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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2016
this is a very good movie i don't know what the other reviewers problem is with the age gap an how this is sme sort of pedo thing i wonder what he thinks of star wars with Luke an leia's insesterious relationship but no they aren't puppets just small people in rubber suit's for the time an now i think they hold up pretty good an how can they say their is no plot i must have seen a completely different film to them is all i can think off.
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on 1 April 2011
OK, I didn't have great expectations about this films and was warned it was the worst film EVER. However, it isn't the worst film ever but its probably a good rival for it.

For those not familiar or too young to remember, the garbage pail kids were a brand of cards that was going around every school in the US and UK in the mid to late 1980's. Each card had a character with a silly name like Messy Tessy, Up Chuck, Dead Ted etc...

For this film they have chosen 8 of these characters which are basically short actors in fat suits. Windy WInston breaks wind, Vomit Valarie vomits, nerdy Ned pees his pants.... you get the idea.

THe 'story' if I can call it that, sees the Garbage pail kids released from their pail and offer to help a boy get the girl (who looks about 10 years older than him and has the biggest hair you have ever seen). Shes a fashion designer wannabe you see and people flock to buy her trashy 80's gear - however her current bioyfriend is bullying the lead boy.

I did love the 80's retro music, reminded me of Beverly Hills Cop.

It all gets rather silly especially when the "State of the Ugly" taskforce are out to capture ugly people (like the garbage pail kids) so they can lock them up and destory them.

There isn't anything to recommend really unless you want to see it for nostagic reasons. It isn't funny or entertaining but its not boring either. It's just "meh".

No extras on this bare bones disc.

Into the garbage pail this goes.
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on 27 July 2005
I really can't recommend this film enough to those of you who enjoy beautifully written, meticulously acted and stunningly visual films. The animatronics took my breath away as did the rewarding and at times challenging script. Valerie Vomit's own sub-plot is heart wrenching to say the least, as she struggles with her nauseous disposition only to overcome her weakness in the penultimate scene which was a real bittersweet moment of elation and regret. We follow these characters as they progress from prisoners to free citizens and I think this is the most satisfying of heroic transformations I have ever witnessed on film. Buy this movie.
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on 8 October 2003
This is a funny but gross movie kids will love it I have three boys who love it and their cards
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on 14 November 2013
This film has no plot, awful acting and the most ridiculous casting known to man. The lead kid borders from weird stalker to bawling brat and there's uncomfortable romantic conatations with a girl who's an adult. A lot could be forgiven if the actual garbage pail kids where anything like the cards but no, simply not disgusting and gross enough. This is bland tosh that should live in its title....the garbage pail.
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on 19 June 2013
How did I forget how bad this is? I had some vague memories of it from my childhood; particuarly the cards that could be collected. I thought this would be fun and right up my sons alley with it's grossness.

It's just so rubbish, and not in a great way either. I hated every minute of it; although I feel my son did enjoy it. There is nothing of any value to it; a terrible storyline, crap acting and absymal costumes. Of all the amazing films that has disappeared or have not made their way to DVD it is a shock to see this tripe was funded.
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on 7 March 2014
I heard this film was one of the worst ever made and wasn't disappointed, I got this as was forbidden from watching it as a child, it's poorly written and acted, so if you're after a children's or family masterpiece, avoid this like the plague, if you're after cult trash, get this and enjoy the guilty pleasure!
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on 13 May 2016
If your younger than about 30 then you probably won't have ever heard of this or have any clue what the Garbage Pail Kids were..if you take my advice then keep it that way!! Live in blissful ignorance because once you have seen this film you can't unsee it! I remember it as a kid and having recently just seen it again it's still one of weirdest films ever to get made. I wonder if the people that financed it really expected it to turn out the way it did? Presumably Anthony Newley was as high as a kite when he signed the contract to appear in it and when he died and went to heaven this film would have been used against him on his day of judgement!! I have never managed to work out who it was really aimed at because when you look at it closely it was never really a kids film, reference the gang violence, knifes, badly behaved and vile characters, to say nothing of the attempted seduction of a 12 year old boy by a 20something girl (imagine that being made today? I know the world wasn't Paedophile mad in 1986 like it is today but even so!!) Was this ever a kids film or something for adults to watch late at night when they were intoxicated in the mid was a different world!
Basically if you have never seen it you can learn all you want to know from its title...Its 92 mins of belongs in a GARBAGE PAIL...The KIDS are not kids but badly made rubber puppets that look today like something you might see if you were high on some substance and hallucinating..and the term MOVIE is used very loosely, a college film studies student could have done a better job!
It's a bit of fun and that's all this could ever be but don't expect much. The fact it has recently received a Blu Ray release on Region 1 is actually the highest accolade that can be payed to this film!! It's never had much else to praise it!' It's not the worst movie ever made because that honour is reserved for anything starring Hulk Hogan..but its not far behind!
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on 15 January 2011
This used to be one of my favourite films as a child and i had been looking for it for years, i still love it like i did as a child, this is still a fantastic film and my children love it to now, brilliant
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on 1 January 2012
I had this film on video when it was first released and although nobody now knows who the garbage pail kids are they are the grosser version of the cabbage patch dolls the film has been copied well onto dvd it is not for the serious film collector but if you want to laugh at the cheap special effects and rubber suits and toilet humour then buy it you might be surprised.
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