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on 5 May 2011
Before these headphones I had owned the Motorola S9 Bluetooth stereo headset. The sound from them was flat and muddy, with the Bluetooth reception average. As you can imagine, I was very sceptical about buying another pair of Bluetooth headphones. However, I have some Creative in ear headphones and computer speakers and have been very impressed with their sound and quality, so decided to take the plunge.

I'm happy to say that these headphones are one of the best purchases I have made. In the past all my headphones have been wired. I've had Skullcandy (HESH), Sennheiser (PXC 250 and in ear), Sony (in ear) and Apple (horrible). Whilst some of these are much better than others, none of them come close in terms of the clarity and depth that WP-300 offers. This was especially surprising for me over Bluetooth.

The headset charges via a micro USB cable (supplied) and takes around an hour to charge. A red light shows when the device is charging and changes to green when the charge is complete. The box claims 8 hours before another recharge is necessary. I have used the device for a day now and haven't need to recharge.

The headphones paired instantly and on my first attempt with my iPod touch. They connect automatically with the device when you turn the headphones on. A blue light flashes slowly when the headphones are paired with a device. On the right hand cup there are buttons for power, play/pause, volume up/down, skip forward/fast forward, and skip backward/rewind. All buttons are responsive and feel of good quality.

As for the headset itself, it feels to be made to a high standard. The headset adjusts to fit your head size and is padded at the top and round the ear cups for a comfortable fit.

The sound quality is exceptional. I first sound tested the headphones on Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' and the Beatles' 'White Album.' I was able to pick up parts of the record that I'd never been able to hear before with my other headphones. I have also since listened to more modern records and can say that the sound is just as good. The bass is punchy yet controlled. The middle and highs are clear and well balanced alongside the lows.

Sound isolation and exterior noise cancellation is good too. I have walked by the road with these and the headphones do a good job of blocking out the noise from the traffic.

For the price, these are an exceptional set of headphones. The sound quality that they offer over Bluetooth is, for me, incredible. I now wouldn't look anywhere else for a set of Bluetooth headphones when these high quality headphones are here at this price.
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on 2 June 2011
Great value, fast delivery, incredibly easy to pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices, and very good at keeping outside noise out. What more could you want?
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on 30 January 2013
I was torn between lots of options when I eventually purchased these - I wanted something ideally over-the-ear (which these are not), but it seemed there was very little with good write-ups in the price bracket I was looking at (£50-£100). Much as I'd love to be spending £200+ on some Denon/Bose/Sennheiser, I don't use them enough to warrant it and we wanted something the family could use.

Build quality feels excellent, soft on the ears, strong and sturdy main hoop and the plastics do not feel overly cheap. Button operatings on the right hand cup all fall well to hand - power on/off, pause, forward/backward track and volume up/down.

Bluetooth pairing worked fine with Nexus 7 and Samsung mobile phone, no connection/disconnection problems.

Comfort wise, I was ready to be a little disapponted with on-ear compared to over-ear but I was nicely surprised to find I don't mind these at all - very soft, cover the ear well (mine are not overly big or small but large ear owners might disagree!) and sits comfortably on the head for lengthy periods. The lack of wired is no issue for me, and the hassle-free connection makes things much nicer.

Sound quality - this is my first foray into bluetooth and I have no concerns. I'm not what I'd class as an "audiophile" but I know what sounds awful and what doesn't - these sound cracking to me, slightly emphasised on the bass (but then that's the music I listen to) but not in an unbalanced way, the mids are strong and the highs are maybe slightly, *slightly* weaker - but this could be just down to my music collection than anything else. The sound is excellent - all the volume you'll need too.

Really chuffed with these. If you're after an on-ear design with excellent sound, the awesome convenience of bluetooth and you're watching the pennies, I'd give these the thumbs up.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 31 March 2012
Using these with an iMac; pairing was straightforward.

All of the controls are on the right earpad. On my computer
these headphones control iTunes. On the outer face of the
earpad there are buttons that can skip track (forwards and
backwards) and pause, and finally, there is an on / off

On the underside of the right earpad are two small buttons
to control the volume.

All of the buttons require a firm 'press' and this produces
quite a loud mechanical and audible click.

I've used the headphones to listen to the radio over the internet;
if I press any of the buttons iTunes starts up. Pressing pause
stops iTunes and I can listen to the radio again (I expect
that this is down to my ineptitude in setting up the mac!).

Anyway, indoors the connection remains rock solid when
in the same room as the source. Two floors higher and the
connection is mostly faultless; standing outside with solid
walls in between results in almost complete break-up ...
I've not owned bluetooth headphones before, and I am quite
ill-informed about bluetooth, so this may be typical of all
headsets using this technology.

