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on 25 August 2015
On 1st May 1982 the RAF flew a 30-year-old Vulcan bomber 8,000 miles from Ascension to bomb the runway at Port Stanley in the Falklands. This book is the story of that raid.

Written like a thriller, even though you know the outcome Vulcan 607 keeps you on the edge of your seat as this feat of both airmanship and logistics unfolds.From cannibalising other aircraft for navigation and electronics components, reviving a dormant refuelling system and training the crews how to use it, to organising a relay involving half the RAF's tanker fleet to get just one bomber on target, this is an astonishing operation.

The book dips into parts of the rest of the Falklands conflict to provide background but that isn't the main focus here. There are a few sections that could have been omitted without really losing anything, and there's a lot of jargon which has you flipping to the glossary. Overall though this is a great read and a fitting tribute to the men who worked so hard to make the mission possible.
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on 29 November 2017
I read this book last year and could not put it down. I am ex military so descriptions of the RAF setup and the fantastic military success during the Falklands War kept me glued to my chair! I have ordered this copy to give to my son, also ex military, as I know he will love it. Five stars deserved. I would have given an extra star but Amazon don't recognise 5.5 stars! Author Rowland White is a fantastic writer. This new copy came two days early so well done delivery guys.
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on 30 September 2014
Doing the job inspite of, seems to be the summary of this book. The RAF at this time really was living hand to mouth and no matter how many aircraft we had and what they were supposed to be able to do the leaders were living in cloud cuckoo land. This book shows how using basically WW2 technology the RAF was able to do the almost impossible. The leaders at the time thought that the tech stuff worked, the erks and the pilots knew that it didn't. Getting there and making the attack was one thing, delivering weapons on target is still controversial [ it could have gone better and worse] and getting home at all was a miracle of telepathy and mindreading as much as science and maths.
And then the leadership decided to do it again and again. This is a well researched and well written book that highlights the heroes and the sucesses as much as the failures of the MOD and its' procurement policies of the times.
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on 18 January 2018
Totally awesome book, easily 5 stars. A thoroughly researched story about a typically British botched up cobbled together operation, using an aircraft that was long past its sell by date and very shortly to go out of service, and bits and bobs `liberated` from the forgotten musty backs of hangers and museums. If you`d never read or heard about this story, it`s like the best thriller you`ve ever read, only this is for real!
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on 26 November 2015
Fascinating and very readable story covering all aspects of the preparation and execution of the bombing mission to the Falklands. Hard to put down at "lights out" time!

The story reveals the absolute Britishness of the whole saga; determined, innovative, creative and brave people trying to prepare old, neglected, underfunded equipment for an overwhelmingly complicated and difficult task...and even more remarkably...succeeding!

An especially poignant read during this last year of the magnificent Vulcan XH558's retirement as a flying display aircraft. It makes the reader realise what a remarkable aircraft design this is.
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on 1 May 2012
This book is so exciting that you can really imagine being sat next to the pilot during this daring exploit.
The training, the flight all the way to the Falklands in an aircraft that wasn't meant for such long haul, the tension, stress and sheer daring and determination.
The crew must have been on the edge from start to finish, the in flight refuelling at night when you can't see what you are doing all adding to the tension.
As if that wasn't enough after all that then there was bombing the runway at Port Stanley. not knowing for twenty four hours whether you had actually hit your target or not.
Then the flight home, how did the mind tolerate such pressure and they did it all just as a matter of fact.
You have to take your hat off to these boys, I really wonder if the same situation could have been achieved nowadays.
What an amazing book, one that everyone should read to appreciate just what these boys did for us.
Benjamin J. West, author of The Eight of Spades: A Law unto Themselves/>(Eight of Spades Trilogy)
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on 8 June 2017
Brilliantly researched and written, this book is a classic boys tale of adventure that surpasses any work of fiction whilst capturing the powerful emotional bond between the air and ground crews and this incredible aircraft! A great read which I could not put down.
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on 17 January 2013
Having as a small boy gazed up at a white Vulcan, and then as an adult clambered around inside the one at Wellesbourne and, later, landed and taken off from both Ascension and Stanley (and seen the repaired craters) this book was a must. White's way of describing the action is engaging and convincing. The numerous 'could only happen in Britain/RAF' stories adds to the entertainment. The interspersed details of how the invasion affected the islanders brings home that this was a necessary conflict against a dictatorship. I bought the paperback when it came out, but this edition was just as interesting to read and has more photographs, and the added limited edition nature, and signatures of the main characters make it literally something to hold. A really good read and not just for those seriously into aircraft. It would make such a great film, but no US producer would wish to touch it ...
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on 5 August 2013
I could not put this one down, it went back and went through the build up of the Falkland conflict, which helped tell a gripping story.
The logistics were brushed over when it happened, this book helps paint a picture of how it was achieved and so nearly at a high cost to those involved. The book was very well written and explained everything even for those not around, it would still make an interesting history lesson. Well worth buying.
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on 24 September 2011
It was really good to get the inside information on the story of the bombing of Port Stanley airstrip during the Falklands war. Rowland White does an incredible job in collecting together so much historically accurate detail and yet maintaining an exciting story. He gradually builds the tension as the story progresses until on the actual bombing mission one is kept on the edge of one's seat, gripped totally by the thrill and tension of the event. During the training sessions, one meets so many different characters, many of them bomber crew and many inflight-refuelling-tanker crew. I recommend that the reader keeps a written list of names and a note of whether they are bomber or tanker crew so that he/she does not get lost. I can certainly recommend this book as a good read for anyone interested in true war stories.
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