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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

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on 11 January 2012
I pondered for some time before I bought these -£120 for in-ear headphones is a lot of money. These feel and look well made, they come with three sized ear fittings ( small, medium and large) so you can get a snug fit, and above all the sound quality is really super. The iphone/ ipad controls work well, and you can within a few minutes master the permutations - fast forward / reverse, one track forward/ back, pause, etc., etc. The clarity of the microphone is very good according to those i speak to. I have a previous pair of Bose IE 2 headphones which have lasted well and i am hopeful these will to. If you want to be able to control your device - be it ipod/ ipad/ iphone - without constantly getting it out of your pocket or bag, and want a high quality set of headphones, these really are ideal.
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on 2 October 2014
Can't inagine why they were discontinued. Unlike most in-ear headphones these are very comfortable (they even offered 3 sizes!). I gues I must have unusual ears!
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on 5 December 2013
Let me put this simply as many of my fellow reviewers have... this product is amazing, simply amazing.

I've had many in-ear earphones in the past and I never imagined that such amazing sound quality was even possible through in-ear earphones. Boy, was I wrong. These earphones can produce mind-blowing results - forget in-ear Beats by Dr. Dre, they're just a fashion accessory. Nothing compares in my opinion to these Bose IE2s when it comes to in-ear audio quality.

It most definitely is true that you forget you're wearing earphones just minutes after you engulf in music. I'm one of the few people who have rather large ears and so I've always struggled with standard earphones always falling out/ becoming loose. So, I've always used the little black padded buds to keep them in. No need for those anymore - these StayHear® silicone tips have NEVER fallen out of my ear accidentally in the 3 years that this product has been worn.

These have won me over - to top the audio quality, it comes with 3 different pairs of StayHear® silicone tips which you can choose to your ear size. Make sure you wear them correctly to achieve the best sound and comfort as possible (believe it or not, I've seen many people in public wearing these incorrectly, its crazy!).

- The Bose StayHear® silicone tips are the best out there for comfort
- Cable doesn't tangle easily as its fairly thick
- Supreme audio quality
- Incredible bass for in-ear earphones

- Expensive (you get what you pay for - you want the quality, you pay for it!)
- The carry case which you get is a little flimsy and weak

I've had a pair of these for just over 3 years now and they've only just started to get damaged (but that's my fault). After a good 50 odd accidental tugs of the earphone, the cable has began to split just below the left StayHear® silicone tip which has exposed the copper wiring slightly. Bose have told me to cover the wiring with some electrical tape and use it till it breaks. For those that want to know about repair, Bose say these are not worth repairing and the only solution available is a reduced price replacement (at £52.99 from what I remember). As I said however, this was entirely my fault and I cannot fault the headphones as they've taken a beating over the years :(

All in all, I can happily say that Bose have won be over in almost every department - I know where to look for my audio needs!

Notes: Please ensure you buy the right product as there are two versions - one for Apple devices and one for all other devices. Please also make sure you buy directly from Bose dealers as there are a lot of fakes out there (and they're generally the ones which are complained about)!

In reply to Lola's review below, may I clearly point out to all potential buyers that this does NOT contain any noise cancelling technology, nor does it state it has noise cancelling technology in the description. I personally use these on the London Tube in busy hours and I have no problem hearing the sound. Yes you need to have it on a louder volume but it's clear enough to hear in busy areas, and the sound quality is just as amazing in my opinion. Lola has also mentioned that other commuters may also hear the sound - isn't this the case with almost any other set of in-ear earphones? Common sense should also tell you that if you turn up your volume to be louder as the background noise increased, surely the other commuters also hear the background noise which eliminates them hearing your music? Lola I hope you've purchased your headphones from an official Bose dealer and not received a fake...

Bose have just released the QuietComfort® 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones for those of you who want in-ear noise cancelling - but beware that these are priced rather heavily!

Happy buying :)
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on 19 November 2013
I rarely feel the need to contribute a written review, but my Bose headphones really are the best product I have ever lavished on myself. I use headphones every day, and have gradually gone from crackly i-pod headphones through various models of in-ear headphones an ultimately up to the Bose. I have been dissapointed with every other set of headphones I have bought, and none lasted longer than 6 months of near continuous use.

The Bose however...

They are simply perfect. I have run them for a year now and they still sound as crisp as they did the day I bought them. In typical Bose fashion, they have 'thought out' the problem of the in-ear fit, and come up with an unconventional but brilliant solution. The loops result in a comfortable and unshakeable fit that is truly faultless. No other fit solution works in the same way, and no other fit solution simply, well, works.

The Bose headphones are perhaps 25%-33% more expensive than thier peers, but are 66%-75% better too. Worth every penny and more. If mine were to die tomorrow, I would buy another pair right away and have a smile on my face doing it.
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These are the third-most-expensive in-ear headphones I've ever bought. Not the most expensive, mark you. But they are, by quite a margin, the best-sounding ones I've had.

I am less of a fussy audiophile than I've been in the past (a young family will do that to you!), but I do still very much appreciate and recognise good sound when I hear it.

When they're fitted properly, the sound from these headphones is truly remarkable. Especially with simpler arrangements and vocals, the soundstage they produce is wonderful. I feel like I've had an extension inserted down the middle of my head and the soundstage goes well beyond my ears. Listening to something like The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash, with its simple guitar and piano, you can hear all the beautiful resonance of the body of the guitar, every mute of the strings, and the full, rich timbre of his voice ringing out clearly over the top of it all. Choir pieces, like Down To The River from O Brother Where Art Thou, also sound gorgeous, with the whole ensemble audible. The crescendo, three-quarters of the way through Paolo Nutini's Candy is another great example, where you can truly hear the drummer working his way through the tom-toms and cymbals.

