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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 24 February 2011
It's great, if you already like Deerhoof then just buy it. If you have never heard them and you like music that you cannot predict, buy it. It's only 35 minutes or so, but it has lots of music in it. Only bad thing about this album is the packaging, and that's a minor gripe.
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on 6 April 2011
This is fantastic album that transcends genres. The music is rich and diverse and even when the dynamic song writing is at its most tatty, dirty and heavy they are beautifully melodic and memorable. Satomi's voice is better than ever, altering the whole band stylistically so that they sound like no other band around. I think the BBC review for this is absolute nonsense; it seems to dislike the diversity of their songs and would rather have a uniformed album that is easier to swallow. Trust me, it is not difficult to fall in love with Deerhoof- I have and this album has only deepened my feelings as it's one of their best. Yes they have strange timings, they're experimental and do things in their own unusual way but it's nonsense to suggest it doesn't work harmoniously, they have a recognisable style and sound and it is a joy to listen to this album through.

'Deerhoof have never quite found their rhythm; settled into a neat, niche little groove; consolidated to the point where they could turn and churn out a few more identikit tracks and casually count the pennies trickle in'- this is what the BBC review says. Now I can only see churning out identi-kit songs as a very bad thing, it's when a band becomes formulaic and dull. Yet this ludicrous review then criticised Deerhoof for NOT doing this! Baffling to me, utterly bewildering. A band should be organic, evolving- even within an album, that way we grow with them and they can do what they have done- bring out many albums but still surpass themselves after so many years. They have been together so long, yet they release an album that is better than many of their past efforts- because they're a band who experiment, try things, they grow and bloom in different directions. Perhaps the BBC reviewer should listen to a band who will be easier, less effort for them to enjoy, a band that has sounded the same for years (enjoy). I'll enjoy this fantastic album that I can't get out of my head.

Make no mistake about it, this album ROCKS, horribly cliché thing to say but is does, it truly does. The group's most consistently engaging album in years, pretty much every one of those ideas works and it is destined to be a woefully underrated, under appreciated album that is a class act all the way.
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on 14 February 2011
...I'm not quite sure why Deerhoof vs Evil works because Deerhoof love to jounce from B52s/Talking Heads post-punk guitar to electro pop via vaguely lounge-core noodlings to avant-rock within the space of, err, one song. Disruptive, challenging, unhinged? Undoubtedly. But, it makes for one hell of an exciting listen. There's no time to get settled, no time to relax, no time to wonder what it all means as melodies and rhythms butt heads with further unlikely melodies and rhythms. And that's where it works. Deerhoof really know how to write the kind of perfect melodies and chops most bands spend their careers searching for, and with Satomi Matsuzaki they have a singer who manages to (just) tie it all together. And no matter what aural havoc Deerhoof create, one is always left wanting much more. Brilliant.
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on 26 February 2011
The really GREAT ORIGINAL Rock artists sound like they've arrived fully formed from another planet; there aren't that many (Captain Beefheart, The Velvet Underground, Can, Hendrix, Chuck Berry- make your own list) The plaudits and the money usually go to the artists who take the original sounds and turn them mainstream (Beatles,Stones etc)

Deerhoof are real originals-totally uncompromising- sound like nothing else on earth and have made TEN really good albums (including this one)
You don't like weird time signatures and chord sequences? Don't worry Deerhoof also have wit, charm and hummable tunes.

These are the guys that 'alt-rock' and post-rock' tags were invented for. In ten years you'll swear you always liked them.
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on 21 February 2011
It difficult to describe, at times they sound a bit like Beefheart at others a bit punky or popish and then others quite melodic. All without ever taking themselves too seriously.
If you are someone who likes something a bit different and quirky give them a bash. I love it!
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