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Different Gear, Still Speeding
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 22 May 2013
And ended up keeping it to myself!
Love Oasis love Beady eye!
Prompt delivery, happy with the purchase.
Nothing to complain about, I love it!
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on 2 April 2011
Yes the members are Oasis without Noel but the sound isnt. Its a great album and more beatle-esqe that Oasis was. Its one of those things, i dont think they'll grow to be as big as oasis but if they came before oasis they would be, excelllent album
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on 18 April 2013
Yep Noels gone with his sharp song writing he knew how to write an anthem so the underdogs have got themselves together and smashed out this great debut. Its a bit rushed some of the tunes are filler but like most albums thats always the case. The references to their influences are there but there are some great moments The Roller , Bring the light etc so go with an open mind its a different sound and one which will improve over time. Yes Noels is a good album but we have heard it all before he offers nothing new so give Liam and the boys a break its a great start.
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on 7 November 2013
i really dont understand why people are giving them such a hard time. this album and the next are really great. of course they'll never be as big or as loveable as oasis but people should really stop comparing - they may have the same members but the sound is very different. if it was the same album by any other band that wasnt connected to oasis everyone would enjoy it im sure. id recommend it.
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on 15 March 2011
I was once one of the biggest Oasis fans on the planet. I adored the first three albums, and the fifth album (Heathen Chemistry) also holds some great memories for me. However, after that I felt they lost something, and the final two albums were uninspired, lazy, and just plain boring. In terms of musicianship, this was probably the era in which they possessed the most talent, with Gem Archer and Andy Bell in the band. Despite some tight playing, strong production, and decent-ish songs, the records just left me feeling cold. A band that once had so much swagger, raw attitude, and just genuinely brilliant songs, had run out of steam and were simply going through the motions.

When Liam announced that he and the majority of the late band members were going out on their own straight away, part of me thought okay, this could be interesting. Another part if me thought, right, more of the same then. And when Liam came out with his predictable "we're the best band in the world at them moment, no doubt about it" rubbish, I virtually lost all hope. Hearing the first single did little to reignite my interest. It isn't bad, but it just sounds like Liam trying really hard to sound like he isn't trying really hard to play straight-up rock 'n' roll.... if that makes sense.

Still, I had to give the album a chance, and I'm glad I did. Yes, at times he appears to cringingly rip-off the likes of The Who and John Lennon, but not all the time. Some of the songs have far more freshness and bite than anything released by Oasis in the last 6 years, and the musicianship, as expected, is fantastic.

Those who enjoyed Oasis' later material will love this record, and younger listeners who perhaps aren't blinded by the nostalgia of the Gallagher brothers' former brilliance will also probably accept DG,SS as the enjoyable rock album that it is.

As I said previously, I expected Liam to fail to back up his self-generated ego and deliver an uninspired, dull, derivative record. I am delighted that what he has actually come up with is a gutsy and fun album.

However, for me it's got three stars written all over it. Why? Quite simply, although it is solid, it does not have one 'wow' moment, and as a whole, bears no real incentive for me to ever run to the CD shelves, pluck it out, and stick it on. Beady Eye have promise. But sadly, I will probably not play the album again until the weeks leading up to an inevitable second LP, which of course, I will await with interest.
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on 10 November 2011
The BDI/Oasis comparisons abide. Big Brother's legacy has cast its shadow upon the now departed band mates as they strive to establish their own musical brand.

The soft nuance of this record may alienate those who hanker for the brash classics of the 90s. The sickly-sweet melodies and loved-up retro-vibe embraces a new dawn and following. Besting previous songwriting credits, you can only believe the BDI trinity were stifled under their old guise. Four Letter Word, The Roller and Kill For A Dream are worthy of single status on any Oasis record - Even Definitely Maybe. Remember Shakermaker anyone?

Defying the critics Beady Eye have released an incredible debut. In so doing arguably writing the finest Gallagher record for a decade. Beautiful.
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on 28 February 2011
This is a really good album, most of the negative reviews I have read are talking about everything but the music.
Upon first listen I was not completely sold but this album has grown on me massively. I'll breakdown each song-

1. Four Letter Word
What a great opener to an album, this tune is really rocking. Great guitars, lyrics and Liams voice sounds great. Really sets the scene. One of my favs on the album

2. Millionaire
Nice song with great sliding guitar sounds, acoustic style. Really good melody with another great vocal.

3. The Roller
First official single. I was not keen on this when I first heard it but I really like it now. I think Four Letter Wor should have been the first single though.

4. Beatles and Stones
Decent track, sounds a bit like 'My Generation'. Fast rocking track, Liam saying he will stand the test of time like Beatles and Stones. Not bad but the weakest so far.

5. Wind Up Dream
I love this track! This tune has such a great groove to it and Liams voice is awsome here. A harmonica comes in later in the track which sounds great and adds that little bit extra to it. A seriously good song.

6. Bring the Light
Good fun tune. It got a lot of negative reviews but its fast and fun and I love the piano. Got a 50's style rock about it. Only issue is that it goes on for way too long but overall a decent track

7. For Anyone
Very nice acoustic number, upbeat, short and sweet. Simple lyrics but effective. Liams voice sounds really nice here.

8. Kill for a Dream
This track is killer. Great lyrics and great guitar. Towards the end female vocalist come in and it sounds so great.

9. Standing on the Edge of the Noise
This is ok. Its dissapointing as it could of been so much better. The production sounds wrong to me and Liams voice is too drowned out. Its decent but could be better.

