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on 20 March 2005
The follow up to the quintessential Ringo album which almost saw a reunion of the four Ex Beatles no less. Any album would struggle by comparison, but this album is a thoroughly competent album, with many fine highlights, if a little less consistent in its brilliance. But this one and the next one 'Rotogravure' (1976) still saw Ringo almost at the top of his game, namely an uncanny knack of picking just the right songs to cover and doing them very well and in some cases brilliantly.
The title track is a Lennon penned song which is not exactly memorable but is exuberant in its delivery and spirit. And miles better than the Lennon track 'Cookin' from the next album. The second track is a wonderful cover of Allen Toussaint's 'Occapella'. Just perfect for Ringo, especially the ba-ba-ba de de-de ba ba chorus line. 'Oo Wee' is again joyful Ringo although not exactly top drawer. The next track 'Husbands And Wives' is either loved or hated. In my case Loved. It is a deeply moving song about how a marriage can fail depite all the best intentions. Rarely has Ringo has touched real life in his songs as he does here. The guitar solo is a gem. Just perfect. Which brings us to probably one of the two strongest songs ont he album, 'Snookeroo' written by Elton John. And he is so obviously all over this track with that distinctive pounding piano. With its infectious melody, this song deserved to be a smash. But somehow wasn't wasn't. There's no telling the record buying public at times in my opinion. History will judge this one kindly. There is something so perfect and amusing about Ringo singing 'I could spend my life with a factory girl...but a factory girl's not my type'. Great Elton melody to boot.
'All By Myself' is a great self deprecating rocker about Ringo's need and ability to Do It by himself without help from his illustrious Beatles brothers. Or any other brothers for that matter. Although Lennon does play piano on this superb track! Producer Richard Perry's bass backing vocals are also perfect. 'Call Me' is rather less memorable, if not unpleasant, the backing vocals again work well here. Which brings us to 'No No Song' which is not only an inspired cover for this album but may well be Ringo's most successful covers ever. Its lyric is riotously funny and a wry comment on Ringo's happy-go-lucky lifestyle at the time. Before there was any kind of Problem. 'Only You' is another inspired choice of cover, this time chosen by Lennon who contributes acoustic guitar and most of the arrangement. You can hear Lennon's (frankly) superior rendition of this song on the Lennon Anthology. But what lifts both versions is the superb backing vocals from Harry Nilsson, who also adds immeasurably to 'No No Song' I forgot to mention. 'Easy For Me' is a decent Nilsson ballad not really suited to Ringo. And then we have the title track reprised to lesser effect but it rounds off the album off quite nicely.
So there we have it. Not quite the polished masterpiece that was 'Ringo' from the previous year. But this album sees Ringo again in top form. As usual calling upon a little help from his friends. When this album is good which it is pretty often it is Ringo at his peak. And the front cover is probably his best, worth owning the vinyl album for this alone!
Cheers Ringo :-)
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on 25 October 2006
Any follow up album would struggle after `Ringo' and indeed this does, although it still has four really good songs, five if you count Back Off Boogaloo, one of the CD bonus tracks.

As noted by another reviewer, Ringo has the knack of choosing songs which suit his voice and character. Goodnight Vienna, Snookeroo, and especially the hilarious No No Song, are examples where it's hard to imagine another voice singing them. Although Only You doesn't really suit his voice, it seems that the song's a joke - check out the film clip, in which Ringo has a trick arrow through his head!

Only one ex-Beatle on the album proper, John, but other special guests include Harry Nilsson, Steve Cropper and Elton John. However, it's almost certainly George's great guitar work on Back Off Boogaloo.

Not as good as Ringo, but that doesn't matter. If you liked that, you'll like this.
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on 25 November 2015
I will start by admitting that, on the whole, I like Ringo's musical offerings, although some more than others. This is one of the better albums he has released, especially with excellent tracks like John Lennon's title number, a lovely version of the Platters' "Only You" and the superb Elton John/Bernie Taupin penned "Snookeroo". Along with the "No No Song", you have a decent crop of tunes. That said, there is filler and the follow up to his excellent "Ringo" album could have been stronger...but all in all, it's a pleasant and mostly memorable collection of songs. It's certainly infinitely better than some of his later efforts!
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on 18 September 2003
Ringo Starr quickly followed up the superb 'Ringo' album with this offering in 1974. Features contributions from John Lennon (title track), Elton John (Snookeroo) and Harry Nilsson (Easy for me) as well as compositions by the man himself.
The tunes are quality throughout from the tongue in cheek 'No no song' to the jaunty 'Call me' and the very Elton John 'Snookeroo'. Three covers also feature; 'Only you' (a minor hit single), 'Occapella' and Roger Millers 'Husbands and Wives', for me the standout track; a beautiful ballad with a haunting guitar solo from Richard Bennett.
This cd includes three extra tracks; the massive hit 'Back off Boogaloo' from 1972 along with its b-side 'Blindman' and finally an extended version of 'Six O'clock'; the latter being a Paul McCartney composition from 'Ringo'. I always felt that the standard version ended rather suddenly and yes, it does, the extended cut kicks off again after the standard end with another minute or so of largely improvised chorus rendition with Paul and Lindas vocals much in evidence.
This cd package contains some interesting notes but its only minus point is the lack of lyrics which were included on the vinyl release.
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on 10 October 2015
Enjoyable but not a classic. Some good tracks some less so. Ringo's vocals I found to be variable throughout the album, but overall fine. As a Beatles fan and collector this album and the much better 'Ringo' are the two from Ringo that should be in your collection.
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on 5 May 2012
The title comes from a Jack Buchanan song of the 30s and was suggested by John Lennon.The sleeve came from a scifi movie called The Day The World Stood Still.
Neither of course has much to do with Ringo but what he HAS to do with is doing plenty of covers for which we have to be eternally grateful
Yet its odd the way Only You (and you alone) was concieved-in spite of Lennon and Nillson's presence the Platters still had the last word and their original has never been bettered.Maybe Ringo should have revived the Vera Lynn song called Only You
Odder still how Snookeroo never charted-was it ever a single?
I should point out that Ringo was not making some sort of statement with Husbands & Wives-the song is a cover of a Roger Miller song
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on 28 April 2016
I bought this as a LP when it first came out and lost it over the years so I really enjoyed hearing Ringo sing all the songs again.
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on 17 February 2015
great I have waited ages to find this thanks its fantastic very quick in sending
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on 6 March 2015
Snookeroo is my favourite song. Catchy tune.
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on 3 November 2015
great gift
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