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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Avril Lavigne has got staying power. She is still amongst us!
Her 2002 debut 'Let Go' was the kind of rumbustious bundle of
post-punk-pop which, however infectious, showed little promise of
a long shelf life for its bright and breezy teenage perpetrator.

Almost a decade later and Ms Lavigne has indeed endured and with
her fourth album, 'Goodbye Lullabye', I, for one, am very glad
indeed that this should be the case. It really is a cracker!

Of the thirteen tracks on the standard CD edition there is not a duff
one among them. The trademarks which we have come to know and love
are all present and correct. From the feisty-but-fun cheerleader shouts
of 'What The Hell'; through the darker shades of 'Not Enough' (surely
one of her finest performances) and the upbeat romantic sentiments of
'I Love You' (my own favorite by a mile and a half!) with its gloriously
simple but shining chorus, it is never less than a true pleasure to listen to.
The sum total of her efforts have culminated in the strongest
and most enjoyable album of her career so-far.

Ms Lavigne's voice has deepened a little with the passing years.
It suits her well. At times I sensed the benevolent shadow of
Alanis Morissette smiling at her from the wings (especially in
the turbulent lyrical flurries of 'Push' - another winner!)
urging her on to greater heights and maturational gravitas.

'Goodbye Lullabye' is a wake-up call to the doubters and disbelievers.
(Scatty and Gritz - the cubs - think she looks lovely in her photos too!)

Highly Recommended.
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on 7 March 2011
I've been waiting for this album for quite a while now so wasn't sure if it would meet expectation but it actually passed. Its a fantastic album and even beats her masterpiece Under My Skin. The first track is Black Star which is only a 1 and a half minute intro which introduces the rest of the album and her vocals are very beautiful on it. Next song is her hit single What The Hell which is a great catchy and fun song with great vocals. Next song is called push and is about a trouble relationship and features her friend and ex-guitarist Evan Taubenfeld. Its probably my least favourite track off the album but still good and you don't need to skip it. Wish you were here is a beautiful yet catchy song with amazing vocals. Smile is super catchy and fun. I love her voice on this track and it actually makes me want to smile and be happy. The next song is called Stop Standing There and has a cool 50's vibe and is about wanting something to happen between 2 people instead of just standing there. The next song I love you is a very beautiful song about her love for that special someone and once again her voice is very beautiful and you can really beautiful in it. After that is my favourite song Everybody Hurts to me this song is perfect in so many ways. Everyone can relate to it and her voice is perfect. The next song is Not enough which is a great song and I love the inro. 4 real is a great song that Avril wrote and produced on her own. I love the lyrics and the way she sings. Its really catchy as well. Darlin is a beautiful song Avril wrote when she was 15 and the vocals are very beautiful and it feels like shes actually singing it to you. Rememeber When is a very personal song about her divorce to Deryck Whibley and once again shows off her voice and the lyrics are so honest. Goodbye is a very beautiful song with what are probably her best vocals yet and is very personal. You can really hear the emotion in her voice and the string arrangement is amazing. To finish the album off is Alice which is a great rock ballad thats very relateable. This album is perfect. I love the raw production and raw lyrics. Her voice is beautiful and this album is her best yet and my new favourite album ever.
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on 7 March 2011
As somebody who has followed Avril's career from the beginning, loving the kind of sound she produces without being blind to her limitations, I was a bit worried how this fourth studio album might turn out. Having spent a day playing it on closed loop, I'm now reassured that it's quite ok.

With the trademark mixture of broken-voiced vulnerability and shouty assertiveness, the album resembles the first two ones more than the silliness of best damn thing, which I think is a good thing. Conversely, if you didn't like her early work, you probably won't like this either.

There are three songs co-written and overproduced by Max Martin and Shellback, which are the ones I like least. On a fourth track, MM and Shellback had a go at a more acoustic style, which isn't quite as bad. One of the four MM tracks, What the hell, has already been released as a single, and I fear the other three will follow.

