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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£38.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 April 2016
- There is no vibration or rattle from the plastic ring-locks
- The spin locks don't come undone easily, but do loosen slightly over time
- Spin locks tighten (or are removed) very fast and easily
- The spin locks cant rust or oxidise, easy on and easy off
- Weights not made from sand inside plastic, so cant crack, break and spill
- Very nearly exactly 1.25KG per bar including 2 spin locks. My scale may be off a few grams out
- Lots of weights for variations from 12 weights in 3 sizes
- Centralised grip cant be moved and is always perfectly balanced in centre
- Each dumbbell can take 10 weights (more if using smallest size), extra space at end is great
- Contrary to what others say, weights extremely comfy to handle (bought 2015 + again in 2016!)

You can use one dumbbell at a time, each set to different weights, resting one arm whist the other works. No standing around waiting between sets. You won't have to change them between sets this way, and the sheer variety of weights means that you have an enormous amount of potential combinations of weight in kilos and small increments.

I remember my Dad's old York weights, from days of old. These are far superior in every respect. Perfect for beginners, intermediates and pro’s, and very comfortable to hold and work out with!

These weights are so comfortable to hold (the grip) I had forgotten exactly what the grip was made from, as it has never been a problem. The grip is made from extremely strong/hard plastic, with an ever so slightly rubberised feel. Its very comfortable without gloves.

If you are happy to spend the money, I can see these lasting more than a lifetime, literally. The price does go up and down from £25 to £35. Id have been happy paying either price. They are fantastic!

UPDATE: Ive started working out more, and bought a second set of York dumbbells (at full price). Both purchases of these dumbbells included the plastic handles, which I like as they are easy to grip, and very, very comfortable. Not sure what type of plastic the spin locks are, but I would be happy to chuck my spin locks off a 3 storey building, they seem extremely robust and are definitely crack proof, and not at all prone to thread-wearing.

I also bought the York BARBELL / DUMBELL SET. This came with two york dumbbells with METAL handles, which I like personally like less. Ive take another photo, and given a comparison of the two types of York Handles. My recommendation is that you buy this set of dumbbells, as many times as you need (to accumulate weights) and avoid the barbell set which comes with dumbbells, as I am not as keen on the metal handles grips that come in the York dumbell/barbell set.

To be clear though, neither type of grip are prone to slipping, both are very grippy, and if you lift heavy weights, you could treat yourself to a nice set of gloves to keep your hands soft which your partner will appreciate :)

With York being such a big name, one would have hoped they would have capitalised on their success by rewarding consumers to the very best weights they can engineer. The only thing that can be improved, are the plastic spin locks. Why not give us metal ones, which have the only advantage of looking nicer (both are super strong). If I could take off half a star for this, I would.

I paid £35 for mine. Twice. Plus got a set for my following birthday to keep at a family members house. These are great, no problems with any of the sets in all the time Ive had them. If you are happy with my review, please give it a like.
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on 3 February 2011
These were fantastic value for money, and I know they will last me a while as I have to build up. Some exercises I find I need to take off a couple of weights like the abs, so it's great that the 10Kg per dumbell is broken up into 6 weights on each.
The plastic collars really don't bother me. They tighten perfectly and don't budge.
These specific weights don't normally come with the rubber around the metal, and from the complaints I hear about the bare metal from people who are starting weight training (hands aren't roughened up), this is a great solution. I worked with these for about an hour today and didn't hurt my hands at all.
Super fast delivery. Came within 2 days, Free P&P.

They don't come with a carry case, but then again, why would ever need it? And I hear it breaks anyway

Many Thanks
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on 1 November 2008
These dumbell weights comprise of the following (it's what I got, anyway!):

4 x 2.5Kg disks
4 x 1.25Kg disks
4 x 0.5Kg disks
2 x 14" solid steel, threaded, chrome plated bars with rubber washers
4 x 'spinlock' collars with rubber washers
1 x exercise chart
0 x plastic carry/presentation case!

