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on 22 July 2007
I really enjoyed this book as it's very well researched, relevant, and seems very much in tune with real people and real life. This is as opposed to other Astrology books which are a bit 'pie in the sky' and are poorly representative of the everyday human personality.

This book covers the history of the moon's importance and its unfortunate waning importance to civilisation (the sun taking greater precedence); the moon and its bearing on the body's physiology (including moods and emotions); the moon's movement through the signs and houses on a daily basis; brief descriptions of the rising signs and how they may modify the moon sign expression; moon transits; the natal moon in the houses; and, of course, descriptions of the natal moon in the signs.

I like the way the author isn't black and white about the natal moon signs and openly takes into account other factors such as the moon's house position and its aspects (if any) to the outer planets (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto). It's also engaging how she uses well known people and their own moon signs in order to illustrate personality traits or the possible family background normally associated with that particular moon sign.

I only have several negative things to say about the book but these are coming from a purely personal level alone and, thus, are quite subjective. I disagreed with some of the description written for the moon in Scorpio. Unfortunately, the prevailing idea that all people with this moon sign (and sometimes the Scorpio sun sign) are completely sex obsessed and preoccupied with avenging others for perceived hurts is not very fair or, indeed, accurate. I don't believe a person's inclination to take revenge or wanting to shag anyone with a pulse who's remotely attractive is solely exclusive to having a Scorpio moon sign. For example, the author cites the Sun Virgoan actress Raquel Welch as not appearing typically virginal because her moon sign is Scorpio. Is it not relevant to argue that she was only projecting an image for her acting career, simply playing roles? When Raquel Welch was at her acting career's zenith in the 1960's, it was very common for shapely, attractive women to be sexualised within this field and confined to the limitations of acting roles requiring they fulfill this image. If they were older women, they would be tend to be cast as mothers. So I'm sure Raquel Welch didn't have much choice in her acting roles back then, regardless of her moon sign. There are plenty of actors/actresses with other moon signs who are noted or notorious for their sexual image or personal dalliances. In my own life, I know several promiscuous people and ill intentioned people alike who have other moon signs such as Aries which aren't aspected by Pluto, etc.

I didn't agree with the varying descriptions for men and women respectively with certain moon signs. I found there was an over emphasis on women only living their lives as wives or mothers and busying themselves with the associated activites. Men were portrayed by a few moon signs to be ambitious hot shots out in the world living freely while it was insinuated that the women just slaved away at home between giving birth to a dozen kids and being hormonal and emotional. Men are emotional and hormonal too- it's simply expressed through the medium of anger and aggression more often than not, through silent withdrawal, or by sublimating the emotions with alcohol, exercise, or work. Fair enough, there are women and men who live their lives in the manner indicated but there are also deviations from the norm.

I also did not find the section on 'Lunar Burnout' and its symptomatic food problems as being as fully encompassing as it could have been. The author only discusses food being misused through over consumption. Sadly, under consumption of food is not discussed here. Having said that, the author is writing a book on an astrological subject- not nutrition or psychology.

Anyway, I believe this book will be of great interest to both beginners and the advanced. I have read other material by Donna Cunningham and find her a passionately enthusiastic writer who obviously invests enormous reserves of energy into producing realistic astrology literature. It's a shame there aren't more Astrology writers like her because, disappointingly, we find ourselves deluged by the ever-present, watered down 'sun sign' Astrology writers who give the broad minded-challenged scientific community ample ammunition for attacking Astrology's veracity. Moon Signs is indeed a valuable key to your inner life and I would encourage any person with an interest in the moon's influence on human affairs to purchase this book. You'll be all the richer for it!
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on 9 May 2010
As a beginner but starting to explore astrology further, this book was excellent as reference material. Not only as an astrology book, but for those that wish to explore why we are like we are, and how we fit into place within the family unit - why are parents were so horrible to us !! This really is a good read as it is without referencing back to ones chart.
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on 17 January 2014
I love this book, It is a fantastic reference source and a great way to start and build your knowledge.
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on 14 November 2014
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