But by far the best damn thing about this album are the songs that Avril wrote on her own or with guitarist Evan Taubenfeld, including Everybody hurts, 4 real, Darlin, and the two lullabies framing the album. I'm hoping we'll get to hear more of this Avril on the rocks in the future.
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on 16 December 2012
Avril Lavigne all grown up, well nearly anyway. As we get older we tend to want to keep a hold of the past, like a sort of comfort blanket, and I think this is the problem with this album. It is time for Lavigne to let go of the pop punk skate thing and embrace the more delicate, mature sound that is evident on some of the songs here, sure it's pop but its pop done relatively well. So yes the downside of this album is that it could have done with more songs like `Wish You Were Here' and no songs like `What the Hell', still we seem to be going in the right direction, perhaps the next album will cast of the shackles and be a really good album, still it's not that far off.

The piano lines are not going to challenge the skills of anybody who plays the piano, but you have to give credit to them they are beautiful in their simplicity, same goes for the acoustic guitars, they serve their uses relatively well. Perhaps Lavigne could strip the next album right down and just get a good piano player and acoustic guitar player and record a whole album just like that.

Some tracks to check out to test the waters would be `Stop Standing There' which is a nice cheery clap along, worth a listen, as is `Everybody Hurts' (which isn't thankfully a cover of the brilliant REM song) and `Not Enough' a nice layered slow burn.

Simple but pleasant.

Track list:
Black Star
What the Hell
Wish You Were Here
Stop Standing There
I Love You
Everybody Hurts
Not Enough
4 Real
Remember When
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on 23 April 2013
Avril is a great singer and song writer. In here last album the Best Damn Thing, she tries her hand at pop music, it probably brought her a lot of younger fans, but her strength is in rock ballads every song in this is a little sad but edgy. I enjoyed it and could listen to it all the way through even repeated. Glad to have Avril back.
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on 30 January 2012
I looked forward to this album. Pre-ordered it for sure. It's been almost a year and it's time enough to tell what happened. While I still listen to her first three albums over and over, some songs hundreds of times, this album never really caught me. It is mainstream, uninspired stuff that doesn't stand out. There are no songs that make me want to chose them over other, better songs by Avril or somebody else. It may be that she wants to move on to something else. It's just that I like what she did so much more than what she does. Let me put it this way, if I lost my copy I wouldn't bother to buy another one, if I lost one of her first three albums I would order a second one within the hour. Okay, I was looking for songs like "One of those girls", "Forgotten", or "Nobody's home" with lyrics that made me feel something and music that stuck. I didn't find them, maybe you will. I'm sure there's an audience I'm just not sure it's the same it used to be. Do yourself a favour and listen to the tracks before investing, unless you are die hard and want everything by Avril (I can relate to that) regardless...
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on 28 August 2012
Avril Lavigne makes her return after a 4 year disappearance from the music scene, and in this time she'd written Goodbye Lullaby. Lavigne wrote every single song herself and produced 2 of them (the others done by ex-husband and frontman of Sum 41 Deryck Whibley) and you can tell, her style is absolutely unmistakable. Ranging from sweet, rebellious girl kicking off on `What The Hell' to her old school days on `Darlin' which sounds like it's straight off Let Go or Under My Skin. The simple guitar chords show off her - albeit nasal - astounding voice, her range extensive, her passion very much apparent. She keeps throwing us a new image, and Goodbye Lullaby is better than ever. Very different from her first effort but she's evolved with her fans. As Lavigne's fans have grown up, so has she and I think that's partly what makes it so special. The only downsides for me are the intro and outtro tracks `Black Star' and `Alice'. `Alice' was written for the Tim Burton film Alice In Wonderland and is really much too shriek-y for me, definitely not her best. Don't judge the album by what you've heard of her before, she's matured remarkably and her music has done so with her.
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on 14 February 2015
A great album by Avril Lavigne, been a huge fan of her and i liked this album a lot. Her writing is beautiful and i like how this album is more piano and acoustic guitar except for songs like smile and what the hell.
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on 8 November 2013
Another collection of sassy pop/punk tracks.
Avril is back! 14 tracks of poppy punk, great tracks like "what the hell" mixed with softer but still great "goodbye lullaby".

Welcome back, buying new album this month!
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on 28 August 2013
I was disappointed with Avril's 3rd album (coming after her excellent 2nd one) but this is a return to form. I would put this as my 2nd favourite Avril album. There's some great vocals on it, catchy tunes so all in all well worth £6 for an instant download.
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