On rockier tracks, like Razorlight or Rage Against The Machine, they are less bassy than perhaps some fans of rock music would like, but there's plenty bass response (it goes surprisingly deep too). It's just that this response is part of a detailed, neutral overall sound.

Even on big band numbers like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Mr Pinstripe Suit the delineation of the different instruments is clear, and the track skips along superbly, underpinned by double bass and trombone lines that my £250 speakers on my hifi (coming through a Cyrus pre and power amp) simply don't reveal more than woolly glimpses of.

The fit is good, although you may be sorely disappointed with the sound if you don't take 10-15 minutes to experiment with all the sizes to make sure you've got the right one for your particular ear shape. If you don't fit them properly, the bass is practically non-existent. The Stay Hear fitments are great, and I'm confident they won't fall out when I'm running.

All in all, they're that rare breed of hi-fi equipment. Something that makes you hear all your favourite music all over again, because they're so revealing. For the money, they're very highly recommended.
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on 28 July 2013
Superb sound in every respect. Detailed and involving with beautiful balance and perfect bass. Also wonderfully comfortable. If you are looking for a worthwhile upgrade from budget earphones you could not do better.
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on 24 February 2013
These are beautiful headphones with superb sound quality but in my opinion they suffer in two key areas. The first problem is that they "leak" sound and tend to result in scornful looks from my fellow commuters (particularly if sitting in the quiet carriage). Even with the volume at 50% the sound leakage is very noticeable. I have experimented with different fittings but all to no avail. I suspect this issue will bother some less than others but if you would rather not inflict your music on people standing/sitting next to you then perhaps look elsewhere. The second problem compounds the first problem in that unless you are sitting in a very quiet location the ambient noise can be a problem. Forget trying to use these on the underground :) To be fair to Bose they do clearly state that there is no noise cancelling technology in these headphones but wow my standard headphones that shipped with my phone do a better job of shutting out distractions. Depending on how you plan to use this headset these may be minor issues but if you are looking for an immersive listening experience minimising ambient sound and not disrupting your fellow commuters it may be best to look elsewhere. Top marks to Amazon for allowing me to return the headset for a full refund.
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on 24 April 2014
To start off with these are the most comfortable earphones I have ever used, I have managed to stay away from ear buds for years now, always opting for the over-ear products, I finally took a risk with these and definitely won't be changing back.

One thing that has always impressed me about Bose is the build quality. Here the cable is nice and thick to discourage annoying tangling and knotting, the outer ear design is fantastically smooth and modern and the quality of the silicone buds as I've already said are fantastic; soft and smooth.

The sound is the next hurdle and is perfectly set up by the quality of the buds so they fit snug in the ear and don't come loose and loose too much distance that it distorts the sound. The top end is clear and crisp, and the bass is a great balance. I listen to a lot of genres, and at both ends of the spectrum the bass proves itself to be very diverse, of course it's not going to have the depth of some lounge headphones but for such a small build these are excellent.

All in all I am very surprised with these, they have proved me wrong and will stay with these for as long as I can.
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on 29 December 2013
I use these headphones to listen to podcasts to work on my walk in in the morning and to listen to music on the way home. I was initially somewhat suspicious of the design as I can't wear headphones with ear plugs as for some reason I generally get swollen ears and can even lose my hearing for a few days.However, no so when I put ear plugs in as these are so well designed you fit the ear piece, being a nylon/plastic circular collar in your outer ear, allowing the "earplugs" to sit over your inner ear and not in the camel. I have used these for a month now and no have had problems with swollen ears!

I do have the larger QC15 over ear headphones also with noise cancelling and have used them on my walks. Downside is I can't wear a hat with those QC15s and with these IE2's I can wear any of my many hats when I desire.

In regard to the sound, I would say its crisp and true. Ok with no noise cancelling racing cars and loud people can encroach on your enjoyment but then again I would rather hear cars then have an accident walking out in the road whilst listening intently to my music. Saying that the earpieces are a snug fit and they do prohibit some external noise.

The sound from these headphones is true and bright and whilst the more expensive headphones have the edge, at this price for Bose headphones I will not be complaining.

The head phones come with a soft case and spare earpieces which is a great idea.

One very happy Bose user
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on 21 January 2015
This is first review I have ever posted, but I was compelled to do so as I am so disappointed with this product and with Bose as a company. I bought these headphones about 2 years ago, and enjoyed the average sound quality for a while before the cables started fraying where the wires attached to the ear pieces. This has occurred on both ear pieces and now all internal wires are fully exposed, it is a matter of time before the headphones break. A quick google search will demonstrate that this has been the case for a lot of disappointed Bose customers with this poor quality item. I emailed and called Bose to discuss the matter with them and whilst showing little to no interest, they eventually offered me c.£20 off a new set. £20 off a set of headphones that I now know are poorly designed, and terribly made? No thank you. The curt and short discussion with Bose was highlighted by their response to me via email from a "no reply" email address making it very clear that they were trying to prevent me from contacting them any further. If this was a cheap set of gym headphones, I wouldn't have bothered pursuing it, but at nearly £100 when I bought them, not only should the product last for more than two years, Bose should show a little bit of interest if it doesn't. Goodbye Bose, I will be selling the two other sets of Bose headphones I own and will never again waste my time and money on your brand
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