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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2013
5 college kids ( 4 males, 1 female) are on their way to the lake for a little R&R. They are traveling on some back road through corn country when suddenly a group of crows opt to sign a suicide pact and crash into the windshield of the vehicle. In a situation such as that, the only logical choice is to drive your vehicle off the road into a ditch.

When the driver comes to, the passenger who was riding shotgun is gone. There is no phone reception. They do see a sign on the ground with Gen. 4:11 on it. This is a reference to the cursed ground caused by the spilling of Abel's blood. The writers failed to capitalize on the scripture by producing an earth tremor after each death or by having a phonograph which plays old sermons and starts by itself.

The cornfield is not planted in rows for easy access, but rather in a haphazard arrangement so college kids, who have no sense of direction, can easily get lost walking in a straight line.

There are a few things going on. The driver of the vehicle pulls out a knife and further disables it. The chess club guy has past visions of two brothers. There is a farm house surround by corn, where they think they can find safety and call for help. Guess how that works out.

No sex. No nudity. Blood, no real gore. Just scarecrows going bad. Good low budget horror.
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on 13 July 2012
In horror movies, there are certain things that are just inherently frightening. Clowns. Puppets. Demonic children... and what we have here, Scarecrows. Sack-faced killers with various sharp farming implements are scary... FACT. Loaded with man-flu and with the missus out for the night, I was left to entertain myself and discovered 2011's Husk on my TV movies on demand service.

The synopsis offered for this film seemed quite formulaic but I would suggest to you that Husk is a little gem of a movie. It has been criticised for being simply another shoddy stabby scarecrow movie but I enjoyed this. The plot was in place (albeit fairly obvious), the characters were par for the course for a movie of this nature and the special effects were excellent; especially when factoring in the movie's reported sub $10,000 budget. The acting wasn't superb but didn't have to be; the film's storyline carries the actors along nicely. Importantly, the frights were most definitely there.

There are some genuinely creepy moments among the cornfields and Director Brett Simmons builds suspense and tension at the appropriate moments. The blood, gore and violence employed warrants an 18 rating in the UK, a veritable breath of fresh air when you consider the glut of horror movies that tone down the gore factor in order to achieve a lower certification and garner further revenue from potential sales and cinema attendance.

Comparisons with the likes of Dark Night of The Scarecrow, Jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Children of the Corn are obvious but this is a horror movie and certain archetypes are pervasive throughout the genre and I am of the opinion that Husk is a competent and enjoyable movie in its own right.
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on 15 January 2012
After Dark- you hear the film studio name and you instantly become wary since the movies are often bordering between terrible and amusing. 'Husk' defied my expectations and is actually amusing if you put your mind in neutral and go for the ride.

Since other reviewers have generously supplied info regarding the plot I'll pass it by and say what I thought of the film.

It typically starts with a predictable opening to arc into the overall storyline however past this it becomes enjoyable. Aside from one actor I know from Harper's Island, the rest are relatively new to me and did a decent job. Nothing Oscar worthy but enjoyable without going OTT.

For me the best thing regarding the film is the story. Whilst it has elements of Jeepers Creepers, it still deviates enough into its own area so some surprises do creep up on you.

The lighting is confined to shadows and pale light to intensify the eerieness and fair play it works. Husk's location is the perfect spot utilizing the cornfield and isolated surroundings. Add a delapidated house with a spooky interior and bingo! Everything comes full circle.

The only problem with Husk is the ending which spoils an otherwise amusing premise. So cliche and predictable it leaves a disappointing taste in the mouth. Other than that Husk is fun. Not life changing or visionary but a fun popcorn style of film to enjoy, especially with friends.

Usually I'd say skip yet in this instant I say take a gamble. Husk is cheesy but worth seeing. A surprising lil hit from a movie company that usually fails to deliver. Recommended.
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on 7 February 2017
I found this a reasonable film to watch. Though possibly inclining more to three than four stars. Different storyline, not ruined by incessant cursing,
and a goodish ending leaving it open for a sequel or at least the thought in your mind that the story will go on and on.
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on 28 March 2011
It's not a bad film. The scripting, acting and all the rest are pretty darn good, as this is a film with some jumpy moments. It's tense all the way through, with some good ideas (someone vanishing from the off, a seemingly never-ending corn field and the bated breath moment when someone gets too close to the Scarecrow for comfort). Unfortunately it does contain two HUGE gaping plot holes. One is that a way to destroy the monster (or at least slow it down) is found fairly early on, except the person concerned seems to neglect to tell anyone about it and two, the ending....well, the ending is pretty bad all round. I have an issue with the fact that some people are given an escape route, but waste lots of time doing something which (because of the ending) seems to be pointless.

Why is one of the characters blessed with 'visions' except to let the audience know why this is happening? Why do two of the characters argue with a third who is quite clearly going off his head (however understandable)? The rest of us are shouting at the screen at this point, "Don't listen to him". The others should have taken control.

Personally, I'd say don't buy this film. Rent it, when it gets cheaper, or with any luck it'll get shown on the telly soon. One to be enjoyed late at night with some beers and popcorn.
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VINE VOICEon 5 October 2015
Night of the Living Dead meets the Children of the Corn; why is con so scary, its yield is nutricious and health giving yet when filmed in an ultra close claustrophobic way as here, it is more terrifying than a haunted house, abandoned space craft or ghost train ride at a funfair.

This film though probably low on production costs is way better than many big budget attempts to scare the pants off us.
The film starts fairly predictably, a bunch of adolescent breeders out looking for a good time but veers off into something really creepy very very soon. It is basically a "no one is spared" nihilistic number i.e. "you are better off dead" but the sequences in the corn field are so superbly filmed and photographed that you become aware that you are in the hands of somebody who knows exactly how to manipulate an audience; somebody who has grown up in the demographic he is aiming at.

Thrills all the way. Ignore negative comments here and do yourself a favour and watch it with a pizza, sixpack and a bunch of friends
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on 20 March 2011
WOW! This film is a cross between Children of the Corn & Jeepers Creepers,, it is creepy & full of jumpy gory moments. It has been Directed with style by Brett Simmons, the colours have been drained to give it a more Gritty Dark feel, but the picture & sound quality are Second to none,, Overall a good low budget horror, it makes you think what they could of done on a massive Hollywood Budget....Its as good as the 2 films i mentioned also The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the remake),,I was totally blown away on how well made the film is..... "GO NOW & BUY,ITS WELL WORTH IT"
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on 1 May 2012
This is the perfect night in horror flick with all the right levels of scares, blood and badass scarecrows!! It has a semi original story which plays out pretty well over the course of the film, the cast is ok, its a good popcorn lots of jumps and scares film thats worth checking out if you love horror!! Theres nothing in the way of extras though but trailers for some other great films in the same series like prowl and Re-kill.
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on 25 May 2013
Hey it was pretty darn good! Had me relishing the gore, plot wasnt bad, usual plot twists, in essence it kept me glued to the screen!
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on 8 November 2014
I did enjoy this Creepy Scarecrow Flick but I do have to say that in as much as it was Expertly directed,with Good acting and tons of gore.It did lose its way a little toward the end.Story threads would lead you One way and then fizzle out just when You thought they were going somewhere.A good example of this is when toward the end One Character figures out a way to destroy these Killer Corn Dudes,but then,is himself killed before being able to either use this info to His advantage or tell anyone else.The ending also leaves you a little short changed.Still though,A sturdy,Creepy old fashioned Horror with Tons of Atmosphere.
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