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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 8 May 2014
Season 3 of Farscape, while not perfect, is a good and unique programe at its peak.

I particularly like the episode in which Rygel meets a female of his species and the stunning near finale in which this normally limited budget show becomes reminiscent of Star Wars.

There is also an episode written by Ben Browder, who plays the human astronaut John Crichton.

I knew from reviews before I watched this that some people did not like the new character Jool, nor the fact that she effectively replaced the tall, gentle, blue Zhaan, so I did not look forward to this development. However, to my surprise I found I not only liked Jool (her character may seem a bit over the top but that suits Farscape and livens things up) but I missed Zhaan less than I expected. Her character had to be written out because the actress playing her, Virginia Hey, was becoming ill from the blue body paint. However, by this third Season the writers had perhaps already explored most of the dramatic potential of a `spiritual' character given to moralising and meditating, and her scenes are becoming less interesting.

A less prominent but regular new character Stark, who seems to be meant to be like Zhaan in some ways (without being blue), I do not find interesting.

Overall, if you liked Season 1 or 2, definitely recommended.

Sadly, though, this is as good as Farscape gets. There is a Season 4 and a concluding 'TV movie': 'Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars' but apart from one interesting fairy-tale fantasy episode in Season 4 called 'John Quixote', they are nowhere near as good.
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on 17 December 2014
Great series
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on 26 July 2004
Season 3 of Farscape was the best of all the 4 seasons in my opinion. This is also the season that takes a special place in my heart because it was the first time I sat up and took notice of Farscape. It has an epic story arc packed with surprises. SPOILER: John Crichton getting twinned at the end of "Eat Me", who could have seen that coming. It is much darker, and the acting has improved immensely giving the required weight to the darker storylines.
One of the highlights of the series is the two-parter: "Infinite Possibilites: Daedulus Demands & Icarus Abides". It's a traditional shoot 'em' up in the sands adventure lent weight by traditional Farscape twists&turns (The battle between John & Harvey, return of Furlow and the Ancients, the death of Talyn John). Other highlights include the cartoon episode (Farscape scores one for originality yet again), the destruction of Scorpius's command carrier, the introspective "Dog with two bones", the tense "Self Inflicted Wounds" and those vital Talyn episodes where we see the romance between Aeryn and Talyn John blossoming.
Of course after all that I could just sum up Season 3 with : WOW.
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on 9 October 2006
I'm so glad that I bourght this DVD Boxset, out of my collection of various DVDs this has to be my favourite, the theme that was carried on from season 2 goes way beyond better in season 3.

For those who were fans I think the agreement is that this season peaked, the ideas come thick and fast and each episode is more or less a follow on from the last making season 3 more so like a long version of a movie than just a compilation of great episodes.

A must buy for Science fiction fans, Farscape was very unique and season 3 and also into 4 and beyond in the mini-series was some of the very best science fiction on TV in that the humour is so well tuned and the ideas and creativeness surpassed many other Science fiction shows before during and I'm not afraid to say after, after watching it is sad that the show was this good and was cancelled after season 4.....at least the entire show ended on a good note though!
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on 29 July 2011
Let me tell you a story. I bought this newly released DVD boxset (can we have the blu-ray now, please? Cheers) in HMV a while ago. There were two girls in front of me, one of them was buying exactly the same thing as me, the other was buying the complete boxset. The man behind me asked me where I got mine from, and he proceeded to march over to the TV section. Then I went up to the counter and handed it over to the woman behind it, whereupon she said "God, I need to buy these," and her friend next to her said "Yeah, next payday, I'm getting these." Then I went to Bond Street HMV (it was open back then) to buy another season, and the man in front of me sure enough had the complete boxset under his arm, and the girl behind the counter said "I love these. Best show ever" as I handed the money over.

Farscape isn't the most popular show in the world, and I know it's flawed and uneven to say the least, but these occurances make me feel all glowy inside. I have a special connection to the show. I love DS9, love BSG, but I don't have the same allegiance to those shows as I do to this one. This show feels like an extra limb, like it's part of me as a person, an important characteristic of mine, an aspect of my personality. It's the only show to have that effect on me, as I consider myself to be realistic and not emotionally swayed by such things. No film has had that affect, no book.

