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on 29 May 2012
I've had this mouse just a few days, so long-term reliability is an unknown. It may seem harsh giving only 3 stars to a device that hasn't really done anything wrong yet, but if you're spending £40 on a mouse I think you have every right to be demanding, and the Kova+ is a bit of mixed bag.

To reiterate the points that others have made-

* This mouse is quite small, in particular being very slim left-to-right and extremely light. If you have average size hands, for a man, you are definitely going to need to use a fingertip control "claw grip", this is not a big mouse to slide your whole hand+arm around on.

* Yes it's very pretty. With the matt black finish and angular lines it looks very sexy (to the extent a mouse can look "sexy"). With the correct dark blue illumination selected to match my new keyboard in the half-dark it looks great.

Having said that, I suspect most users over about 12 years old will find the more OTT visual effects like "pulsing" or colour-changing lights to be just a little silly and turn them off in the driver after 5 minutes of experimenting.

* The side buttons are pretty stiff (hard to click). Unless the two smallest fingers on your hand are as strong and mobile as a monkey's arm you should really consider this an "ambidextrous 5 button" mouse not a "7 button" mouse.

Also the "button shift" feature can only be assigned to either of the the rearmost side buttons, so if you want to use that it costs you another one of your 5 usable buttons.

* Having said that I use the mouse in my left hand so i'm really keen to see manufacturers continue to support us "lefties".

Further comments-

+ The control software is actually pretty powerful, and so far I have found it to be reasonably easy to use and quite reliable (on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit). Given the awful state of a lot of PC peripheral driver software (yes I mean you Corsair Vengeance drivers...) this is a big plus.

- Similar to the stiff side buttons, the centre wheel click is also much stiffer than the main L/R buttons and this does detract from the cohesive, quality feel of the device.


* With the driver/firmware version I currently have (v1.25/v1.17) I discovered that if you set the mouse polling rate to anything below the default of 1000Hx the mouse wheel starts missing or skipping up/down rolling events, to the point that if you select to poll at the minimum 125Hz the wheel basically stops working!

It appears this is a known bug, so it means you really can't use this feature and have to run at the max polling rate all the time. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will cure this at some point.

* When I raised this problem with Roccat support I got an email back with the answer the following day. A lot of companies selling to end users / consumers have little or no support so all credit to Roccat for responding quickly and efficiently.


You get the feeling a lot of what you're paying for with this mouse is the style and the software, plus a sensor and about 4oz of plastic. You get quite a bit of capability for your money, but it's lightweight and doesn't feel very solid or robust. The inconsistent weighting of the various buttons is definately a downside for me, it makes this "high end" mouse feel in some ways inferior to a 5 year old Generic Microsoft or Logitech wired mouse, even if the sensor has better performance.
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on 4 January 2012
I've had my trusty Logitech G5 for about 4 years now and I felt it was time for a change. After hours of research I finally ended up choosing the Kova[+] despite it being £10 above my budget.

For me it was the combination of two factors that made me overcome my budget. Firstly, it's the most beautiful mouse I've seen! Secondly, I really liked the idea of the EasyShift feature (the thumb button acts as a shift for the other mouse buttons) which is very customisable. However, at least to my knowledge, EasyShift cannot be used in conjunction with a keyboard, which is a shame considering the massive amount of potential new keybindings.

When my Kova came in the post and I unpacked it, the first thing I noticed was how it was smaller than I expected. Maybe I'm just used to the tall and somewhat bulky G5 or my hands are quite large, but I still felt it was a bit dainty. Although I'm now used to its size, my thumb and pinky are touching my table most of the time, especially the latter which feels like it doesn't have enough space to rest on the actual mouse. Again, I won't criticise the mouse too much for this as I do have relatively big hands.

The driver for the mouse (which is also on a disc included with the product) was quick and easy to install. I was positively surprised by the software which displays very clearly what options there are. Creating profiles is effortless and you can make a profile switch on when an .exe file of your choice is booted. So now I don't have to manually choose profiles when I want to play, say, Battlefield 3.

The software is not perfect, though. Getting your mouse sensivity just right can be a bit tough, as the sliders are from 1-10 and you can only choose 10 options, so no 3.433 etc to get your sensivity just right. Perhaps I'm just a bit pedantic, but I feel with a high DPI mouse such as this, it would be necessary to have more customisable sensitivities.

