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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

on 20 November 2013
This is a great gadget for keeping you fit during winter if, like me, you're not keen on cycling outside when it's dark, cold and wet. Before I give some tips on riding the on rollers, let me say why I think it's a 5 Star product. Firstly, it seems well made and likely to last for years; it's got a mini step-up platform to make mounting/ dismounting easier; it's foldable for convenient storage; and, it has slightly raised edges on the drums to make it harder for the bike to veer off. I thought about deducting a mark because it's reasonably noisy, but then, afaik, they're all noisy to some extant, so docking a mark on that issue would be unfair because there doesn't seem to be a quiet set of rollers out there. Okay, now for some tips.

1) If you're new to rollers, set up between a door frame so that if you begin to veer off (you invariably will), you can use your shoulders or elbows to stay on.
2) You'll need a fan to keep cool because without moving air, you'll get very hot and sweaty in no time.
3) If you're worried about the noise, put a rug on your floor, then some MDF on top of that for added noise insulation. The rug will absorb some of the noise. This might be essential of you live in a new build.
4) Inflate tyres to max recommended pressure. This should make it easier to cycle smoother and faster; essential for staying on the rollers.
5) Don't look down! Gaze ahead as if you were on the road.
6) Place hands close together on the handle bar. This should reduce the likelihood of veering off through jerky steering. If your hands are far apart, slight movements will result in big steering movements, so keep them together.
7) start off aiming to cycle for 30 seconds or so and slowly build up from there.
8) Use the rollers regularly! Using them often will increase your confidence and ability to stay on and ride for longer and, as a side effect, will almost certainly improve your overall technique because pedalling smoothly (cadence) will make it easier to stay on.

I'm 40 years old and am at beginner/ intermediate level i.e. I can cycle for 10-20 miles at a steady pace but am a long, long way from 'competing' standard. Indeed, I've got a small one-pack (aka beer belly) and don't really expect to swap it for the classic six-pack anytime soon! When I first got the rollers a couple of months ago, I could only manage a handful of bursts between 30-60 seconds, but can now manage on average 30 minutes per session (10 minutes plus another 20 after a rehydration pause).

If you want to buy rollers to keep your body in shape over winter, I heartily recommend these ones, but if you're a sportive/ competitive cyclist, you may need rollers with adjustable resistance. For me however, they're perfect!

UPDATE (September 2014): After being back on the roads for the last 6 months or so, I thought I'd return to the rollers to start getting used to them again for the coming months and I'm delighted to say they're still effective as ever at making me sweat plenty and having used them last winter, it took seconds to get a feel for it, unlike when I first got them. It was so easy second time around in fact, I'd say it's like riding a bike; once you know how to do it, you never forget - oh wait, I am riding a bike! :)
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on 22 October 2012
Like others, I was sceptical about buying rollers - I definitely wanted them in preference to a turbo trainer, but I did wonder just how hard rollers would be.

If you take the plunge, just heed the general advice...start in a doorway or at least against a solid wall...look ahead, not down...if in doubt, pedal faster!!