10. Wigwam
Great tuune great lyrics. Later in the song after a little drum solo Liam comes back in and his voice is completely different to anything he has done before. He sounds fantastic. The end is really epic, could have been the end of the album.

11. Three Ring Circus
Nice rocking tune, bluesy guitar riffs. Chorus sounds good.

12. The Beat Goes On.
Ok so this song is brilliant! The lyrics are so good, Liam sounds better than ever. A really nice upbeat song, I really think it is something special.

13. The Morning Son
The album ends with a song written by Liam. This is such a great ways to end the album, its starts slow and acoustic and builds up into an epic ending. Really nice lyrics and again Liam sounds great. A really good song.

Overall this album is fantasic. Liam sounds better than ever, the songs are fun, rocking, haunting and touching. A real rocking album that shows versatility. It grows on you the more you listen and for me its easily better than any other 'new' music out at the moment

Cant wait to see them live!
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on 28 March 2012
The music press is keen to extinguish the younger Gallagher's flame it appears and then to sit laughing smugly in the wings. We hear an awful lot these days about how great Noel Gallagher is (was) and expectations are that the predominant song-writer in Oasis will continue to produce good things as a solo artist whilst the remainder of Oasis falls apart with the 'lesser talented' younger brother and sidemen failing to know how to carry on without The Great One. How wrong it is!

First off, Beady Eye has one clear advantage over both latter day Oasis and Noel Gallagher's solo work. Beady Eye now only has ONE Gallagher brother to contend with to cause it friction and damage but the main source of the problem and bone of contention has thankfully left for good. Noel as solo artist has not yet proven himself as his first solo effort, High Flying Birds, is weak to the extreme, sounding like Oasis cast-offs played by session men and dressed up with a few lame strings and mixed into a holy wretched and dated production to boot. Is this what he has waited 15 years to achieve on his own? If this is the sum total of his best endeavours then it reads that he is sadly a spent force and the lack of Noel Gallagher songs on the final two Oasis albums now reads more like writers' block than the democracy of that band working well as we were led to believe.

So where DOES that leave Beady Eye then? This debut album came bursting out of the blocks some 8 months prior to NGHFB and blasts "Four Letter Word" out of the speakers with enough vigour and attitude to make one believe it's 1995 all over again! No Oasis record since the now famed "What's The Story Morning Glory", has sounded this raw, this passionate, this full on. The pace does let up for some mid tempo numbers including the great "Millionaire" and "The Roller" but just when you think the rock 'n' rolling Liam has gone all soft on us, we get "Standing On The Edge Of The Noise" sounding like a "Definitely Maybe" out-take.

The best thing about this record apart from the cocky confidence and great song-writing though is the SOUND. Oasis hadn't sounded this invigorated for years. The whole record has a live in the studio feel to it as though these songs have been kicking around for months waiting to be recorded and the band was just anxious to get in there and lay it all on tape in one quick weekend session. There's no sense of heavy post-production noodling or patch-ups. It's live, it kicks a**e, it's real as rock 'n' roll should be. At times I was reminded of The Stones' "Exile On Main Street" (maybe not coincidentally, "Bring The Light" echoes that 1972 classic with the use of female backing singers).

The album has 13 songs and clocks over 53 minutes. I'm not convinced that anyone is struggling here, least of all Archer and Bell who contributed some of the better songs on the final Oasis albums. "Wigwam" continues the obsession with '60's psychedelia but beats any previous Oasis attempt to it. The closer, "Morning Sun" sounds a little too self-conscious for its own good though and maybe is one of the weakest moments. Are they attempting to outdo "Champagne Supernova"? Maybe if they don't always succeed kudos should be given to this fired up band for carrying on doing what it does best: making great rock records, all the while understanding its limitations and loyally bowing to its rock ancestry. If the key to Beady Eye is the continued commitment to finding fresh ways to make the 'same' records, then that's okay with me.

I'd chalk this one up as a clear winner when pitted against NGHFB. But more than that it is definitely (no maybes) the best Oasis album since the summer of 1995. I'm not putting a wager on the follow-ups though. It's too soon to tell whether "Different gear, Still Speeding" is a one-shot wonder or if it's the start of a promising new stretch for the band. Either way, Noel leaving has (maybe sadly) only been a GOOD thing for their material since.
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on 4 February 2013
I am noel Gallagher fan but having heard this from beady eye I am now a Liam Gallagher fan too. The vocals are ace. My fave tracks are millionaire and roller they should be big hits.
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on 19 April 2011
This is a brilliant return for what really is Oasis minus Noel Gallagher, but with this album Liam, Gem, Andy and Chris have taken their talents to another level with some rousing anthems which will live long in the memory.
Starting off with the rip-roaring Four Letter Word, the album sweeps into the catchy Millionaire, showing glimpses of the Beatles influence on Liam. The Roller comes next, followed by the aptly named Beatles & Stones, because that song could have been easily done by either of those great bands.

There are a couple of tracks that seem as though they are fillers, but Bring The Light, Standing On The Edge Of The Noise and Three Ring Circus are classics in waiting.

A lovely flowy end to the record with The Beat Goes On and Morning Son makes for an excellent return and I for one cannot wait for the follow up!

As for the DVD, the documentary is well structured and shows how much more comfortable Gem and Andy have become in sharing the limelight with Liam, who himself seems far more mature than the Oasis days.

The addition of the three videos is an excellent idea - although I would have like to have seen Sons Of The Stage on the album itself.

But overall - Excellent! Open your eyes to Beady Eye!
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