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on 22 February 2006
A return to form. Good old Tears for Fears! I saw them live in London in May 2005 and they were truly outstanding. It's a pity the UK doesn't seem to appreciate true musicians like these. They opened with Secret World - a real stomper with such an incredible chorus, you can't help but sing out loud with them. Great song on the lines of Sowing the Seeds of Love. Welcome back!
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on 7 May 2006
The return of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith as Tears for Fears is in my opinion one of the musical highlights of the last decade. Their comeback album 'Everybody Loves a Happy Ending' is a truly exceptional release. It will always remain a mystery to me, why this album did not receive the promotion it deserved as it would have rocketed this duo back into super stardom status. However, the release of 'Secret World' is indeed very pleasing and proves the band is equally as good on the live stage. The sweeping song 'Secret World' would sound absolutely excellent on the UK airwaves if released as a single. Roll on the next release from Tears for Fears.
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on 28 February 2006
Without doubt, the title track should have been released as a single in the UK, wonderful swooping stringed accompanyment to mccartneyesque lyrics, add on bacahrac & ELO and You have a beautiful song which, once heard is impossible to remove from your mind. Excellent Tears for Fears - more please !
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I enjoyed Tears for Fears in the 80's, and passed the enthusiasm onto my daughter who grew up with them, although we ignored them after the split following The Seeds Of Love. But when they reformed a few years ago and released Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, we were really pleased to hear it as a return to form, with all the same features present and correct: strong melodies, great arrangements and unforgettable hooks. To be able to see them play these fantastic new songs (and their classics) live on their UK tour after such a long time was a dream come true, and this set provides a nice souvenir of that show.

All of their best tracks are featured and, although there's only five of them in the band onstage, they seem to have no difficulty in producing the wide-screen sound of the album - or, indeed "Seeds of Love", whose title track features a production thats almost Spectoresque in its scope (if I hadn't heard them do it live, I'd've suspected that some extensive post-production had been invoked). It all sounds good, so it's a shame to hear Curt Smith's pitch wavering somewhat in places (I remember this happening in concert as well, particularly on his nice solo number "Snow Hill"), which jars oddly with the sumptuous backing.

The additional DVD is a nice touch, offering more or less the same set as the CD, and it too has been put together really well: more than just a concert video, it uses a variety of special effects and processing to produce a film that it's possible to watch more than once (unlike many videos of this kind) without feeling that emotion that familiarity often breeds.
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on 8 December 2007
I love Tears For Fears, they are my favorite group ever since 1982. I saw this concert at the NIA in Birmingham and i wish this dvd was from there but in a stadium it's not the same. Their first live dvd was fantastic but this don't bother you will be dissapointed.I still think Tears For Fears are the best band in the world, but save your money.
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on 1 September 2012
It doesn't any matter if there are filming problems or about balck and withe images. The fact is which we haven't seen any DVD live from Tears for Fears until this one, this is the first one. And we as their fans; we have been waiting for this DVD for such a long time. They're are fantastic, better than they were in the past. I hope they'll record a new DVD as soon as possible. I'm am waiting anxiously something like they did Belgiun, where they played some songs with an orchestra. They were fantastic. Any material from Tears for Fears is a good gift for their fans. They "were" and they "are", for me, the best band of the contemporary rock. No doubt about this! So let's not worry about imagens, filming and so on. Lets's ask them to be back on video very soon.
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on 20 May 2008
I too was excited at the reformation of TFF after all the "dust" had settled. The "new" CD was a pleasant surprise and here we have a live CD and DVD package of the tour that accompanied it - filmed in France.

However, it is a pale shadow of how they used to sound. The live DVD is, quite frankly, horrible and does them no justice whatsoever. Curt can't really sing anymore and "Mad World" is all over the place. I can't believe they even let this be released.

The live CD is better and features nearly double the amount of songs that are on the DVD? Makes no sense at all.

Do yourself a favour and get the "Scenes From The Big Chair" DVD instead. That is a fitting tribute to this great band and features a really interesting documentary as well as a great concert from California. This was when they were at the top of their game.

Lastly, Roland's "Tomcats Screaming Outside" solo CD is great as well. I'd pick that up while you're on here too. You won't regret it.
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on 15 November 2007
I received this the other day but feel a little disappointed. The DVD aspect is obviously a concert the guys did in 2005. It's incomplete, I would say - only 8 or so songs, and the sound quality is just poor. Playing it through my TV the vocals are hard to pick out - don;t know whether this was the way the show was recorded or whether its my DVD player, but I reckon its the former. The CD I played in the car, and it is the same concert but with more songs and a better sound quality. Its also finished off with 3 or 4 great TFF songs from the studio. A great band - but this whole package left me feeling that it is 'half-cocked'
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on 21 March 2011
For what it costs to download from the MP3 section of Amazon, I can't really complain, but part of me still says I should have heeded the previous reviews on this CD.

In most of the songs where Curt's voice is prominent, it sounded like he was straining just to keep above the sound of the music - perhaps he needed to stand closer to the microphone or something, but it was worst during Pale Shelter, where if you didn't know the words already, you'd struggle to make out anything he was trying to say.

The main issue that I have with the tracks isn't the singing, though. I'm well aware that even the best of voices sound different on stage than in the studio, where all sorts of enhancements are readily available. No, what really irked me was how the songs were played. Pale Shelter was missing the obvious guitar strum among other things that were a major part of it, Mad World had almost no resemblance to the original (although it was very well done nonetheless), and to say Shout was even half baked is pushing it - it was introduced completely bizarrely, more like a song from a modern day boy band, was missing sounds and cut straight into the chorus.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive Tears for Fears fan but this was a huge, huge letdown. I've heard live performances before from TFF in a variety of venues and most if not all of them blew me away (particularly Shout), but this really was a "Pale Shelter" in comparison to any performances I've seen or heard before...
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If only Tears for Fears were not having to live in such a 'Secret World'. This is an excellent album with not only some great old songs but some really excellent new ones from their recent album. Excellent DVD as well. Worth buying.
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