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  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

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on 20 February 2011
As others have noted, there appear to be 3 different types of HP 364XL black ink cartridge: CB321EE (800 pages); CN684EE (550 pages); CB322EE (photo ink). Armed with this knowledge from other useful Amazon reviews, I checked carefully that the item advertised and paid for was CB321EE. However, it was a CN684EE that arrived. After contacting the vendor they promptly refunded the £8.18 difference between what I had paid and the market value of the product I had actually received (gleaned from adverts for the lower capacity cartridge on Amazon). Clearly this ridiculous labelling system by HP is open to confusion and, potentially, mis-selling. I believe that HP should name the cartridges better to highlight the differences and that Amazon should insist on unambiguous advertising of which model is being sold via their website. Although disappointed to receive a lower capacity product than the one I ordered, I am heartened by the prompt response of the vendor in refunding the difference. The moral of the story: until HP improve their labelling, check carefully the precise product you are about to order; on receipt check that it is actually the one you ordered; if it isn't, contact the vendor immediately with a clear statement of what you want to happen, ie exchange, return or refund of difference. Finally, as others will have discovered before me, some apparently sexy and excellent value printers turn out to be very expensive if the ink doesn't last 2 minutes and cartridges are dear. I fear my HP Photosmart Plus falls into this category. Next time I replace my printer I will also compare prices of replacement ink before committing.
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on 5 January 2012
Thursday 5th. January 2012 at 0300hrs.
Many Customers to Amazon have complained about the 364XL Black cartridge which use to be 24mm wide (2.4cm). Amazon still show the picture of this larger size cartridge but when you send for one you get the smaller 16mm wide one (1.6cm).
It says on the pack in the advert for it 364XL High Capacity, looking on the back of the cartridge pack it says 550 pages!!!!
I have still got one of the old cartridges (empty) and the box.
The details on the box front is 364XL Black and on the back and this is what everyone is waiting for 800 pages!!!! The Reference is CB321EE ABB It was reasonably priced as well.
This is HP trying it on with the customers and they don't seem embarrassed. It must have been going on for well over a year now and they HAVE GOT AWAY with it.
Many Amazon customers have ordered the first large one and paid for it and then sent the one they distribute now 364XL 550 Pages.
When this happened to me I reported it and Amazon refunded the monies that I had over paid.
Is this a CON by HP but Amazon are not without blame as they still show on their website the picture of the old larger type 364XL 800 page cartridge the Reference CB321EE ABB and when ordered send you the smaller type 364XL 550 page cartridge the Reference CN684EE ABB.
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on 1 August 2010
Well, after about 3 hours of trying to research which cartridge I should buy, (having read the reviews), I think I have finally got it.

There are 2 x Black 364XL cartridges and there are some unique differences. Don't be folled by the colour of the box as these do vary, however if you follow the steps below you should find the correct "XL" cartridge.

Part Number CB321EE: This cartridge is normal black. It looks thicker than the lower capacity black cartridge and is also thicker than the XL photo black. It also has a solid black "Pentagon" printed above the number. For my own printer, which is a B109n model, this is the correct one and looking above the slot where the cartidge fits into my printer, there is also a solid Black Pentagon. Also for reference, my own printer does not take seperate black cartridges for both photo and normal printing, ie, there is only a single slot for black.

Part Number CB322EE: This cartridge is for Photo Printing. Is is a thinner cartridge than the one above and is also the same thickness as the lower capacity "normal" black cartridge. This is a concern and is very confusing un less you know the differences. The main identifying point is that whereas the normal XL has a Pentagon on the front, this photo XL cartridge has a solid "Bow Tie" symbol on the front. It also has a picture of a camera on the packaging. I can only assume that this will not fit into my own printer due to the lack of this symbol around my cartridge housing.

Hopefully this will be of some use to somebody.
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on 4 January 2012
Only printed 175+ draft quality double-spaced pages, not the 550 advertised, perhaps a line a page is what HP has in mind!! Is the world now run entirely by thieving big companies?!
HP 364XL Black Ink Cartridge (550 Pages)

I am now getting an error message from HP and I am printing my response to it.