These are a very well made, standard set of cast iron dumbell weights. Contrary to other reviews, I find the grip particularly comfortable and reassuring to hold but if you have slender hands, they might initially irritate a bit until you got used to them.

The rubber washers aid in securing the weights on the bar and stop any rattling of the disks. If you tighten the spinlocks on properly, they do not come undone!

Depending on what your strength level is and/or what exercises you do, 10Kg per dumbell may or may not be adequate. For example, 10Kg for aerobic exercises or Dumbell Front Raises (for the shoulders) may be quite sufficient or even too much but 10Kg might not nearly be enough for Bent-over Rows (for the back).

With the weights supplied, you can safely make 1 dumbell weigh 15.2Kg* if you want to and then just alternate whatever exercise you are doing on the other side of the body. By `safely', what I mean is that the spinlocks go on all the way and are flush with the end of the bar.

* 4x2.5 + 2x1.25 + 2x0.5 [disks] + 1x1.7 [bar+collars] = 15.2Kg
1 bar with 2 collars and no disks, weighs 1.7Kg - according to my digital kitchen scales!

Because these weights are cast iron, they are small in comparison to, say, sand-filled weights. This is good because there is more freedom of movement for some exercises and generally, they seem less cumbersome.

My particular set of weights came individually wrapped in a strong and strapped, York Fitness cardboard box and not in a plastic carry case as one of the pictures suggests but I didn't buy these as a gift and I won't be transporting them from place to place so no big problem for me. If *you* intend transporting these or giving them as a gift and wanted the case, it might be a problem though.

Not having a case is a minor niggle for me but it would be nice to receive what these pictures say you will receive [edit: the said picture has since been removed].

Other than the above, this is a great set of dumbell weights for the price. I'm a happy customer!
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on 21 August 2011
I wanted 30kg of weights as 20kg, well you need more than that. I bought this set together with the extra York 4 x 2.5kg set, advertised elsewhere here on Amazon.

There is a second York 20kg option, the difference being a carry case, knurled steel instead of plastic handgrip, and steel instead of plastic collars, for a few quid more. It turns out the shipping box is well solid, more than enough for storage or transport. The plastic grip is thicker that the steel one, which I think is more comfy, with and without gloves. The plastic collars seem quite good, as they don't come loose as the steel ones did on my old set, certainly strong enough.

All up I'm well pleased.

The extra 10kg of weights go on the bars no problem, you don't really need a longer bar than the 14" ones here, don't know why you would want a 16" or 18" bar.

Also comes with a large workout chart which I only took a glance at, it did seem comprehensive though.
Had a couple of days off work so ordered for next day delivery. Ordered in the afternoon and arrived next morn.

Please also see my uploaded photos.
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on 19 August 2011
As a student, I'm pretty broke. I wanted to join a gym, but couldn't justify the 20~30 pound per month fee. I decided to get these and started to work on a new routine.

With these weights, I can effectively do the following exercises:
Shoulders: Shoulder press; lateral raises; front raises; bent over raises; shrugs
Arms: Bicep curls; tricep extensions; tricep kickbacks
Legs: Dumbell squats; dumbell lunges
Chest' Flys
Back: Lawnmower (one arm) rows; bent over rows

I then combine these exercises with jogging around a lake by my house, and using monkey bars at the park for pull ups/chin ups, hanging leg raises, and do push ups and sit ups at home.

So I have cut out the middle-man (the gym) saving myself a lot of money. The dumbells have allowed me to focus on a lot of muscle groups that would be difficult to do using bodyweight-only exercises. They are made from metal with nice rubber-gripped handles. Not much more to say really. My only gripe is these little crappy plastic spinlocks that loosen a little after every set of exercises.
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on 27 May 2013
I will start off this review by saying that you would be better off buying the Pro Power 20kg Cast Iron Dumbells from Argos. They are better in all but a small handful of ways, and consistently cheaper. The York weights are good, they do the job, but the Pros are just better.