Another gripe I have, which is not major but still can be a bit of a nuisance, is that some of the buttons are a tad stiff considering where they are. I understand they're stiffer to avoid accidental clicking, but when my mouse inadvertantly twitches when I have to move my hand in such a position to effectively click the middle button and the second thumb button (the one further away from you), it can become problematic in an FPS for example.

However, how one uses a mouse is very specific to the person using it so my critique may not be applicable to all. If you tend to have a tight grip of your mouse instead of a loose one like me and you have big hands, you might find it frustrating at times. I don't though, as the Roccat Kova[+] is a fantastic mouse; very customisable, beautiful to look at, lovely to hold (has a velvety feel to it) and it slides on my wooden desktop with effortless elegance!

Thank you Roccat!
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on 6 July 2013
I didn't buy this from Amazon as I needed it instantly. But wow, what a mouse. It is light, but I'm not a fan of really heavy mice. The feel is really comfortable, smooth, nice grip, even for someone with really long fingers! I think the lights are in a really good place, especially at the back, it casts a nice glow across your desk in the dark. I have this with a logitech G110 gaming keyboard and I have to say they are the perfect match. Affordable and well performing.

The buttons on the mouse are great, and you actually get 13 functions from 7 buttons, from the use of a function button. I really like this mouse and its a nice price. A razer mouse for this price doesn't give you the functionality.

Oh and the driver software, wow. It looks really good, and is packed full of features.

Nice feeling
Ambidextrous (left and right handed)
Doesn't get sweaty after being used for ages
Customizable DPI

For someone with really long hands like me, the buttons seem far back, but I do have very long hands so there is nothing to worry about :)
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on 25 December 2012
Best mouse ever? Whatever. That's probably what you're thinking, and you'd be right to. But please, let me explain. I'm a left handed gamer and this mouse works for lefties and right-handed people too. Not only that, but it's by far the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. It moves along any surface with such a gentle glide, it's like comparing an expensive shaver to shave rather to a cheap plastic razer. (no pun intended razer-mouse fans!)

The fact you can change lighting (breathing) sequences and DPI and even configure custom buttons just makes this mouse so much more appealing. Mine has just gone faulty after 3 years of heavy usage. As soon as I get some spare cash I'll be buying another. I hope my next one lasts more than 3 years because this really is a great mouse for everyone.
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on 18 November 2014
Do not buy this product!!!!
This is mouse is make from cheap components.
Mouse after one year ---> see picture attach.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 4 April 2016
Terrible product.
1. They don't update the drivers for their proprietary software, so if you "upgrade" to Windows 10 you can say goodbye to your Roccat Kova+ mouse. Roccat deliberately only support Win10 on their more recent products. If they think this is a good strategy fueling re-purchases of other Roccat mouse, they need to reconsider.

2. The components are not built to last. 14 months after purchases the middle mouse button is not working and the left mouse button sticks.

3. The additional sensitivity options are all but useless in real world gaming or anything else.

4. The pulsing colours have all the class and subtlety of Blackpool, Lancs.

5. The cost of the mouse, which hardly lasted a year and didn't have updated drivers, is obscenely high.
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on 5 September 2013
This mouse lasted around two years before the side panels started leaking glue and falling apart. The same thing happened to friend who owned the same mouse!

This is very disappointing as it is a very good mouse with lots of features, however I won't be buying another Roccat mouse again.
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on 2 December 2013
I bought this mouse on 13 July 2013.

What can I say.. There are a few problems to this mouse.

1. The Mouse is small, I had to get used to it and it took a long time to do so, it is a left & right hand mouse so it is pretty uncomfortable, I couldn't find a good position to surf the internet or just do some gaming, my fingers hurt after a while because they were bent, you sort of have to use a 'claw' grip to use this mouse.

2. Left mouse click? After 2 days, I noticed that when I clicked, it clicked twice or not click at all. I thought this was just a once off thing. Later on 5 days in it kept on happening, and it really annoyed my gaming sessions. Maybe it was a faulty product?

3. Cheap-ish build. You can feel the cheapness in the plastic, and the grips are plastic a also, which makes it slippers and uncomfortable to use. Also, I dropped the mouse (after my clicking problems) and the scroll wheel broke, I couldn't even scroll with it.

4. Buttons are a bit awkward to use, but that's just my two cents on it.

I soon replaced this product with my old mouse, now I have the Razer Deathadder 2013 and I love it.#


Clicking problems after 2 days, would click twice or not click at all.
Very small mouse, uncomfortable to use.
Slippery grips, and hurts hand.
Cheap-ish build, I dropped it from 2 - 5 feet and it had serious problems.

