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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 April 2014
Having bought and watched the entire Robin Hood collection, mainly to watch The Sheriff of Nottingham become more and more camp with each episode,
it was time to invest in this fine piece of hokum.

As with everything by this studio (in fact everything of this era by ANY studio) the theme music is an absolute embarrassment, necessitating judicious volume muting after the first couple of exposures but, just as - and compared with - the Robin Hood series, this is an absolute delight.
The title sequence is essentially Robin Hood all over again, as are many of the sets, I believe. Marvelous fun.
The stories are a little better-conceived, the action is more believably violent and the Austrians come over as complete bastards. There's very little shades of grey here so everyone's free to hate the slimy bloke and his cartoon-zombie henchmen who hasn't, unfortunately got the slightly redeeming flair of the good Sheriff..

If you are of that age and enjoy things that aren't constant streams of explosions, special effects and product placements, watch it with a couple of idiot mates or a teenage daughter and you'll have a great time.

Booh!! Hiss! He's behind you...!
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on 16 February 2014
Excellent sound & picture quality - & value for money. Fifty years on & I can now see how this epic story of Swiss resistance to Habsburg occupation mirrors that of resistance to the Nazi occupation of Europe. Whether consciously or not, the screenplays were written in the shadow of that great struggle & make clear references to it. Resistance, occupation, slave labourers, deportations, cross-border smugglings, patriots, traitors, forced & willing collaboration are the currency in use. We have heel-clicking Austrians who refer to the rebellious Swiss as 'peasants' in similar dismissive tones of superiority as Master Race Nazis. We even have a young Derren Nesbitt honing his skills in preparation for his Gestapo character in 'Where Eagles Dare' ten years later! Chief baddie Gessler dresses in black. No culture can escape the times it inhabits and this series was clearly written under the shadow of the Second World War. Interesting to see future great actors like Michael Caine making early appearances. Lots of fun & highly recommended.
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on 5 November 2016
Conrad Phillips was my hero as a child. This really is a trip down memory lane and evokes many memories. The theme song powerfully sung by David Whitfield really stirs the emotions. Frequent cameo's of little known actors who went on to bigger things. Willoughby Goddard is superbly cast as the evil Gessler. Really worth watching, and for its time well produced.
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on 10 July 2017
It's quite enjoyable probably nearer 3 1/2 stars than 3 but maybe not a four. Worth watching for a bit of nostalgia and despite the difference in camera and filming techniques/scenery etc still arguably more entertaining than much of the current stuff they put on TV now
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on 28 October 2012
Saw it when we got Southern TV in England at age 9 and loved it!

I really fancied William (Conrad Phillips) Tell's crossbow, the lovely blonde Hedda Tell (Jennifer Jayne) and tights, lol - I grew out of wanting tights!

Effectively 25min movies very well-produced, written and acted with lots of energy and humour.

When the English 'Network' boxset (all 39 eps) became cheaper than the American version (30 eps), my dithering was over and I went for it!

So should you. :-)
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on 12 July 2009
We used to re-enact this stuff as kids. Good wholesome outdoor fun on warm sunny days. Didn't matter that we weren't in Switzerland, our imagination took us there.

Always thought William Tell had a more dangerous edge to it than say, Robin Hood. High mountain villages, narrow alpine passes, highly strung crossbows - you get the drift.

Watching the series again 50 years later I'm amazed how well the story lines gel. And of course Jennifer Jayne looks just as dishy as she did to a pre-pubescent boy all those years ago.

Shame only 39 episodes were produced. Highly recommended viewing for those with an adventurous streak.
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on 4 October 2016
Tales of good verses bad in 39 action packed adventures. Conrad Phillips made an excellent William Tell and with his peasant army fought the evil tyrant, Landburgher Gessler, very ably played by Willoughby Goddard. Many well known stars of the time appeared in the show and most notable for many men was Tell's wife, played by attractive Jennifer Jayne. And let's not forget the show's great introduction. Made in 1958-59, the shows are ageless and can be watched again and again.
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on 14 February 2015
This was a series I watched on TV in my early days and although it is a little dated , it is still a good item to have in my collection and William Tell was a real person , and is known for shooting the apple from his son's head.

I like the visuals and get an idea of the times that he and his family lived in.

Great !!
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on 19 September 2008
What I really like about this Boxed Set is the Quality of the Recording from a series 50 Years on...It feels as if it were made recently although in Black & White. Great Acting from Actors who became Household Names in the Future..For example I spotted " Michael Caine " to name but a few. I would recommend this boxed set to anybody who likes Nostalgia. They just don't make em like this anymore.
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on 10 February 2018
Brought back happy memories from my childhood in the 50s
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