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2.9 out of 5 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2011
warning!!! warning!!! warning!!! dont bother to purchase this new british release of bare behind bars as the bbfc has once again insulted british adults by cutting the movie to pieces!!!. arrow dvd tried to pass this movie uncut , but the old fossels at the bbfc insultingly and narrow mindedly straight out refused. get the uncut version from other countries where adults are treated like adults.
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2007
Women in prison films. They're full of communal shower scenes, lesbian guards, intimate body searches and endless gratuitous nudity, aren't they? Well, if they're any good, they are, and this 1980 Brazilian offering from Oswaldo De Oliveira is any good. This really is among the grimiest of grindhouse sleazefests that you'll ever see. The titillation factor is relentlessly pursued as the film lives up to its title. Hardly a minute passes without a naked nubile or several on screen. The prisoners are kitted out only in green, button-down long tee-shirt affairs. The guards are slightly more formally attired with their white blouses and sensible skirts. It seems to be a matter of choice about whether or not their blouses are buttoned or left undone. Underwear seems to be unheard of among prisoners or guards.

The prison setting is nastily squalid Even the rats are caked in filth. We even have a prisoner, naked of course, in solitary confinement befriending one of the rats. Prisoners petting rodents in films began before `The Green Mile'. After the film's lengthy, episodic preamble, the story focuses on three women who manage to escape. One has a dislike for a particular part of the male anatomy as we see to eye-watering effect. In fact, up until the escape, there is remarkably little violence in the proceedings. The "punishment beatings" that the prisoners receive are so unconvincing as to be inconsequential; there are no broken bones, blood or scars. For all the awfulness of their surroundings and existence, the prisoners, all good looking young women, are in remarkably good shape. The dialogue is dubbed into English, with, as is usually the case, embarrassingly awful results.

We can, then, safely assume that this film is not based on real life, and can enjoy it for the pantomime that it clearly is. The sex scenes are quite graphic and there are a couple of mild hardcore scenes included. In the U.K., the BBFC has refused to issue the film with a certificate, but thanks to Blue Underground we can now enjoy it in its uncut glory. The picture quality is superb, but unfortunately, the only extra on the DVD is the film's trailer. This is not a film that will win any awards, but in the exploitation genre it is a classic of its type.
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on 28 March 2011
This is a strange film to follow as it never really has a story to follow as such
I will not go into depth as other reviewers have said it already.

However if you have a multi region DVD player or disc drive I would recommend the Blue Underground R1 version of this film
as it is uncut unlike the uk VersionBare Behind Bars [DVD] [1980] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
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on 4 May 2012
This film is the best women in prison movie ever made, made in the early 80's it has a very grindhouse style with murder and sex and more nudity and lesbian scenes than a porn movie!! A very bold and stylish film also with a pretty outrageous storyline, this U,K version is unfortunatly not uncut so its not as complete as the X rated U.S version but still worth a look if you love trashy 80's sexploitation films!! Make sure you get the Blue underground version as its region free anyway on DVD.
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on 23 June 2015
One of the worst films made. The story is simple and stupid, the actresses/porn stars reading the script of idiot boards off camera, director as no idea what he's doing, the editing done with garden shears, the action alternates between soft core lesbian porn and unconvincing beatings. The sets are cardboard and unconvincing (makes 'Prisoner Cell Block H look high class drama). The porn is not in anyway erotic, the participants jumping on each other at the slightest pretext doing so with unbelievable enthusiasm that has no motivation or semblance of eroticism; just going through the motions for the sake of the camera. Like wise the violence is just as false with no attempt to make it look real. The characterisation is like the sexual fantasies of a prepubescent school boy. A primary school amateur pantomime is high drama in comparison and the characters, of a pantomime, far more believable. Don't bother; watch a 'Carry On' instead.
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on 15 March 2016
Very pleased. I had watched this on the horror channel and bought the region 2 film. But this was longer and featured scenes I hadn't seen before. Faultless, as described and would definitely use this seller again.

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on 7 October 2016
This was much better than I expected as I don't normally like American films but for me this was well worth a purchase but could have been better
The females were all lovely as one would hope for in a film like this. However I feel that the producers could have made much better use of their beauty in this type of film?(The producers just want to tease you)?
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on 8 February 2008
I'm very familiar with WIP flicks because I know Pam Grier has done a few of them herself. In no way have I heard of writer/director Oswaldo de Oliveira before. As the title would entail, Bare Behind Bars is a women's prison movie, but as it would further entail, it's also one of the smuttiest women's prison movies I've ever seen. Not satisfied with mere sexploitation, Bare Behind Bars goes so far as to make the occasional brief foray into hardcore porn. That alone should tell you that coherence of plot is not exactly this movie's strong suit. In fact, you probably won't notice that there's a plot at all except in retrospect, after it's all over.

For the most part "Bare Behind Bars" is just one long, constant parade of casual nudity, lesbianism, and sadistically sexualized degradation, with the occasional hardcore hetero coupling to break things up a little. It's also one long, constant parade of absurdities. Some of the latter are plainly both deliberate and parodic, as with practically every scene involving Nurse Barbara. Others just as obviously owe their existence to Oliveira's treatment of Bare Behind Bars as a porno movie; in the proud skin-flick tradition, nearly any interaction between two characters can turn sexual at any time, whether or not it makes the slightest bit of sense for it to do so. But by far the most entertaining are those times when the movie lapses into ridiculousness simply because Oliveira is apparently completely untroubled by either illogic or inanity.

This film is at its most childish whenever the scene shifts to the exercise yard and if you pay attention to the extras in the background. You'll swear you're watching recess at a girls' school for the mentally handicapped-- I'd love to have been there to hear the direction Oliveira gave to all those young women running around in circles and wordlessly squealing at the top of their lungs without pause or apparent pattern. The several shower scenes are mostly similar in character, except there the girls are naked and eventually lay off the splashing and gamboling in favor of pawing each other and rolling around together on the filthy floor. Note that they don't stop squealing, however. It's a wonder the staff manages to settle them down for the Carnival mass! The final phase of the movie is by far the most shocking, for in marked contrast to the norm in such films, I'm honestly not sure what to make of it. One naturally hesitates to attribute any sort of editorial agenda to a women's prison movie, let alone one that is not just resolutely pornographic, but occasionally even hardcore about it. But throughout Bare Behind Bars, Oswaldo Oliveira makes it perfectly plain that he's sending up the genre by carrying it several steps beyond its logical extreme

Other then that this film could have used more focus but it's a rare treat to stumble upon a movie that can be so vapidly sleazy and so unsettlingly mean-spirited at the same time. Recommended highly to those who are interested in WIP flicks.
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on 4 December 2016
Can I make it clear that the poor reviews about the cut version of this film refer to the ARROW release. Unfortunately Amazon do not appear to be able to keep reviews from different releases separate. Perhaps this is not Amazons fault as many reviewers, myself included, do not always make it clear which release they are referring to.

SO, let me make this clear - this review is for the BLUE UNDERGROUND release.

And what a shocker it is! This UNCUT version is as sexually explicit as any mainstream film you are ever likely to see. The story has something to do with a women's prison, but who cares! Its just an excuse in which to stage nudity and rampant sex, mainly between women, and if that's what you are after you will not be disappointed. KAN
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on 24 September 2012
There are no bears in this film. Apparently the bbfc (British Bear Film Council) cut out 5 minutes of bear on bear action.
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