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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
All American Nightmare
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on 26 July 2015
great album
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on 7 December 2010
I must be fair here, it was with a little apprehension that I pushed play on the latest record from American hard rockers "Hinder."
That's not because I don't like them, but because overall I found their second album rather disappointing when compared to their excellent debut.
I wasn't sure of the direction Hinder would take and after listening to the distinctly average opening two tracks I was beginning to wish I hadn't bothered, thankfully however this is where the negativity quickly ends.
Ballad "What Ya Gonna Do" is their best since "Lips Of An Angel," lighter track "Hey Ho" changes the tone nicely before a couple of other strong ballads appear with "The Life" and "Everybody's Wrong."
Rockers "Waking Up The Devil" and "Striptease" may not immediately appeal on first listen but overall the melodies and solos appear tighter and more controlled than their previous album, working with producer Kevin Churko certainly seems to have helped matters.
I suppose you could describe "Hinder" as similar in style and approach to "Nickelback," the latter of course sell millions of records worldwide despite universal critical grillings accompanying each record, so I don't expect Hinder to disappear from the airwaves anytime soon.
If you new to Hinder in the UK then give them a listen with an open mind, an all American nightmare it certainly isn't but it ain't no masterpiece either.
3.5 stars
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on 8 March 2011
Another excellent album from Hinder. I have all their previous albums and at first didnt think it as strong but, oh man, does it creep up and grab you! From the rocking title track and opener "2 sides of me" to the exquisite power ballads "What ya gonna do" and "everybodys wrong" it is one glorious album. Not 1 bad track.
Lyrically wonderful. Fabulous guitar work. PUT IT ON AND TURN IT UP!!!!!!!
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on 6 January 2011
Once again Hinder haven't disappointed me. Big and catchy choruses, ballads, party songs. Still dirty and heartfelt. Pretty much what you'd expect if you know what to expect having listened to their previous two albums. I knocked off a star because it's over all too soon, at just over 30 minutes. This band really should be a lot bigger in the U.K than they are - every song on here is good enough to be a single. Fantastic pure rock music. I am one happy fan, and if you're new to Hinder they can get thousands of happy converts.
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on 4 August 2011
WOW!! Who would have thought it? Hinder make it 3rd time lucky with All American Nightmare and produce an album containing killer tracks from start to finish.

After debut album Extreme Behaviour showed promise with a handfull of good songs, Hinder followed it with Take it to the Limit, an album that upped the anti with better songs/songwriting, but still fell slightly short of a classic.

Now comes All American Nightmare. Straight from the off Hinder hit the ground running with 2 Sides of Me, a great opening song showing the band in heavier mood than before. This is then followed by the awsome title track which contains a memorable hook which you will not be able to remove from your head. The album continues in the same vein with song after song producing massive addictive hooks. Hinder really have hit paydirt with rockers like Striptease, Hey Ho, Good Life and the majestic Waking up the Devil - heavy, melodic and with great guitar playing throughout. Hinder have really stepped up in the ballad department too (an area which I feel let them down on previous albums) with songs like The Life, Red Tail Lights and Everybodys Wrong. All in all fantastic album from start to finish. Can they up there game again for album number 4? We shall see.
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on 6 August 2011
Hinder like marmite love it or hate it.Ive yet to be dissapointed and I have all their albums. For me its one of those groups that the more you listen the more the tracks grow on you.Not to be played to softly a mixture of well sung ballards and good old rough rock.Their extreme behavior album which I also purchased is also one for the collection and is available at a very good price.ENJOY.
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on 2 April 2013
Ahhh these boys are another one of my favourites in the music world, HINDER have made some great albums in the years they have been around, first album was exellent with the vocals of Austin their lead singer plus his brilliant guitatrist's who really rift out those tracks for him, Austin's voice is an unusual one because not many artist's can copy it he has a simular sound to nickleback but in my opinion Austin's is slightly better in the sense of hearing every song clearly, nothing wrong with Chad's just i perfer Austin's voice to his, Anyways this album for me i would say has been the best one, it's heavier with more guitar solo's yeah i'd say All American Nightmare is his heaviest song but the others are just as good & heavy :P
Now for the album just pure class like always Hinder never dissapoint ;)
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on 15 April 2012
I love 'old' bands. I was brought up on Guns n' Roses, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Motely Crue and all the rest.
My mother has excellent music taste is all I can say.
I've been so fed up of the screamo and emo bands that take up the music scene. You can't turn on a music channel or radio without seeing one. Enough with the tortured expressions and depressing lyrics, give me something decent.
I absolutely adore Hinder. They're a modern band, but they remind me of the legendary older bands that I grew up on in their music and their style.
Sex, drugs and rock n' roll instead of eyeliner and razor-blades.
I love it!
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on 26 September 2011
Bought this album purely after hearing the title track on an American radio station - and it just got better and better with every listen. I've been following Hinder for a while now, and this is by far their best album yet! 'All American Nightmare' is everything a great rock album should be - the perfect mix of balls-out riffs and rasping vocals mixed with the odd ballad and everything in between that proves this band can appeal to the full rock-spectrum with ease and absolute ability- buy it right now - you wont regret it!
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on 11 February 2011
What can I say I am a geat fan of Hinder; this is their third album and I've loved them all.

American Nightmare is a great blend of Heavy Rock intermixed with lighter ballards. Just like the first album I still hear the songs going round my head for a long time afterwards. I don't think that there is a bad track on it with each one having its own appeal. 'Put that record on' is a particular favourite with the titles of some of my favourite songs included in the lyrics.
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