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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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This is a sort of One Million years BC meets Buck Rogers in the 25th Century meets the Omega Man or Time Machine [Samantha Mumba version]. Set in a post apocalyptic future the human race survives in small isolated pockets, the rest of humanity having been turned into savage mutants bent on murder and destruction by genetic engineering gone awry. When one of these outposts is attacked by the encroaching mutants, a small group attempt to discover if there are any other settlements 'out there'. In comes Sean bean as a 'survivor who seems to have done okay on his own [well with his wife & child] The band learn there is a cure -a yellow powder and so their trek begins in a weak Lord of the Rings sort of journey where Sean has a number of 'friends' who have links with other outposts.
It all sounds much better than it really is. The script has numerous errors for the picky amongst you and the small band originally give themselves a day to venture forth. The world seems ever so small when you consider the time they seem to be travelling yet they have little knowledge of it all and the terrain changes very quickly. That aside, its a watchable film but suffers from a low budget and some ill conceived plot lines where they manage to come and go with far too much ease.
If you like the doom and gloom of the post apocalyptic and don't mind a made for TV approach then this will probably do you well. It is watchable and entertaining, its just that it seems a bit lacklustre given the story outline and a lot more could have been achieved. Don't pay too much for it and you'll probably think it's fine.
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on 29 April 2017
No, this is not the greatest film ever made, but nor does it aspire to be. It's a made for TV affair with a restricted budget. If you watch it with that in mind, it's actually quite enjoyable. The premise of a future that is, at a first glance, indistinguishable from the prehistoric past is rather intriguing. There is a lot of cgi wizardry, good fun if you're into that kind of thing. The vision of a decaying New York, half consumed by jungle, worked particulary well for me. I also liked scenes with the people in New York. The drawn out attacks of the diseased mutants, not so much.

The cast is good, with Sean Bean the undisputable star in a role that suits him down to the ground even though it doesn't ask too much of him. Corey Sevier, Sam Claflin and Annabelle Wallis are nice to look at and don't do anything wrong. But especially Claflin, who plays the intellectual of the group, would have deserved a better developed character. Obviously, the makers went for action and cgi magic before plot. A pity, because with a better script and full use of the acting abilities of the cast this could have been a really nice little film. As it is, it was cheap and perfectly adequate viewing for a rainy afternoon. Don't spend too much on it, go into it without high expectations and you'll likely have a bit of fun watching it.

The DVD is good. Both picture and sound are fine. There are several bonus features, including interviews with the cast and a making of featurette.
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on 24 June 2017
great dvd thank you
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on 27 May 2015
Featuring in this review must've been Sean Bean's charitable act for that year. He's not the strongest actor, lets be honest, but he was easily the best actor in this. The rest of the cast fit in to the classic "Pretty but bland" mould who probably live in LA, but aren't quite Hollywood material.

I mean, you should be able to tell from the start that this is a B-movie, and if those are your expectations (as they were for me) then you shouldn't be disappointed by this obviously low budget film.

The plot was a reasonably cliche'd "find the cure" sort of affair, with very little or no originality whatsoever. Love triangle, heroic death of the guy you're supposed to dislike at the beginning, but who redeems himself in the end, and thus freeing up the girl for the previously unsuccessful lead guy.
Cure arrives just in time to save the day.
Not exactly inspiring stuff, but it did at least make sense and "worked". It just wasn't particularly exciting or engaging.

The dialogue didn't give the actors much to work with in fairness, but the performances were weak and unconvincing.

A shame really, because the setting was quite a cool one. People who make these kinds of low budget films really should spend most of their money on a decent script rather than a famous actor. No script = no film.
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on 28 December 2014
this holds you interested through out not your normal post nuke film, if your buying it to watch Sean Bean you'll be disappointed he has 10-15 mins screen time but this is a entertaining film . give it a go!
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on 8 December 2014
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on 19 June 2014
I liked the story- post apocalypse America, returned to the Stone age. A tribe surviving hoping to avoid the mutants that the rest of the human race has regressed to through a man made infection. But after a mutant attack on the tribe, three of the tribe head out in search of help the truth and find more than they could ever have expected. This is a not bad effort for a low budget movie and although it was a bit cheesy at times and the acting was very iffy it does manage to keep you entertained. Worth a watch. I don't know why as the story was so different but it reminded me of Battlefield Earth -the book not the horrible movie- although there was never an alien in sight lol.
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on 16 November 2011
The Lost Future is a clever storyline that never truly developed, probably due its smaller budget. The predominantly young cast does a very good job with limited characters. Good acting and the passion to make a good movie makes for some good scenes later on. There are also some clever ideas, and good CGI later in the film.
In terms of the final product, there are limitations. The sense of geographical scale, important to the storyline, didn't seem to develop well into the final movie. The film will only appeal to a smaller range of people.

Hannah Tointon plays her small part well and may be one to watch out for in future. Sean Bean's performance and character is brilliant. The bonus features are good, and show that the film could have been something really special if it had more resources.

I'm glad I bought this film and will watch it a few times. Renting first would be a good idea.
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on 29 May 2014
What do you look for in a film? If it's:

1. Action
2. Interesting story
3. A believable cast
4. Something philosophical...

then this film is for you! I don't get a lot of choice with films, I'm an Amazon Prime member so we don't get the latest films. But I picked this one even though I was very dubious after reading the reviews.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Don't expect it to be Schindler's List, but it's a tale about about what people might do in a Post-apocalyptic world, sans zombies. It's different from other films, and I think 90% of the cast was completely convincing and the CGI was was better than big budget films like The Green Lantern.

I love Sean Bean but that doesn't bias me towards this film, even though he was the only actor I recognised it was still an enjoyable film that wasn't completely predictable, it had some new elements along with old ideas (think: The Time Machine).

I find it hard, very hard, to find films that I don't bitch about because of cheesy stories, or crap acting, and I hate Hollywood's attitude of throwing money and big effects at a written story in an attempt to make it appealing. I don't watch films twice but if a friend wanted to see this film then I would sit with them and watch it for a second time.

If you're an Amazon Prime member then surprisingly, yet honestly, this is one of the best films you can watch for free (I've watched a lot of them). And Sean Bean is such a great actor (it's not a 5-minute cameo)!
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on 9 December 2014
Watched this through Amazon Prime and the only Prime is Amazon not the film. What was Sean bean thinking of staring in this. Terrible plot didn't have a clue what it was about other than being in the future. Don't bother wasting your time watching this. The picture on the cover is about the best thing about the film. If I could it wouldn't even get a star.
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