HP software on my computer is identifying the cartridge as counterfeit although it was bought directly from uk itself. The last one bought from only printed 175 or so draft quality pages, but Amazon was the direct seller, not a third party.
I am happy to participate in any investigation and retain the old cartridge and the new as well as its packaging.
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on 11 March 2011
It has been brought to our attention that HP have actually changed the capacity of the cartridge, under the same product code, the old one was an 800 page yield and the newer one is a 550 page yield. What a disgrace to do this without telling people who order & pay for the 800 page one & only receive the 550. and be £11 out of pocket
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on 25 May 2011
The cartridges delivered are not the ones ordered or pictured. They are a newer model with a reduced capacity. I could have got them cheaper elsewhere. I have been conned.
The older cartridges were good for 800 pages with the new ones I will be lucky to get 600. Buyer Beware!!
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on 19 June 2011
Even though the packaing says 364XL there are in fact 2 products called 364XL for black ink - one gives 550 pages and the other 750 pages - this large one is called 364XL (HIGH CAPACITY)
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on 5 November 2011

I am writing this review to clarify something about this cartridge model as the photo is a bit deceiving so I have done some research to avoid doing the same mistake in the future or at least confirm I know what I am buying.

1. It is not the same size as in the picture, it is half the width, similar to the normal cartridge but with more ink. In fairness to whoever is selling this cartdrige with the wrong picture, the HP website also shows this picture.

2. It does say XL in the box and on the cartdrige but this model is the CN684EE ABB (550 pages) that replaced the original XL high capacity (big cartridge, 800 pages) model CB321EE, which funny enough some sites show with a small picture just to make it even more confusing :).

3. I found one of those refurbished ink sellers answering a lot of questions about this cartridge,[...]
or just search somewhere for "New Smaller Body for HP 178, 364, 564, and 862 Black XL Ink Cartridges" to get the HP official version and to understand more about the changes.

4.Very hard to find how many ml this CN684EE has, one site said it was 12ml. The original XL CB321EE seems to have 18ml and many refurbished cartdriges also have 18ml. I have bought one 18ml refurbished cartridge previously and it did really felt that it run for a long time compared to previous HP cartridges so from now on I will be looking for 18ml versions and test around different manufacturers until I find the "best".

I did not give it 5 stars because of the picture (it led me to think it was the bigger model, I guess too good of a price to be true) but gave it 4 because it is still an official HP XL cartridge, arrived fast and in a good condition with original packaging, the price at the moment was better compared to other sites but it would be nice to if the page had extra details explaining more about the ink and if the photo was accurate.

Hope it helps.
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on 7 April 2011
This item is shown as producing 550 pages but the photograph shows the Photosmart box with 3x number of pages which equals 800 pages according to HP.

As an update I have been in contact with HP and they confirm that the larger XL black cartridge has been discontinued and the smaller version is now the current one. The other point to note is that the standard cartridge produces 250 pages, the XL black produces 550 pages, and the skinny XL coloured cartridges 750 pages. If I work it out correctly you need three of the new cartridges to produce just 50 pages more of the two of the old XL product. As a previous report says HP justify what has happened by pointing out that there is no additional cost per page forgetting that additional cartridges are an AN ABSOLUTE PAIN!

I suppose the answer is then when you replace your printer go to another manufacturer.
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on 3 February 2010
An excellent replacement cartridge with about 2.5 times the life of the 364 version. But be careful that you only get it for a printer that uses seperate photo and normal black inks otherwise it will not fit or work.
To save confusion the ordinary black HP number CB321EE is twice the thickness of the standard photo one. The photo black one is HP number CB322EE.
EDIT The ordinary black double thickness one has been discontinued and although the XL version is greater capacity than the standard one it is about 200 pages shorter and indeed cheaper than the old one. I have edited this review as Amazon tend to copy to the wrong product.
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