I'd better talk about this boxset then: season three is very special. It's the peak of Farscape, the pinaccle of all four seasons. The show takes risks other shows wouldn't, and nowhere is that more evident than in season three. If you have yet to see it, I envy you. I wish I could erase my memory and watch it all over again. You don't know you're born, you really don't.
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on 2 February 2008
Farscape's third season is some of the most fantastic science fiction you'll ever see. The first season was great but had very little plot arc carried over the season, the second got darker and smarter with more overall story but occasionally just died; for this third season almost every episode fits into a huge overal plot, the writing is smarter, darker and more adult than before and if you enjoyed the first two seasons you're really in for a treat with this.
After the experimental tone of season two the writers had really learned what did and didn't work in Farscape and the thrid season really plays to it's strengths, the bizzarre is commonplace here (one episode takes place almost entirely in a looney toones cartoon world) and so is the fantastical but Farscape remains deeply involving to the last and never shies away from an opportunity to tug on it's audience's heart-strings by taking the characters to very dark and tragic places. Crichton becomes increasingly unstable, Aeryn (via a plot move I won't spoil) is forced yet again to face her betrayal of the PeaceKeepers, D'argo has to watch his dreams tear apart in front of him, and so on.
There is just something so rewarding in this series for people who've stuck with it from the beginning, all of this season is based on events of the previous two and the characters have all evolved so far that there's a very definite emotional connection to the show now which makes the sheer towering quality of the material even better.
The season also ups the anti on the action front, with the shoot-outs far more elaborate, there's much more space-set scenes many of which are facilitated by the now almost fully-grown Talyn , and with what appears to be a budget hike giving all the effects an even more intricate look than they had previously. Now, there are still a few bits of effects that have not aged all that well, but these are never present for more than an episode and so don't really detract since this whole thing is just so good anyway.
In conclusion, Farscape's third season easily cements it's place as the single greatest sci-fi show of all time. Effects are brilliant, the characters are fantastically well-drawn and three-dimensional, the plot is dark and visceral, with levels of involvement which are rarely seen in television (though not unique, series this involving are few and very far between). Frankly, five stars just doesn't do it justice.
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on 20 January 2004
With its third season, the Jim Henson Company/Sci-Fi Channel's "space adventure" series reached its creative and exciting peak. After a number of fairly average episodes in the second season, several original ideas were inserted to make the 3rd season one to stand out. It was also much darker.
Starting with the episode "Season of Death" to conclude the season 2 cliffhanger, although only as much as anything on Farscape is 'concluded,' the death theme carried through to make each episode more dramatic and realistic, with emotions and character interactions pushed to the limit when Moya's crew is divided and out of contact on two different ships.
Along with a number of fantastic episodes continuing the series' main plot (John Crichton the lost astronaut being hunted by Scorpius for the wormhole knowledge he carries, aboard a ship of simlarly hunted ex-prisoners) there are the usual excellent stand-alone episodes, while the series retains its humour. At a risk of alienating even the most loyal fans, the writers bravely chose to venture into even deeper uncharted territory to produce "Scratch 'N Sniff," a bizarre episode told from John's memories in technicolour, and the popular "Revenging Angel" aka the animated episode. Season 3 is Farscape at its enjoyable and emotional best, with serious development for every character throughout the 22 episodes.
Following the unpopular decision to cancel Farscape after its fourth season, latest evidence suggests a mini-series is currently being filmed to tie up some of the loose ends and hopefully attract a new audience to this, the most creative and exciting sci-fi series on television.
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on 13 March 2003
When i first saw Farscape i thought it was just like muppets...in space, but after the first ten minutes.....i was a true fan!. It is a really good sci-fi programme, packed full of action, love, violince and sci-fi gadetry!.
A complex group of characters all with thier own stories which unfold as the series goes on. For the price of this ten video box set its amazin and well worth getting your hands on if you like sci-fi, space, sex, violence and humour then buy buy buy!!
(Watch out for the cult refernces, some classics)
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on 31 October 2006
As stated by other reviewers, this "Season Of Death" is the best Farscape series. Farscape One was finding its feet. Farscape Two stumbled occassionally. Farscape Four was padded out and a tad complacent because they thought they were going to get five series to tell the tale. The MiniSeries was great but crammed into too short a space and a little too safe. But no matter how good Farscpe Three is it doesn't really matter in the context of a DVD set review. If you haven't got Series 1 and 2 you should get them first because if you are going to "do" Farscape you need to do them all and in sequence; and if you have got Farscape 1 and 2 already you know the joy and wonder of Farscape and all you need to know about 3 is that it is More And Better.
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on 17 March 2011
I actually find it difficult to separate the four seasons of Farscape, as they form a continuing story arc. There are slow spots, and one or two sub-standard episodes in each season, but Farscape builds to a finale that I doubt anybody can forget. (Such a shame they had to constrict the entire Season 5 into a 4-part miniseries, but at least we GOT that.)

Some Farscape fans consider Season Three to be the best of the Farscape seasons, and I won't argue with them. Season Three really is a fanstastic season, with edge-of-the-seat drama, strong emotions (I did actually cry while watching some of these episodes), laugh-out-loud moments, and an incredible shock near the end as well. The cliffhanger ending leaves you blinking in sheer disbelief ...and that is NOT the shock I referred to, either. Farscape is the most unpredictible show I've ever watched, and this is probably its most unpredictible season.

Some epic sci-fi shows (which shall remain nameless) start strongly, then fall ill with random cliffhangeritis, leaving us with the impression that the writers manufacture season finales out of thin air in order to keep viewers coming back for more. These writers then seem to spend the rest of their time trying to untangle the results of their ill-conceived cliffhangers -- while the shows lose sight of their original focus and wobble their way to unconvincing conclusions.

Farscape had its share of cliffhanger finales, to be sure. Season Two's was an unexpected stunner, Season Three's an equally compelling one. There was absolutely no danger that viewers would not return to the show after either of these season finales.

However, unlike some other shows, Farscape's cliffhangers were strongly plotted from the very start. All Farscape's story arcs come full-circle, ending believably in a series of climaxes which begin near the end of Season 4, and finish very satisfactorily at the end of Peacekeeper Wars.

Thankfully, the writers still have plenty of plotlines to develop, if ever we get lucky enough to see a new series of Farscape on our screens. I sincerely hope we do, with the same writers, cast and crew in place. A new show would need strong financial support and security, though. Sponsors of any new Farscape series would need to be convinced that it already has a large fan base.

Buying these new DVDs will certainly help!
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