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on 13 December 2012
I bought four of these drives just over a year ago to install into a QNAP storage device. I had heard reports that they had a higher than average failure rate, and because of this QNAP recommended against using them but the fact that this storage solution wasn't intended to be mission critical and was setting them up in a RAID 5 array (and have a cloud back-up solution as an additional back-stop) I thought I'd take the chance. I also bought a spare drive so I could swap it out quickly to minimise the possibility of a double drive failure.

After installation I noticed that drive 1 was noticeable noisier than the others and was displaying quite a bit of vibration. Sure enough after about 8 months of service that drive failed and was replaced under warranty by Seagate (they have a two year warranty). The QNAP with these drives has now been in operation 15 months and the second drive (drive 4) has just failed and is currently in the process of being replaced by Seagate too.

A 50% failure rate is pretty bad, but maybe I just got a bad batch. I'll update this review in the future if I have any other failures.

Bottom line? These drives are attractively cheap so as long as you take the appropriate precautions (as mentioned above) you may get away with using them but just don't use them for anything super important that needs high reliability or performance, they just aren't up to it.

UPDATE (03/01/2013): The replacement for drive 1 failed last week and the replacement for that failed pretty much as soon as it was plugged in. With this failure rate in mind I really can't recommend these drives to anyone.
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on 11 August 2011
With storage space becoming under increasing demand, drives of this capacity are becoming ever more necessary. This 2TB drive replaced a 750GB Western Digital SATAII as the desktop's main storage drive.

The drive came very quickly - it was on my doorstep in 2 days. It came moderately packaged in a large box with inflatable packing bags. The drive itself was just in a plastic clamshell. Could have been better, but the device wasn't any worse off for it.

Installation as always with internal drives, was only made more difficult by having to mount it in a drive cage.

Copying the data was the most difficult part. Lots of drive cloning software is incompatible with modern large capacity drives, especially the new 4K standard. In the end I used GParted, a powerful, open source, Linux-based partition editor that I ran off a flash drive (it's a good GUI so pretty simple to use). Once the data was copied (around 18 hours later!) I booted Windows (I run XP Pro) on my desktop and changed the drive letter in the Administrative Tools.

My only major problem was uTorrent temporarily lost all its targets as the apprpriate drive letter wasn't assigned when the program started. That would have been avoided had I booted into Safe Mode to change the drive letter.

The drive itself is staggeringly quick compared to the WD it replaced. The motherboard is SATAII so can't take full advantage of the high transfer rates theis drive claims. That doesn't mean the other functions of the drive aren't used. Seek times are awesome and the data is very readily available, especially with large files (that might be the 4K sector size). I use Diskeeper drive management software to keep my drives defragmented and there doesn't seem to have been any drop-off in performance in the months I've been running the Seagate.

All in all, highly recommended product form a recommended seller.
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on 13 December 2011
I purchased this along with the Synology DS411J NAS. In fact, I had to buy 4 of them, and Amazon would only sell me 1 at a time, so I got my wife to buy one on her account, and got two more from elsewhere.

After building a disk group consisting of 4 disks in RAID5, and copying over 4TB of data, It decided within a few hours to drop disk 3. So, rebooted the DS411J, and rebuilt the drive, which had now come back online. Several hours later, while it was still crunching through thousands of image thumbnails it decided to drop disk 4. These are all loaded with the CC3C firmware from new. As a large part of my files are mission critical for my business, and I have completely lost confidence in this configuration, I have decided to return them all in favour of a more traditional non-green drive.

Ironically, I ask myself how many times I've warned people "buy cheap, buy twice"... Doh!
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on 15 October 2012
Having gone through many many drives over the years, I have stuck to Seagate for most purchases, simply because i find them reliable and trustworthy - even when having to use their warranty.

Now these drivers are very quiet and pretty speedy considering these are 'green' drives, i have 2 of these setup as a mirrored pair running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - something to be aware of though, if you are installing these as new drives for the OS, please be aware that you will need Win7 SP1 to use these as boot devices, or your motherboard manufactures drivers, since these use the new 4k sectors Windows 7 pre-sp1 is not able to read from these after an install, so you will need to sinatll Win7 with SP1 pre-built in. As an additional drive these will be fine.

Both drives are using Firmware CC3C and as yet i have had no issues - unlike others.

