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on 5 January 2011
...watch this film. If you don't already criticise mainstream news then this film will give you some new facts and an alternative point of view which may make you doubt the information you are 'officially' given.

As I watched John Pilger's 'The War You Don't See' last night at one point I wept, at another I wanted to smash the TV in anger. It was also depressing (which I interpret as a highly rational response to the facts in the film). Ultimately a very sobering experience - I wish many, many other of my fellow human beings would watch this film.

You may not agree with everything. You may not like Pilger. You will have an emotional reaction, it would be hard not to feel something when you see the suffering of defenseless civilians (including children), or the heartfelt admissions of wrong-doing from officials and journalists, or the evasive, excuse-giving of broadcasters who seem to know there is something seriously wrong with their reporting but nevertheless choose to defend it.

However, emotion aside, the film is an invitation to consciously consider the facts. There are many facts given in the film but, for me, there are three which are central: one, the information (i.e. 'news') we are given most of the time, even from 'respectable' TV stations and newspapers, is at best negligently inaccurate or worst consciously complicit in giving a false, biased account; two, the wars being fought in your name by your government (if you are a UK or US citizen) are not in your interest; three, if more people had accurate information before these wars were started public pressure and opinion may have blocked them (hence the need for governments to manipulate an unwitting or complicit media in order to counter the threat of public opinion).

If you're happy with the way the world is and think nothing is wrong then the film will be unlikely to appeal to you. If you think there are serious problems in the world and that greater democracy would help, do yourself (and others) a favour and watch this film.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2013
What a devastating report on the state of our media in the UK and the US.

Here we have senior managers in the BBC and ITV news being confronted with clear evidence that they are not reporting the truth and they either don't seem to have the intellectual ability to be able to grasp what they are being shown or they are deliberately playing dumb.

Here is the situation - in order to manage war reporting the UK and US military "embed" reporters in with the troops, ensuring they only see what the military wants them to see, only go where the military wants them to go and often only say what the military want them to say.

The fact that the BBC and ITV goes along with this is absurd enough - how can they claim they are being objective in such circumstances?

However these aren't the only reports coming out of war zones - brave independent reporters are going where they want to cover the real stories. However the BBC and ITV refuse to present their reports on their news channels.

When challenged about this the senior managers claim "we have a duty to report what the military tell us". Not "we have a duty to challenge what we are being told" or "we have a duty to check whether what we are being told is correct" but simply we have a duty to report (i.e. repeat) it.

They then claim that having done this, it is up to the viewers to "make up their own minds". How are viewers able to make up their own minds if they only have one side of the story?

If an earlier version of John Pilger was interviewing Joseph Goebbels on his biased reporting of Hitler, Goebbels could quite happily say every single word the BBC and ITV managers are saying as his reply.

These are people who have no shame.
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on 23 January 2014
Essential viewing. These two comments:

1) It is a tragedy that this film is not broadcast regularly (even once?) on national / international TV, which is exactly Pilger's point: that real investigative journalism is treated by the mass media as being of minor relevance (worse: too much hassle and too risky) in the face of / in comparison with the spoon-fed "information" they receive from governments, corporations etc. (The BBC lady and the ITV guy are basically saying they are too lazy to investigate possible alternate viewpoints or to check facts with other sources. They take what they are given in official press releases and, out of laziness and fear, do not question. Therefore to broadcast Pilger's film / films would be too much trouble and get them into big trouble.)
2) I wish Pilger would not show his face so much, nodding in approval while interviewing his subjects. It breaks up the flow. Not necessary, we know he is there. Very distracting... John, if you read this....!!
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on 24 January 2014
John Pilger paints a vivid and graphic picture into what was as we now know to be a disaster of an invasion by the 'international community'. Pilger highlights the power politics and the plotting that took place in the lead up to the war and the suffering and devastation caused in the invasion and subsequent occupation. Pilger brings the viewer's attention to the Iraqi victims of the invasion and the failure of the international community to contain the sectarian violence that escalated in the occupation and continues today. Even if you think you know what happened in the Iraq war, you should see this documentary as it sheds new light on the coverage of the war and the consequences and cover ups thereafter. A must-see for those interested in Iraq, international relations and indeed John Pilger's no nonsense documentary making.
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on 9 July 2016
Brilliant movie. I have seen it 3 times now. Yesterday was the third time.

I also watched the extra material yesterday, for the 1st time ever. It was also brilliant. John Pilger interviewed Julian Assange for about 1 hour and 7 minutes. I am gonna watch the interview with Julian Assange today, too.
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on 18 July 2017
Excellent documentary on how truth is left out out during the reporting from the Vietnam to the Iraq war. How the commercial medias are used to incite these false accusations. He interviews journalists after the fact and how the guilt affects some of them and how independent film makers and photo journalists are not embedded.in these reports.
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on 24 April 2011
If there is anyone out there who wishes to know what really goes on in the world and not the sanitised/biased version as put forward by our mass media, then look no further than this film by John Pilger.
One will come away incensed that so much information is withheld from the worlds people in order to, say, bolster a particular regime or to uphold the "System" in general, wherever it may exist .
Very well researched indeed, expertly assembled and superbly presented, John Pilger films are absolute essential viewing for people who truly believe in democracy.
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on 26 February 2012
Like most people all over the world I was under the impression that the news we received was un-bias and factual. After seeing this documentary and doing further research I am stunned by the manipulation we are bombarded with on a daily basis. After watching this you'll most likely start to notice trends in reporting and subject matter and differences between even Sky News and BBC News. Then you begin to wonder how deep the rabbit hole actually goes and what other programes you once thought were impartial are actually carrying out an agenda. I would encourage everyone to watch the news and ask themselves "why are they giving me this information...am I being molded to think a certain way and feel certain things?".
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on 6 November 2017
Some harrowing footage you'll never see on the BBC and some honest admissions from ex-war journalists and "embedded" newsmen who squirmed when put on the spot about access to new stories and having to tow the line of the military industrial complex to keep their jobs. We need more like this.
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on 24 February 2012
I stay in South Africa and visited the USA during 2011. It is a beautiful country with lovely people. However, the everyday US citizen is kept in the dark about what their bankers and policy makers are up to. Like most of us, they form their opinions based on what they see in the media. What happens when the media is not impartial, as it is supposed to be ? John Pilger shows us what can happen. The media convinces everyday peace loving citizens to send their young soldiers to their deaths, not to defend their country, but to defend the business interests of an elite few.

Documenteries like this one are normally dismissed as conspiracy theories or anti-US propaganda. I just wish it can get people to watch a wider variety of news channels, in order to get a better picture of what is happening in the world. Start with documenteries like this one and try watching news channels that are not owned by major corporations. And most importantly: ASK MORE QUESTIONS !
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