite appealing. Would I consider buying further films directed by Tinto Brass? Yes! An enjoyable film if you enjoy this subject but, despite the hype, this shows little to be shocked about in the 'naughties (2000s) which is why I give it four rather than five stars. A harder edge to the film would have secured full marks.
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on 13 March 2011
The first surprise is to see Ingrid Thulin (Return from the Ashes; Four Horseman of the Apocalypse) in such an erotic Nazi nightclub drama. There is much full frontal male nudity, racial propaganda ("Jesus Christ was blonde haired and blue eyed" the Nazi doctor proclaimed). The pig slaughtering sequence is not for the squeamish. Helmut Berger is perfectly cast as the (what appears to be) potentially bisexual central male character (judging by his love of extravagant Nazi uniforms). Women are selected for their political National Socialist purity and their potential to be whores and spies for the Party. They are tested in a scene of balletic choreography; with 20 women encountering 20 men of equal Aryan purity. The story itself? The Salon is ordered to close. A new venue is opened. The reason? Watch the film! If you are not offended by the Nazi stuff then this is an essay in simple decadence.

Ian Hunter.
Author of The Early Years
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on 31 October 2013
The two star rating concerns the terrible blu-ray transfer:
Image clarity and color stability are inferior to the Region 2 DVD I own.
However, the sound of the blu-ray edition is markedly improved.
To the film itself, I give 4.5 stars:
Based on the historical fact of a high-class Berlin brothel that was
controlled by the SD, director Tinto Brass created a provoking and
disturbing essay on the corrupting, degrading, and de-humanizing effect
of absolute power over people.
As he explains in an interview about the film, you cannot comment on
extreme situations, without being extreme in your imagery.
The slaughterhouse scene is pivotal in understanding what the film
says about Fascism: Partly visible, and spattered with blood, is the infamous
concentration camp motto "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work sets you free).
Then there's the boudoir scene where an SS prostitute indulges the
perversions of the powerful elite, while images of Leni Riefenstahl's
Nazi paean "Triumph des Willens" (1935) are projected on the walls
and over the girl's naked body.
Triumph Of The Will (DVD) 2010
And there's the scene with the Jewish boy and his parents who visit an aquarium,
although proscribed by the Nuremberg Laws.
The boy accidentally drops his wind-up toy at the feet of a bevy of
Bund Deutscher Madel (Hitler Youth)girls. The leading girl, staring hatefully
at the tearful eyes of the boy, steps on his toy.
The film's superb production design by Ken Adam of "Barry Lyndon" fame
captures the decadent, Art Nouveau ambience of 1930's Germany,
and the cold,inhuman aesthetic of Nazi design.
As in Luchino Visconti's "The Damned" (1969), Helmut Berger again gives
a powerful performance as an ambivalent, immoral and ambitious Nazi cadre.
The Damned [DVD] [1969]
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on 25 November 2013
Well done Tinto Brass for your creative thinking in this very entertaining movie.Their is something to please everone here and the picture quality is superb. Lets have more films of this standard please where females are fully portraid in all their glory.
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on 3 March 2014
This explicit tale of BDSM sex, power and violence is very much enhanced by the director's cut - which heightens the erotic the content just to the right level. This WWII story of the increasingly decadent and debauched Reich is very well told in the haunting Salon Kitty. The period 1940's eroticism is convincing and perhaps at times, under-stated, and too brief - yet, this makes the movie even classier. Our fevered imagination could easily convince us that we've actually seen more than actually portrayed on film.
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on 5 May 2016
How times have changed, I don't know why this was controversial at all. I didn't find it violent and wasn't explicit. Great movie thou, good definition of "power", that's still true to this day.
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on 14 January 2016
This film fails on so many levels. The cinematography is second rate, some of the later room sets are more 1970s than 1940s and the sound quality is poor. It doesn't even qualify as pornography. Perhaps I should hold fire on this review until I've sold my copy!
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on 8 May 2005
As I have Seen this film before This DVD version is is very good this is because first its UNCUT and for that reason alone it well worth the money. Also the picture quiltery is excerlent and the film it self is very good. For those who have seen it before will notice in this UNCUT version there are important sections of the film which has been added that has never been seen before legaly in this country. This film contains some of the STRONGEST full frontal NUDITY seans ever commited to a film so it not for those who dislike such sceans. Other than that I would recomend that any one who has seen it before by this DVD.
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