Centrifugal force is your friend, when and if you start to wobble..fight the urge to stop or slow down and pedal faster, it will pull you out of the wobble. I've had my rollers for two weeks now and can easily do a 20-minute stint with ease - I still push off from the wall to start off, but that's it. Take the plunge, rollers are so much more engaging than a static turbo trainer - they exercise more than your leg muscles as you are constantly using your back, stomach and shoulder muscles..just as you would on a road ride. Over winter, these will be my best friend!
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on 28 August 2014
I used to use a turbo trainer but got bored watching movies while on Turbo Trainer, so thought I would switch to Rollers, very simple to adjust for different wheel sizes. I have had it set up for one of my kids bikes and my road bike nice and simple It takes more concentration to use the rollers and core stability to keep your balance the faster you go the better, but I think you get a better work out and it's more fun than the turbo trainer on the whole. Will not go back to a Turbo trainer a definite convert.
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on 19 December 2014
these are a must for all cyclists or fitness persons wanting to ride or train through the winter. i bought them to do exactly that, so let it snow! i'll ride inside aswell now.tips- looking up and forward and keep those legs pumping. once your up and running you wont get the smile off your face. fifteen minutes on these felt like tour de france. superbly made, easy to set up and put away in seconds.
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on 3 July 2017
Thanks again for coming up with another great product! it is strongly recommended. nice construction Great, very good. I should have bought two. I did a overall test after I received it and found it is really good, especially its design. it's cheap. Totally worth it.
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on 23 September 2012
My first foray into rollers (over turbo trainers) - first impression: yee Gods it's hard work to stay on these things. After 20 mins or so, I finally achieved a measure of stability & began to enjoy myself. Soo much nicer than a turbo trainer, it feels just like riding on a road. I get the feeling it's going to take a while before I'm 100% comfortable on them tho ...
Product-wise - it's easy to setup, two bolts to adjust the front roller to the length of your bike.
I think the plastic frame construction could do with being a little stronger, it feels a little flimsy, but it doesn't seem to cause any problems in use. Bearings & rollers are both good & solid. The whole thing folds in half when not in use, but that's where the design is poorly thought out - the hinges catch on the belt that runs between the rollers, and it comes unhooked - so you have to reattach every time. There's also nowhere safe to put your fingers while folding, so beware :) All-in-all good value rollers, look forward to many a 'happy' hours' training!
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on 31 October 2013
Does NOT have "Magnetic resistance unit with wireless electronic adjustment by cycle-computer" as currently mentioned in the description... but I knew this when I ordered, so that's just a clarification.

The rollers themselves seem great, enough resistance in top gears for longer sessions ( I've still got one gear to go, but have quite long gearing : 54x11 IIRC ).
Can hear TV over the top of them, but need to turn it up a bit, and often put subtitles on.

Was riding without holding on to anything on my 2nd session, though still positioning myself next to a wall on one side after 4 sessions. After the initial suck it and see session I've done a few 1hr and one 30min sessions on it so far, covering about 35km/h. ( e.g. 1hr = 4 x 15min sessions as I can't (yet) drink and ride on it! ).

No quality issues at all so far, the frame and rollers seem pretty well made, only time will tell regarding the bearings.

It came adjusted for 1004m wheelbase, max is 1124mm, min is 944mm. 1004mm was a bit close to the bone for my bike ( 58cm top tube road bike ), I was a little worried about going over the top... so I moved the front roller out one set of holes to 1024mm. That's just a case of undoing a couple of bolts for the front roller, and re-fitting on the desired set of bolt holes.

What would bump it up to 5 stars? Even less noise and more resistance, though I'd imagine that the two might be mutually exclusive... Maybe quicker wheelbase adjustment to make it even quicker/easier to use different bikes on ( e.g. I might get away with my hybrid, but it'll take a few mins to adjust it for the wife's hybrid ).
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on 15 November 2012
Got The rollers out of the box phew. Time for a beer that's enough for tonight . Day 2 put rollers on floor and tripped over them phew time for a beer. Day 3. Got bike and put it on rollers with family filming hoping to get a you've been framed moment got on bike looked ahead started pedalling like I was being chased and didn't fall off once easy . Time for a beer now
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on 15 January 2016
I was going to buy myself a set of the Tacx Antares. But a friend of mine had just bought a set and let me borrow them. I wasn't very impressed with them, the build quality wasn't great one of the rollers was very noisy and that seems to be a known problem with them.

These Elite Rollers are so much better, they come ready assembled and only needed slight adjustment of the front roller to fit my bike. The instructions are very clear so no worries there. The quality seems to be pretty good and I think the rollers are very quite especially compared to the Tacx model I borrowed.
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on 26 August 2014
takes a few attempts to get the balance and focus right to be able to get going for more than 5 minutes at a time, but a very effective training tool.
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