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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 22 April 2016
The Black Eyed Peas transcended hip-hop to become one of the most commercially successful pop groups of the 2000s. Their career began modestly, with a pair of albums inspired by the positive-minded likes of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

The group's earliest connections go back to the early `90s, when high schoolers will.i.am (William James Adams, Jr.) and apl.de.ap (Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr.) were part of Tribal Nation, a breakdancing crew. Eventually the pair focused more on music and split off on their own as Atban Klann, their esoteric name an acronym for A Tribe Beyond a Nation.

Upon the death of Eazy-E in 1995 and any further deals with Ruthless Records, will.i.am and apl.de.ap recruited another dancer/MC, Taboo (Jaime Luis Gómez), and reappeared as Black Eyed Peas. In 1998 their debut, Behind the Front, was released on the Interscope label to critical acclaim. BEP's 2000-issued sophomore release, Bridging the Gap, featured guest appearances from Jurassic 5's Chali 2na, De La Soul, and Macy Gray. "Request Line," a single that reached number two on Billboard's rap chart.

A corner was turned soon after the addition of Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson), a member of the group Wild Orchid. BEP's first album with Fergie, 2003's Elephunk, stormed the Top 40 with three singles -- "Where Is the Love?" (Number 8 hit), "Hey Mama (Number 23 hit)," and "Let's Get It Started (Number 21 hit)." Two years later, the quartet returned with Monkey Business, which pushed them into the pop stratosphere courtesy of the hit singles "Don't Phunk with My Heart"(Number 3 hit) and "My Humps."(Number 3 hit) In the U.S., it went triple platinum. In the meantime, Fergie released her solo album The Duchess with multiple number 1 hits.

In 2009, amid the long run at Number 1 with Boom Boom Pow (eventual Billboard Number 1 Song Of 2009), BEP released their monster album The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). It sold 2 million copies in US, with multiple Number 1 hits, like I Gotta Feeling (14 weeks at Number 1), Meet Me Halfway, Imma Be and Rock That Body. In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest on American Top 40 show, BEP explained the meaning of The E.N.D.: they had the vision of the end of the record stores, like Tower Records in US, and in Toronto, Sam The Record Man, A&A, CD Plus and Tower Records. What a sad vision, but true.

Now BEP released their latest album The Beginning, the opposite to The E.N.D. They explained to Ryan Seacrest that they stayed ahead of the current trend by experimenting new sound as DJs and also keep a close pulse on the dance scene.

The Beginning does not have the same impact as the E.N.D. as far as singles are concerned. Their lead single The Time (Dirty Bit) has finally reached Number 1 in UK and Canada. On Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at Number 4. As you are already a BEP fan, this latest album is no brainer: a must, with lots of danceable tunes. Please note that there are actually FOUR separate versions of this album.

Regular version:
1. The Time (Dirty Bit)
2. Light Up The Night
3. Love You Long Time
4. Xoxoxo
5. Someday
6. Whenever
7. Fashion Beats
8. Don't Stop The Party
9. Do It Like This
10. The Best One Yet (The Boy)
11. Just Can't Get Enough
12. Play It Loud

Canadian Deluxe Edition
12 tracks, plus:
1. The Situation
2. The Coming
3. Own It

Canadian Super Deluxe Edition (2 discs)
Disc 1: 15 tracks as in the Canadian Deluxe Edition
Disc 2: (Best Of The E.N.D.)
1. Boom Boom Pow
2. I Gotta Feeling
3. Meet Me Halfway
4. Imma Be
5. Rock That Body

UK Super Deluxe Edition (2 discs)
Disc 1 18 tracks:
Additional tracks to regular edition:
1. The Situation
2. The Coming
3. Own It
4. Everything Wonderful, featuring David Guetta
5. Phenomenon
6. Take It Off
Disc 2: Best Of The E.N.D.
5 tracks as above

This album The Beginning is highly recommended. Do choose wisely.
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on 9 October 2017
not as good as i had hoped
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on 10 May 2011
This album grows on you the more you listen. Not as good as their previous album but I am glad I got it anyway.
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on 3 December 2010
"The Beginning" comes hot on the heels only 1 year after the previous album "The End". Unlike that album "The Beginning" doesn't deliver any real classics, though is by a long shot more consistent than their previous albums, there's nothing on here that really touches the likes of "Ive got a feeling" "Meet me halfway" "Rock your body" etc for sheer brilliance, though the tracks "Play it loud" "The Situation" and "Whenever" come awfully close and are by far the best tracks on the album. ( Maybe they will eventually become classics..we'll see?) As some have mentioned there's little Fergie on here,think she appears on about 6 songs or so and that's it and only really gets 1 track to herself, will.i.am takes centre stage and uses his old buddy auto tune to help him along, will is a very good producer and the musical backbone of the group but his rapping and singing skills are mearly average so it's a shame then that he gets so much of this album to himself, Apparently the album was recorded whilst on tour and it does smack a bit rushed in places, with it lacking some of the killer killer classic tunes of "The End" the album as a whole though is bar far the most consistent they have done so far and the electro production is both punchy and progressive. "The End" was an ok album but had 4 classic singles that made it sell millions, the rest of that album wasn't really that fantastic to be honest, so back and listen to "The End" and then "The Beginning" and clear that the latter is the more consistent album

"The Beginning" probably wont win them any new fans but as a whole album it works far better than their previous ones.