First of all, my experience with delivery (done by HDNL) was utterly awful. I ordered these on the 8th of May and only received them on the 26th because one of my 200 neighbours brought the item to me. I live in university halls and despite the fact that the address on the box was clearly correct and I was in my flat waiting to receive the item, the delivery man decided to give my weights to building 34 instead of 37, without posting anything to me stating where my delivery had gone. It is PURE luck that I managed to get these in the end at all. I ended up buying the Pro Power set I mentioned as well as this set because I thought these were lost for good.

On to the actual product. My main gripe, as has been stated by others, is that the bar is INCREDIBLY rough. You basically have no choice but to wear gloves unless you have some urgent need to violently exfoliate your palms. I understand this is probably to improve the grip, but I have no difficulty holding the Pro Power set despite their much smoother bar. Additionally, the York bars are slightly wider and less ergonomic than the Pro Powers, which is a bit of a pain in the neck for someone with tiny hands like mine.

There's little to say about the weights themselves. The York ones are nice and compact so they're nice and easy to move around and store. There's a few little chips and scrapes to the paint, but nothing too major. I'd say their smaller size is more or less the ONLY way in which the York weights are superior to the Pro's. York's spinlock collars are made of worryingly light feeling plastic whereas the Pro collars are metal. I've not had the chance to use the Yorks a lot yet, so I'm not sure if plastic collars are any more likely to slip, but the fact is that metal collars simply feel more durable. It also takes a lot more fiddling to get the plastic ones onto the end of the bar, which is a pain in the neck when you want change the weight you're lifting.

TLDR; Buy Pro Power weights from Argos instead of these if you can. Both serve their purpose equally well, but the Pro's will save you the strife of godawful delivery and chafed hands.
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on 21 October 2016
Thinking that you going to buy any better dumbbells then this one then you're making a huge mistake spending your money on any other ones I find them really the best ones , the handles don't make your palms feeling any pain from holding them , I like the fact they are 10 kilos weights split in 6 pieces and they also have a fitness program included so it great for beginners too , top quality!!!
review image review image review image review image
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on 21 July 2011
This dumbbell set is great for a beginner, or as an addition to a home weight set. These dumbbells come with rubber grip handles and are superior to metal grip handles because they're not abrasive on the hands. The only downside to this product for me was the plastic collars.

This is the second set of these dumbbells I've purchased and I'm very please with both. I would recommend anyone considering serious use of these dumbbells to purchase metal collars direct from York for only a around £4.00 per pair because on both of my sets at least one of the plastic collars has not been able to spin on the bar or locks up after a few spins. Being plastic they are also not going to be as resistant to damage as metal and the plastic thread can easily become damaged or worn with regular use, rendering these collars inferior to metal ones.

There is no reason for these dumbbells to require replacing in the near or distant future and I fully expect these to last a lifetime with care and appropriate use (i.e. not dropping them to the floor after a set).
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on 27 July 2011
I ve had the gym membership for a year now and haven't been there more than once. So I decided to get something I cld use at home. The dumbells look exactly like the ones in the picture and are of very good quality considering the price range. I am sure they would easily last a v long time for me. I have no problems with the plastic collars, they fit perfectly well and stay fixed once set. The weight per dumbell is 10 kg which is more than fine for me as a beginner. Also, the delivery was quite fast as well. All in all, a very happy customer.
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on 6 November 2016
I've had these for a year. The flexibility to switch out plates and gradually increment the weight per dumbbell is very useful.

Just two things to keep in mind:

1) Doing overhead lifts is potentially dangerous as the metal bar ends could hit your head if you're tired. These aren't as safe to thrust above your head as the rubber-coated hex dumbbells, for example.

2) Each central bar + pair of spinlock collars comes to about 1.5kg each, so factor that in when picking weights.

Overall a good purchase.
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