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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 9 November 2010
The spirit of the resurrected Doctor Who endures in this latest soundtrack. There are very few tracks I would skip, and that's saying something given the huge number of tracks on the CD (thank you Murray, THANK YOU!!!). I definitely agree with an earlier reviewer, that this is the best soundtrack since Series 3 (a few more listening sessions will be required before I can ascertain if it is actually an improvement). I think it's fair to say that a soundtrack deserves a full five stars when hearing it repeatedly brings an uncontrollable smile to one's face.

One of the things I like most about the series 5 music is how Murray Gold slipped in a few tunes from the Specials music, essentially 'bridging' Series 4 and 5. For example, listen to the beginning of "The Sun's Gone Wibbly" from series 5 and then "The World Waits" from the Specials soundtrack. My inner-nerd squeals in delight when I recognise familiar tunes. At the same time, the new music sounds very distinct.

I think a real mark of the quality of a soundtrack is when it contains music that you didn't notice during the film/program, but absolutely love listening to on its own. This is the case for tracks such as "A Lonely Decision", and "Victory of the Daleks". Murray should also be commended for tracks such as "The Time of Angels". Normally I don't like intended-to-be-creepy music so much (with the exception of "Blink" from Doctor Who series 3), but the Angels track is just SO creepy. Doctor Who doesn't really scare me but this music would if I ever listened to it at night alone with the lights off (which I will never, ever do).

Of course, the soundtrack's crowning achievement is the new theme, titled under "I Am The Doctor". What an incredible tune! It encapsulates all the epicness, mystery and joy of Doctor Who. I'm still a little sad that the old Doctor's Theme has been decommissioned (Murray, if it made a few returns in later music, just every now and then, that would make my life), but "I Am The Doctor" is the perfect successor. I love how it's revisited in several tracks, without getting tiresome.

The only thing that prevents the series 5 soundtrack from being perfect is the omission of one of my favourite bits of music, from the "Amy's Choice" episode - there's a really rousing piece which plays while the Doctor is in the butcher's shop and he's trying to escape from the murderous geriatrics before he falls asleep again. I mourn its absence...
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on 10 November 2010
Well what can i say? This is perhaps the best Doctor Who score to date, as has been said before there is not a single bad track on the two disc set.

There is, however, a manufacturing fault with disc one (track 9) which is currently being remastered and the replacement disc being re-issued by silvascreen towards the end of November.

Contact Silvascreen on their website to obtain a replacement disc

Enjoy this quality score and hurry up and release the Doctor Who Proms 2010 score!!!
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on 8 November 2010
Whilst I disagree with one of the other reviewers who said that the music from the Specials was non descript, I have to agree that this is definitely better. The previous CD, taken from the Specials had loads of good tracks on, but some of it was a little too familiar.

This CD is full of new sounds. A new doctor, with a new tardis deserves a new score and Murray Gold has really delivered here. Plenty of variety and some really excellent themes. The opening titles have been given a tasty reworking and I love the new themes for Amy and the Doctor. Very memorable and evoke the TV series very nicely. There are many other tunes which capture the mood of the series but are just as good as musical pieces in their own right.

I used to think that the music for series 3 was the best, but I have changed my mind. If you only buy one Doctor Who soundtrack make it this one. However you really should get the others as well, as they are all good. Oh and while your about it you should check out the two soundtracks from Torchwood, you should enjoy those too.
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on 9 November 2010
This is my first ever review so here goes nothing... I have listened to the soundtrack and they are all absolutely brilliant! Here is a short summery of why this soundtrack is worth buying and I will be telling you what I believe my favourite tracks on the album are.

The Eleventh Hour.

The tracks in The Eleventh Hour are absolutely brilliant. This is because they really introduced the music for the new series, especially the track entitled "I Am The Doctor". This track introduced the eleventh Doctor's theme and the theme that would be played throughout the entire series.

The Beast Below.

These tracks will have you listening on the edge of your seat and making you emotional at times too. Especially "Amy's Theme". This track shows some of the ultimate power of Murray Gold's music.

Victory Of The Daleks.

This section of the soundtrack is entirely orchestral. These tracks are mind blowing and a complete joy to listen to. The track "Victory Of The Daleks" will remind listeners of the first time the Dalek's appeared in series 5 in all different spectacular colours.

The Time Of Angels/ Flesh And Stone

Perhaps the most scariest tracks of the soundtrack. These tracks will definitely have you hiding behind the sofa haha.

The Vampires Of Venice.

Great tracks to listen to. "Cab For Amy Pond" and "The Vampires Of Venice" will certainly get your heart pumping with all the fast paced music.

Amy's Choice.

These mind boggling tracks will leave you wondering if you are in reality or if you are dreaming. The tracks can change style very quickly.