I wonder if those who have had issues, are you using SATA1 ports with these, these are SATA3 drives and might have issues with backwards compatibility depending drive FW, drivers/controller type or even the SATA cable being used, i suffered a similar issue a while back with a USB2 disk using a USB1 port - just a thought.

I am able to get over 100Mb/s transfer speeds to a NAS device on the network over gigabit ports and the same if not more on return so these drives are quick - the gigabit network being the limit here.

I would recommend these drives, but i would also check for updated drivers, and compatibility with your hardware first. As technology moves along, sometimes the older systems have issues with the newer devices.

If unsure try to locate a 2TB SATA2 disk to add comfort.
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on 25 December 2012
I purchased this one for my personal PC over a year ago, and it's been mostly ok. Sometimes, lately, it seems to have been a little "off", but nothing I could put a finger on.

Then yesterday I did a bit of hardware maintenance on the computer, and after reassembly, the drive would not appear in Windows. BIOS ok - apparently.

I've since put the drive in another computer (Win7, older architecture) and run a full disk scan/repair and SeaTools. It seems to be ok.

It is now operational in the original PC. I suspect the (cheap) power supply may be partly to blame here.

Needless to say I'll be uprating my backup regime immediately, and looking to purchase a new case/better PSU.

Bottom line... Other similar models of drive seem to get more than a fair share of negative reviews. It could be many of them are power or usage related. This drive seems adequate, albeit a little sensitive, as seems to be the case with all modern drives in this bracket.
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on 5 November 2011
This drive runs at the same speed as my samsung HD103SJ drives which are universally acknowledged as excellent. The sata 6 spec and the 64mb cache make up for the slower 5900 spin speed and as yet I am very happy with this drive.
I should point out that I purchased before the floods in Thailand and paid £58 as opposed to the £149 being asked now, wait a few months if you can for production to restart and prices fall back.Seagate ST2000DL003 Barracuda Green 3.5-inch 2TB SATA 6 Gb/s Drive (64MB Buffer,5900RPM)

Now March 2013, no problems what so ever, great product.
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on 11 October 2011
I am a qualified engineer but not a computer technician, so have no access to specific test equipment. This short review is solely based on my personal, subjective impressions whilst using the drive.

Having had to put up with sub-standard and second-rate performance from other so-called "green" initiatives, I am highly suspicious of anything bearing a "green" or "energy-saving" label. With this background information, you will understand that I would not have bought this product if a 7200rpm device of the same capacity and similar price had been available. I installed it 3 months ago with great trepidation.

True, the 10% or so increase from 5400rpm to 5900rpm would have had an influence on input/output speeds, but I feel that the doubling of the buffer size up to 64MB also was a major factor. The end result was that this drive is not significantly slower than the other (7200rpm) drives in my system.
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on 6 May 2014
I installed the 2TB Seagate Green drive in my NAS thinking it would be power efficient for an always-on unit.
However it died in less than two years - before it was even full.

Apparently it's a bad idea to put green drives in a NAS because their power management policies are incompatible.
The green drives keep trying to spin down and then the NAS tells them to spin up again.
This leads to short lifespans, as I discovered.

You can get most of the "green" power savings by using a 5400 RPM drive like the WD red or the Toshiba PA4292, without the agressive power-down strategies designed for desktop PCs.
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on 3 June 2011
Obviously you lose 10% of the 2TB when the HDD is formatted, the loss `seems` so much more as the HDDs get bigger and bigger !!!

I installed this HDD and Windows Explorer failed to recognize it, although it do show as an `unconfigured` HDD in device manager. When I ran paragon hard disk manager there it was and it just needed `mounting` took a few minutes but now it shows in Windows explorer.

I use windows Vista and I know there is a facilty within windows to do what paragon hrd disk manager did, just was easier as I had the program.

Mentioned all this as some might think the HDD was faulty.

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on 22 April 2012
Using 2 of these in d-link share and work great, bought because 1TB where only £10 cheaper, now £35 cheaper so glad I was "forced" into buying, as already using "Extra" tb as I had much more data on sticks and external drives than I realized.
Only thing is access to drives on file copy is slower on d-link on network than direct connected usb wd tb drive. Not sure yet if this is drives,network or d-link itself. Still this is being picky.
Happy with price paid,and seem to be working fine.
Was surprised at small parcel as only loose drives in shrink wrap, but hey who needs an amazon size box with items rattling loose in box.
Just un wrap CAREFULLY so as not to damage.
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