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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Limited Edition|Change
Price:£4.89 - £49.95
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on 27 March 2011
Cant really say anything on this game that already hasn't been said. Simply even if youre not into FPS games you must own this game if you own a 360 as this is as good as its going to get on this generatation of machines as all the xbox's resources have been maxed out here and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Also has a really interesting progressive story in which you can play in a gun ho style or become very tactical thanks to the amazing suit. Multiplayer gives a refreshing change to the mundane milked to death COD series of late! BUY BUY BUY GIVE OTHER DEVELOPERS A PIECE OF THE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 2 April 2011
This starts off quite promising, as though it's going to set itself up to be a unique FPS, but beneath all the shine and
gloss, it's as unoriginal as it gets. While the graphics are pretty good, they are not the leap forward I was quite
expecting. It's a standard affair. We've all been here before. All you do is fight pretty much identikit aliens and
soldiers, and thats about it. You basically go through rubble strewn streets and buildings, as you do in a lot of other war
based shooters. It's quite a shame really, as this had potential. It is good though, but there are better shooters out
there, and as an example of another one which you play in a fancy suit, try Timeshift, it's a much better game than this.
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on 3 June 2011
I bought this game on pre-order with expedited delivery because I really liked the look of it. The singleplayer didn't disappoint; an emphasis on tactics and sometimes stealth over firing rockets into tanks. I really enjoyed how you can change weapon attachments on the fly, and upgrade the Nanosuit to fit your situation. The story was gripping and interactive, although some of the missions felt a little bit 'Do this, now do that, oh, Johnson's been eaten so do his job too'.

And then I tried the multiplayer. What a massive, steaming failure. Weapon imbalances, abuse of the Nanosuit systems, limited 6v6 gameplay, laggy connections, a difficult melee system, arena-style maps...

Although there are shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols and even some other wacky guns, the only one worth using is essentially the stock assault rifle. You will be murdered by it. The pistols suffer from Call of Duty Pistol Syndrome, being impossibly weak. Combat is essentially rock-paper-scissors. You come across an enemy. You choose Armour, he chooses Invisibility, he loses.

I ended up trading this game in. You should buy it for the fantastic singleplayer, but leave the CoD/Halo clone MP well alone.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 29 March 2011
In a sentence this game is epic! The graphics, music, game-play, nano-suit tech, weapons are just amazing. The graphics especially will blow you away especially when looking into the distance and at your surrounding area! The campaign is quite long compared to most games nowadays and can be a challenge, it's not like MW2 where you can just basically walk through, shoot and then checkpoint, in this you HAVE TO BE TACTICAL in the way you think and play. The nano-suit is AWESOME and has some fantastic perks like complete stealth and armor!

Online is again fantastic although it does seem like certain weapons are way more powerful than others, the ones you start off with are "poor" and thats an understatement, weapons you unlock later on are far more powerful and kill quicker. Maps are taken from the campaign but have been altered in a big way. Some are large and complex and others are close combat, enabling team tactics! nano-suit wise you start off with the armor, cloak and power stomp and the player acts exactly like in the campaign BUT they don't last as long!

But for any of you worried that its not up to scratch like some reviewers have said i guarantee that it is, it's action packed with lots to do along the way, you most certainly won't get bored. The campaign maps are huge and unlike on some games where you can only get to your destination by going down one passage in this there are multiple routes than you can go....over a wall, under a bridge, straight through the enemy with active camo (my favorite) and stealth kill from behind...simply epic stuff. I recommend you do the campaign before you even consider touching the multi-player

PROS: Graphics are the best I've EVER seen in the gaming world, long interesting campaign, fantastic music to go along the story, nano suit and weaponry

CONS: Maybe too few online game types, The host of an online game has an advantage over other players in both time and firepower in my opinion, online weapons you start off with are rubbish!

VERDICT: The graphics will impress you!! that i can say with confidence, the game-play is very interesting and well thought out...all in all its a must for any serious gamer

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on 1 April 2011
This game arrived a few days ago and my son has forced me to write this review! He says that the game is great fun, with amazing graphics and somewhat between Modern Warfare and HALO. There are many ways to play Stealthy, full on or just snipe. This is game in which you can pick and throw anything at the enemy eg such as throwing toast at the enemy from the toaster. My son highly recommends the game ,
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on 29 April 2011
Take off your Call of Duty hat because this game is completely different to what your expecting. Best looking game you'll ever see on the Xbox 360... But as one review said... "It's a beautiful lie". I disagree. Take off that COD hat and play a totally different expierience. Once they resolve the online issues this will be here to stay. 10/10. Njoy.
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on 12 July 2012
Who would have thought that a xbox 360 game could pull off such breathtaking spectacle as Crytek has done in Crysis 2. An epic story, beautiful environments and unique game play make this one of my top 5 favorite xbox games I've ever played.

Can't wait for Crysis 3!
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on 25 April 2011
This game is one of the best games ever... It's using cryengine 3 and that makes the graphics look more awesome than the first Crysis. But a game always have some bugs :( exemple if you slide in (i dont remember the name) in a specific map, there will come some white/green light so you'r blinded

But overall 87/100
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on 20 May 2011
Great game - at last a game which will keep you entertained for more than a week. If you like shooters, buy this, you won't be disappointed.
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on 7 April 2011
possible spoilers...uv been warned!
I havent completed the game but ive tried the offline and online mode for a fair few hours and this is what i know. Initially the one player left me cold and a bit disheartened as it felt like most other fps's but with a novel spin...that of the nano suit.Im sorry to say it felt like a cross between halo and cod but with no story and nothing to pull you in. Yes you can stealth past bad guys and turn your armour on (uses up suit energy which eventually runs out and leaves you defenseless) and withstand a pelting but you dont seem to get emotionally attached to your character so you start thinking why do i need to do this? . In short i initially felt it was a truly gorgeous looking game that doesnt try all that much to be different and when i say gorgeous i mean oh err that looks fab.All 360 games could look like this now and thats a very good thing . Well after engaging boring grunts and decimating them all suddenly the story opens up.Yes thats right the story of which was non existent at the start of the game suddenly comes to life. Why are all these marines after me? why am i the only bloke with a sexy suit? where did these aliens appear from and why are all the civilians in new york so blimin ill?. The guns get meaty and sound heavy and powerful compared to the pop pop guns in cod and fluorescent tubes in halo.So yes im saying hang in there and you will be eventually rewarded.
Multiplayer is a much better affair. Instantly the nano suit makes sense as you stalk and massacre others. I like team death match and capture the relay where you have to grab the relay (see flag) and run it back to your base while your team protects you. Theres a mode ( the name escapes me) where you have to secure a point and hold it to gain points longer than the enemy team.This is so much fun as those in the 'point' try to shrug off nades with armour and hide with stealth so that they can kill any incoming enemy team members.Its intense and a riot. All weapons and added armour and stealth skills are unlocked as you go and its the usual main weapon with a side arm, grenade, attachments and 3 skills that compromise upgrades for your main skills of stealth, armour and power (running and jumping over buildings etc). For instants I have a chap that has a sub machine gun, a grenade, a pistol, ability to armour up longer without your suit running out of juice,quiet footsteps and better aim down the sights.
Then theres a mode that pits normal marines with heavy weapons against nano suit guys with just pistols.Look im sold here and so will you be.Leave the skill shots and rc death streaks behind and be the weapon.Oh there is nothing like kicking a car with c4 on into a group of bad guys.Be creative, be empowered and do the nano dance with me.
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