The Hungry Earth/ Cold Blood

Don't go digging while listening to these tracks. You don't want to be pulled under and meet what is below! These tracks will take your mind back to the "Homo Reptilia" and their hibernation home under the earth.

Vincent And The Doctor.

These beautiful tracks will probably seem more "peaceful" than any other tracks from other episodes. A slower version of "I Am The Doctor" is included in the track "A Troubled Man" which will remind listeners of the pain Vincent Van Gough had to go through.

The Lodger.

These tracks are intended to be comical and cheerful, just like the episode itself. What makes this episode cheerful is James Corden playing Craig. "A Useful Striker" will remind listeners of when The Doctor played football brilliantly.

The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang.

All of these tracks are on a separate disc because there are so many of them! Murray gold had to face his biggest challenge yet by creating music for the final two episodes of series 5. He succeeded! Tracks such as "The Life And Death Of Amy Pond" and "The Sad Man With A Box" will have you crying your eyes out. Whereas other tracks such as "I Remember You" and "Onwards" will have you shouting in joy!

My favourite tracks in the album will probably be:

"Can I Come With You?"
"I Am The Doctor"
"The Mad Man With A Box"
"Amy's Theme"
"The Vampires Of Venice"
"Kiss The Girl"
"Words Win Wars"
"The Life And Death Of Amy Pond"
"A River Of Tears"
"The Sad Man With A Box"
"I Remember You"

Hope you find this review helpful.
Doctor Who: Series 5
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on 16 October 2014
The main I am the Doctor theme is of course superb in capturing simultaneously the heroic and the quirky character of the Doctor. But there are many other great pieces here, often using a variation of the Doctor theme. The Sun's Gone Wibbly,Sad Man with a Box and Vincent tunes are all excellent but different listeners will have their favourites. This disc has a high content of great tunes.
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on 14 November 2010
I can't claim to have been anything but annoyed by Gold's repetitive jingle jangles in the previous series of Doctor Who, but everything was ramped up for Series 5. He got us straight into The Eleventh Hour with an absolutely spectacular accompaniment to the explosive opening, then enchanted us with Little Amy's theme. Whether it's the touching and honest 'With Love, Vincent', or the empowering and conquering 'Words Win Wars', this is a must-have for any Who fan for whom Series 5 was a real eye opener. This music would make a fine cinematic accompaniment, let alone a televisual one. Fine work.

(This has been superlative-laced and hyperbolic to say the least, but there are no simpler words to describe Gold's achievements here.)
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on 5 June 2013
This music is fabulous and just epic. I would listen to this all the time if I got the chance because it is just amazing what Murray Gold has done is just so good. There is roughly 63 peices of music all from series 5 of doctor who all for ten pounds. it is definately worth it even if you dont watch DW. I will always reccommend this!
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on 28 October 2011
I am a Doctor Who fan. I greatly enjoyed Series 5, and Murray Gold's score. But these CD's fail to deliver, as many of the most memorable parts are not included. The vocal action theme, the eerie Crack music, the recurrent "sad" piece - none of these appear on either disc.

The first disc contains most of the music from "The Eleventh Hour" and some randomly selected pieces from the episodes up to 9. The second contains tracks from episodes 10 and 11 but is mostly taken up by music from episodes 12 and 13, and even some of the music I remember from those is not here.

I appreciate that not everything can be included, but I find it perplexing that unfamiliar 1-minute tracks from episodes 10 and 11 have been chosen over tunes that appeared regularly throughout the series, especially when the discs contain 28 and 30 tracks respectively. Surely there was space to include the main pieces if there was room for fairly uninteresting once-off songs?

In addition, the track "I am the Doctor" is edited incorrectly - near the end of the track it cuts off suddenly and plays the closing moments, clearly skipping a bit. I thought this was possibly from damage on my own disc, but some quick internet research told me that they all have the same problem. You're only losing 30 seconds or so of music, but the sheer clumsiness of it irritates me.

So in short, apart from one piece of sloppy production, the CD does contain quality soundtrack music from Murray Gold, but the songs are very poorly chosen. Thus if you paid attention to the music as you watched the series you may find yourself disappointed.
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on 10 November 2010
I have always said that there are only two types of music in this world, music you like and music you don't like. After listening to this 2 disc spectacular I am thinking of adding a third you love! I love this soundtrack. I adore "I am The Doctor", as well as the new theme and the music for Amy. I can't stop listening to it. Thankyou Murray Gold, Ben Foster and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, a brilliant effort all round!
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on 4 January 2011
Simply put - this soundtrack is AMAZING!! I loved it - and the haunting sounds of 'I am the Dctor" sends shivers up my spine every time I listen - I half expect The TARDIS to materialise...or am I hoping too much?

Whether your a whovian or a newcomer to the good Doctor - you will really enjoy the pieces on the cd.

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