Well, what can you expect from a brand that is not really well known, but whatever. The price is a bit too high for this kind of mouse.
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on 1 December 2015
PLEASE READ THROUGH TO THE END!..Bought this mouse for my son after getting fed up with 4 different makes of mouse broke within months of each other,I bought this in December last year (2014) BUT it broke by June this year (2015),so I was given a replacement as it was still under guarantee,plus I wanted to wait for a while to find out if it broke like the first one or wasn't up to scratch before writing a review as I'd done for other items that didn't live up to their expectations.
Anyway where to start....my son has had this for almost 6,yes 6 months so far!!,the longest a mouse has lasted at his hands!,he is constantly on the computer so needed a mouse that catered for very heavy use and this does just that!
I find it hard to read some reviews that say the mouse other reviewers bought have not been worth the money,whilst I'm the first to admit that yes,I was feeling just as bad as they are about the mouse breaking and I was fuming!,I'd paid £29.99 for this and that is quite a lot of money for those that can't really afford to spend that amount!
Anyway I phoned up Amazon and explained the mouse had stopped working,it wouldn't work,full stop,Amazon immediately sent a replacement along with a PREPAID returns label so all I had to do was take the broken mouse to the PO to be sent back to the distribution centre.
The replacement mouse arrived as I've already said in June and my son is over the moon with it,even 6 months later!,it still looks as good as new,other reviewers say the glue is leaking from their mouse but we haven't had ANY problems like this,in fact we've had NO problems with the replacement,I think the original mouse was one of a bad batch!
I love the fact that the mouse has all the different coloured lights on it and it can be custom set to whichever takes your fancy.It or sent feel at all cheap (which it wasn't!) and the Matt finish of the plastic hasn't worn off,in fact it looks just like it did when it arrived,and believe me,when I say my son is practically glued to his computer,he is!,this mouse was well worth the money and I'd recommend anyone who wants to buy a decent mouse,you can't go wrong here!
It's money well spent in my opinion....Looks like I spoke to soon!,this mouse lasted for 6 MONTHS BEFORE it developed the same fault as the last one!, ( what is it with the 6 months thing?,you buy stuff that isn't cheap and once it gets to 6 months it suddenly decides 'sod you,I've been working for half a year WITHOUT ANY time off so now I'm gonna resign?! ) the wire seems to work loose from the flat end that you plug into your laptop!,BUT Amazon have just today ordered me a replacement,yet again,so hopefully THIS TIME there WON'T be ANOTHER problem with this mouse,if there is then I'll definitely be ordering a totally different one/make.Fingers crossed, 3RD TIME LUCKY!
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on 11 March 2013
I bought this mouse after having problems with the bundled wireless mouse on my Dell and its logitech replacement, neither of which lasted as long as I would have hoped. I was advised that a gaming mouse, built to take intensive use might be a better option. Added to that, the versatility of the extra programmable buttons would be a bonus. I chose this model as it seemed to represent q lot of features at the price point; there are more feature rich models out there, but usually twice the price. Not being a hardcore gamer, I also didn't want some monstrosity emblazoned with orc skulls, targeting crosshairs and featuring 200 buttons etc. etc!

Build: This is a well built mouse, with a comfortable textured finish. The shape is pretty good, designed symmetrically so it can be used left handedly too. It is illuminated, and I initially thought the lights were a gaming gimmick, but are actually quite handy (see below.) It has a long cable so positioning of the PC isn't an issue, but I would have preferred to see it more tangle resistant given the length. It is better suited for medium, small hands however; in fact, after using for several months I am of the opinion its just a little TOO small. I have callouses and worn nails from my fingers constantly dragging on the desk!!! ...A removable finger-guard would have been nice.

Operation: Highly customisable, with plenty of buttons. Tracks well an all sorts of surfaces, but the laser recess is deep and can collect dust so needs to be cleaned now and then; a simple task. The buttons and scroll wheel are positive and solid, but the scroll wheel click is a bit coarse which I find a little annoying when I need precise zoom control in imaging programmes. The software is excellent if you take the trouble to use it, allowing you to set up custom modes (button macros, DPI etc) for individual programmes that auto launch, very handy! It even features pre-made macros fro some more popular games. You can also programme the light colour to change so that you can easily see the mode your mouse is in which is a good idea. For those who don't want to programme the buttons, the driver is easily accessible from the system tray for changing settings as you require.

All in all a good mouse, less expensive than some of the competition. With a few tweaks would be an excellent mouse, though that would probably bump up the price...
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