I have used them to listen to music in bed ... the blue flashing
'connected' LED is pretty bright, such that I've stopped using
them for listening before sleeping!

To my ears, the sound is great, the bass, mid and treble are
all fine ... using a graphic equaliser on the source fine-tunes
where necessary. Volume is also fine ... I can't tolerate full-blast
for long.

Outside noise isolation is reasonable at the volume I use.

Charging is less than an hour; the batteries do last for at least
eight hours.

Lastly (and unfortunately), I have a 'biggish' head and find the
fit rather 'snug', but not in anyway uncomfortable.

If I lost them I'd buy another set!
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on 29 November 2011
As a previous Nokia BH-504 owner one thing that have always let me down was the bass quality. Certain bass heavy songs would always distort too much or even skip at a given section. These Creative headphones are incredibly good! The bass is rich and gives a good kick, the volume level is significantly louder than the Nokia (can't compare against other BT headphones, though) and the volume adjustment on the headset are fantastic. Also, the mediums and highs are very well defined and made the same song sound a lot better compared to my old Nokia. Pairing for the 1st time with my Sensation XE was a cakewalk. Using it with PowerAmp, ditto. The battery lasted way more than 8 hours with me, a whole day at work plus a couple of hours walking around. The fit, for my head, is comfortable and the length adjustments are very well defined, it clicks and stays in place. All in all, if you want to go wireless and don't want to/can't spend 200+ euros on Sennheisers, you won't be disappointed. Just remember to readjust your equalizer and with a little bit of fine tuning, since everyone has their own taste and sweet spot, you are good to go. I'm very happy with my Creative WP-300!
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on 17 June 2012
I have now owned and used these daily for 4 months. The sound quality is stunning for such a small can and linked to my Samsung S2 the playback is faultless. Recently tested them with HTC One X which offers 'Beats technology' and the velvetness of playback was simply sublime.

Looks wise these are acceptable, maybe a little subtle for some tastes I would suggest. That said for my tastes (a 30 something male) these are great as they don't scream look at me. When not in use the cans flip round and the headset can be easily stored in your manbag once in the office.

I also use these headphones with my PC and have watched DVD's and listened to hours of music and again absolutely faultless.

Trust me if you're reading this and in the market for a good set of bluetooth cans LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THESE.

A 10 out of 10 item.
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on 13 July 2015
4 years on and I'm still using this! I really like these headphones - they're wireless, easy to pair and sound is great. I like how you can pause, stop, fast forward, volume (ie all the main controls) all from the device itself without having to reach for your phone.

It would be good to have a battery meter as you don't know how much power it has - it never has run out of battery whilst I've used it but this is because I'm completely paranoid so always keep it charge whenever I've taken it out for more than an hour
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on 1 May 2016
I feel like I have bought a whole new CD collection with these the sound is so crystal clear and well balanced I can here things I haven't noticed before on CDs that I have had for years. And all this with Bluetooth headphones. Theirs no drop out or interference when out and about. Good for commuting or listening at home.
Happy listening.
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on 18 December 2011
This review has been updated several times as I upgrade devices, since I like this item so much.

I use an Edimax bluetooth dongle 2.1 on my laptop, has always worked great with the headphones on Windows 7, though I barely use my laptop these days for music. With a bluetooth transmitter 3.0 aptx connected to my Need DAC sound extractor the sound is awesome.

The sound on my Moto G with KitKat is excellent, same on Nexus 7 2013. Signal goes through a couple of walls, which is more than enough for me and better than any other Bluetooth device I own, and interference is minimal, unlike other bluetooth devices. I also have a Samsung Media Player 4.2, sound is very good still on Android 2.3.

I recently bought a Windows HP Omni tablet with Bluetooth 4.0, no problems pairing and great sound too. Lag is minimal on Windows 8, same with my low latency transmitter.

I find the headphones tight fit extremely comfortable up to a few hours. They also feel very durable.

It's seamless to switch from wired headphones to bluetooth. Also, between devices. Sound isolation is good for a device like this. Less on coffee shops or buses, but that's the price of portability, I'm fine with that.

The battery is as advertised, and still going strong. Controls are simple to use and very reliable. I can not recommend this item enough after more than 2 years of intensive use.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 January 2015
I've had these a loooooong time and I can tell you they're great. They don't fit over my jugs (I doubt they'd fit over any adult males). But the sound is good enough to compensate. The bluetooth range is well over 20M, and they have hours and hours of battery life. Definitely reccomend them.
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