Also if you are getting this then get the Super deluxe version as it has 6 extra tracks over the standard version and another 3 over the regular deluxe version. You will only find the brilliant "The Situation" on either of the deluxe editions. The super deluxe also features "Everything wonderful" feat David Guetta which is another cool track.
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on 21 December 2010
Most of the title tracks sum up the album perfectly for me! From 'Light up the Night' to 'Everything wonderful.'

I love this album. Loved the previous album 'The E.N.D' and love 'The Beginning.' This is feelgood, upbeat
music at its best,'The Best One Yet.' I completely agree with The Wolf. It's an album that just makes you smile ...
and then smile some more!!

This is an album to get excited about and you should 'Own it!'

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on 13 September 2011
Brilliant songs all the way through the CD - love it
You ever get bored and its not just the frst 5 songs you listen to, all the tracks are great
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on 2 December 2010
After the mammoth success of last years "The E.N.D"(the energy never dies) album Black eyed Peas have quickly followed up with a new album "The Beginning", and main man Will.i.am has incorporated lot's of beats and samples and by the sounds of things lots of autotune and is all good fun! But one thing strikes as you listen to the album is that Fergie is not used enough on vocals, have the Pea's forgot who they were before she joined them the release of 2003's breakthrough album "Elephunk",I know it's not that it's hard to find Fergie material as she does guest on a lot of musicans tracks but surely the one place we should be guarnteed to hear her is on her own band's record, it looks like super producer Will.i.am wants a bit more of the spotlight.

But on an album packed with fun tracks we shall give it to him, first single of the album
Hot on the heels of last years massive selling album The E.N.D(the energy never dies), The Black Eyed Peas deliver another big album full off big beats, samples and maybe (whisper it quietly) autotune, The Beginning is full of all these things and while it's not as good as last years mega album it's still alot of fun, and while for a long time the Peas were happy to ride on Fergies crossover appeal for a couple of albums, however carrying on since last years "The E.N.D" they have become more daring in their musical style.

First single "The Time (Dirty Bit)" looks to hook people in with some nostalgia as it samples the old Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes song from the movie Dirty Dancing, but it's far from a cover version just a clever sample to hook people in. They even give us a bit of hip hop "Light Up the Night" which samples Slick Ricks "Childrens Story" to good effect. One of the stand out songs is "Someday" which finally lets Fergie show off her rock chops(Which she has already shown this year by performing on Slash's album) and after hearing this you kinda wish they would give her more of these tracks to perform.

It's a pity super producer will.i.am hasn't given Fergie more vocal spots on the album as that when it really shines through and hopefully she will have the spotlight thrown back on to her for future albums, but theres no doubt stick this on at any party or club and you will get the crowd pumping!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 2 December 2010
2009's 'The E.N.D. (the Energy Never Dies)' was a fan-divider.
For many it was a nice surprise. For others it was the kiss of death;
a downward spiral to oblivion. I loved it to bits!

'The Beginning' invites us to yet another big night out. It's party album.
From the opening bars of 'The Time (Dirty Bit)', which cheekily
incorporates the sublime chorus of disco classic '(I've Had The) Time
Of My Life', we just know that we're going to be having a good time!

The manifesto laid down by 'The E.N.D,' is refined and distilled still
further. Sometimes it's pared down to the barest of bones.
'Love You Long Time' for example relies on little more than the
simplest synth and percussion arrangement to make it's mark.
Stark, unadorned yet nonetheless utterly addictive! Perfect pop.

'Someday' gets a bigger, broader production. The addition of guitar
adds a little welcome texture to the mix. It's a terrific tune.
Just when I thought I was getting a bit tired of electronic vocal
treatments I found myself listening with revitalised ears. B.E.P. do it
better and fresher than most. Having good voices to begin with helps!

With 'Whenever', however, we come to the warm, beating heart of the album.
It's stunner! Fergie nails the beautiful melody to the mast with classy aplomb.
Surely this lady possesses one of the finest voices of her generation!

'Fashion Beats' is a delightful cut-and-paste piece of disco heaven.
You can almost smell the cloud of Poison and Kouros filling up the dance floor!

'Do It Like This' is silly in the nicest possible way. A jar full of sticky sweets.
Bad for your teeth but impossible to keep still to for more than five seconds!

Final track 'Play It Loud' does indeed benefit from being played...erm...loud!
An uplifting, generous, rich and endlessly rolling anthem to greet the sunrise.

'The Beginning' made me smile so many times my jaws ached.

Glorious Stuff!
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on 29 May 2014
I have said it a lot times in the past but i will say it a lot times too in the future, thank you so much zoverstocks for your service and product!!! Excellent as always!!!
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on 17 January 2013
Great Song, Great Sound, Sounds great on the pc, and my MP3 player. Would recommend to everybody who will listen lol
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