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on 31 October 2014
Bought this for my Raspberry Pi but had decided that if I couldn't get to work, it could go on the laptop. I had problems getting it to run on my Raspberry Pi (sound side was fine, picture zero!) so decided (while I thought about the problems) to give it a go on the laptop. Well, it certainly wasn't happy running on my Windows 8.1 laptop (Ok it doesn't actually state it is suitable for Win8 but it does mention Win 7). It was detected and seemed to fire up fine but every time it went off to get the local TV channels using the supplied software, Windows just froze. Back to the drawing board.

On the Pi, I found that it seemed to be detected fine while booting, so I dug a little bit deeper...... I discovered I needed to buy some licences for mpeg etc to get the Pi to work with it. Bought them and gave it another go. It is now A1, both in sound (had to tweek that a little as it was slightly out of sync with the picture but easily sorted) and picture quality is very good.

I really haven't had the time of late to see if I can get both tuners working together - record on one channel while watching another (the various Pi forums have been a bit vague whether it can even be done) but both tuners are loaded with all the channels available around here. I used the laptop to log into it and used tvheadend to do the biz with it. It records very well.

All in all, for the money, a good buy so far.
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on 10 January 2013
Bought this dual DVB-T TV tuner after reading the excellent review by Rachael Bond.
I'm using Kaffeine in (L)ubuntu 12.10, linux kernel 3.5.
After installing the firmware files (see Rachael or google "linux tv dtv395 9006 it9135") the dongle was detected and identified correctly. A full auto-scan in Kaffeine found all the active channels, to get childrens' channels I had to re-tune in the day-time. The only pixelation I've seen is on changing channel and does not last long.
My laptop is not powerful (AMD E450) but I can record 4 channels while watching another and the processor copes easily.
As others have said the provided aerial is not up to much. I live about 10 miles from a major transmitter, unfortunately the signal strength is not quite high enough, I suspect a slightly bigger but still portable aerial would work and so may buy one.
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on 15 June 2012
Received this quickly, well packaged, and it worked with Windows Media Centre straight away.

Watched a few shows, recorded some things and all seemed OK.

The following day WMC could not see the device, rebooted, de-installed, rebooted... etc.... eventually it started working again. It continued to work until the following day when it stopped during 'channel surfing'. No amount of rebooting/re-installing would bring it to life, so I tried the included software, this found the device but a channel scan stopped after 70 channels (and I had to use Task Manager to kill the app), so I treied another PC, same result.

Returned the device for a refund which was given quickly and without question.

So, seller - no problems, device - could be better. Maybe I had a bad one but I was not impressed.
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on 19 January 2012
I got this new dongle as my old Avermedia one gave up the ghost and the reviews on this looked good. I had trouble installing it at first as it would not do a scan for channels until I got Windows Media Center started and then it just went through with no problem.
Now just a word about the included mini aerial. It's not always possible to connect to a roof aerial when using your laptop in another room from the main one, so a good tip I found from someone else is to scan the channels using a roof aerial first then if you have a radiator close by in the room you want to watch it from, attach the mini aerial to that (it's magnetic)and it uses the radiator as an aerial. It might take a little adjusting but I can get most channels through this.
The colours aren't quite as good as the Avermedia but it's pretty good and the dual tuner is useful too. On the whole, a good buy.
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on 1 March 2013
For the price this is a very impressive piece of kit providing you with the ability to record one channel while watching another. I did find it fiddly to set up as the driver installation program included kept crashing. However I was able to get Windows to look for the driver and install it that way. I haven't bothered with the software included on the disc as the tuner works fine with Windows Media Centre which has all the features I need anyway. It's quite bulky though and is easily knocked so you have to be careful when moving the PC.
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on 2 October 2012
When it works, it works, but it requires a strong signal and has to be retuned too often during subsequent sessions.
I have two Windows 7 laptops and on one installation went reasonably smoothly but on the other I cannot get it to operate properly.
The tuning software finds 8 channels and, if left scanning, freezes and a rebot is necessary. Stopping as soon as the 8 channels are found works OK but with only 8 channels.
There is no obvious help system I can find so am stuck.
The product is OK but I would like to find a more robust unit software-wise that installs easily, is stable and faster at switching channels.
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on 18 August 2013
I thought it would be best using this tuner for a while time before giving a proper review on how it fairs. The one answer is brilliant.
Easy to fit, and it picked up all the freeview channels with no problem. A little remote came with it but I already had one which previously worked with Windows Media, so I have n't used it . The delivery was quick and the items well packed.
Overall this it is a very good tuner at a good reasonable price.
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on 20 January 2012
I don't know why this is so cheap. It's AMAZING. Popped it in my computer, windows installed the drivers for me - then I plugged in the aerial & tuned it with windows 7 media center.

It's FANTASTIC. Brilliant picture quality, recording is an absolute breeze and the dual tuner works perfectly, recording 1 channel and watching another is easy as pie.

I love this item, best thing I've bought in ages. Why pay more when you get the real deal for such little money ? Awesome product. Thank you ClimaxDigital & Amazon !
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on 9 July 2012
I bought this to use in a HTPC rig running MediaPortal, however regardless of how I set the software up, I could only receive 19 channels. I live in a strong Freeview signal area (6 miles from Rowridge), so shouldn't have had any issues. The packaged Total Media software isn't great, and could also only find 19 channels.

After some mucking around and switching the machine to a combined XBMC/Windows Media Centre setup, I found that WMC had no trouble finding 125 channels using this receiver. So, I'm happy that it works, although don't expect much joy with any software other than WMC. The bundled aerial is simply ridiculous - not worth bundling with the receiver, it could be left out and knock a few pounds off the price - you will need to use a roof aerial for anywhere near acceptable signal.

Overall, product is fine, if you want it for a static HTPC setup running WMC. For a mobile arrangement, or one using other software such as MediaPortal, I wouldn't recommend it.

UPDATE: 2 Weeks after purchase.

Ok, so, computer had a bit of a fit and bluescreened (it happens) - anyway, after rebooting, the tv tuner was no longer recognised. Had to uninstall all the drivers, detach the tuner, reinstall and then reattach, only to find that, no matter what I tried, the tuner refused to find any more than 12-15 channels once again, even through WMC.

Have now given up and purchased a KWorld UB499-2T tuner, which works flawlessly straight out the box (same aerial and cable as before).

Avoid this product, it is nothing but a headache from start to finish.
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on 24 February 2013
This double tuner is just perfect when connected to a rooftop aerial and not one of the cheap and nasty portable ones as I found out and will shortly be returning the SLX Gold digiTop Amplified High Performance Indoor Aerial for TV (UHF / Freeview), FM Radio, DAB Radio, Wideband.>>>(See seperate review)<<< Anyway back to the tuner, its packed with functioallity when using this through Windows MCE editions.I've also used the supplied software from ArchSoft and this too has some brilliant features including pic-in-pic, record on channel whilst watching another and recording two differant channels at the same time.
Top class product and it deserves a full recommendation from me not only for the product itself but the price is unbeatable for such a great product.
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