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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 December 2015
In this 2010 German [with full English soundtrack option] vampire horror film petty thief, Lena, almost gets arrested by police officer, Tom, who takes an instant liking to her, but she escapes and ends up at a nightclub, gets bitten by a female vampire [one of a group of 3] and becomes part of their world when she kills a Russian Pimp. Tom investigates the murder case not knowing it involves the vampires but they live the high life and move on the edges of society. Can he track them down and what will happen when he meets Lena again?
There are a number of good features to the story that other films have ignored and this also illustrates some of the ‘real’ issues of being a vampire such as the consequences of immortality and how they get their ‘kicks’ and deal with ‘life’ when the moral restraints are removed. The thumping music in the club scenes, eerie sound track, combined with some stunning sunsets all create a remarkable atmosphere
The single disc opens to 3 trailers then goes to main menu offering play, scene selection, special features [making of, deleted scenes, alternate endings, video diary, behind VFX] and set up [german 5.1 or English 5.1, subtitles on’off].
With swearing, violence, drug abuse and covering themes of depression, self-harm and suicide it’s hardly surprising this is a 15 rating. Not your traditional Hollywood vampire love story, this gives it all a fresh view and is a worthy ***** if you want a darker edge to your vampire movies.
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on 1 March 2013
I have to agree whole heartedly with the 5 star reviews on here. This is a terrific modern European vampire film, stylish, and well acted it briskly travels a well worn vampire story arc but is done with bags of style and panache. The score is also fantastic, where most modern vampire films usually opt for clichéd by the numbers nu-metal, we are the night combines European techno and dance by the likes of Soulwax and Covenant with a beautiful and evocative original score by Heiko Maile (who was apparently inspired by Hans Zimmer's score for The Dark Knight). If you like a good vampire yarn, I couldn't recommend this highly enough.
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on 8 June 2015
This is a very modern take on a very traditional vampire tale. A brief summary:

Lena is pursued and bitten by Louise, a beautiful, wealthy and dangerous lesbian vampire, and is inducted into a lifestyle that is both thrilling and terrifying. Can she learn to accept her new nature and embrace the night? Meanwhile, the cops, including love interest Tom, are closing in on the vampires, and soon the only certainty is that blood will be shed...

Spoilers Ahead

Louise (blonde), Charlotte (dark) and Nora (red) are a trio of vampires living the unlife in Berlin. Louise is the leader, their creator, searching always for the woman who is her true love - and when she spies Lena her heart is set.

Lena is a petty thief with a record, and catches the eye of good cop Tom. Despite being on opposite sides of the law, there is mutual respect and a spark of attraction. A few hours later, Lena is in a nightclub, looking for easy pickings, when Louise presents herself, a roll of notes placed to catch Lena's eye.

One thing leads to another, and we see Lena's transformation and induction into Louise's seductive lifestyle of shopping, fast cars and getting high from chilled blood shots. With plenty of killing - and that's a problem for Lena.

Meanwhile the police are closing in, and Tom cannot forget Lena...

It's a well made film and ranks as one of my favourites, but I am frustrated with the romantic plot. Now, perhaps Lena is attracted to Louise at first, it's unclear. Perhaps it's more a fascination coupled with Louise's manipulation. If Lena is bisexual, then I think it would be good to make this clearer, because instead she seems entirely straight for the rest of the film.

This is important for two reasons. First, it would make the plot far more interesting if there was a clear possibility of Lena being Louise's true love. Second, if Lena is straight, this film plays to the old trope of evil=lesbian vampire seducing the straight woman away from her good=straight man.

So. I would like there to more chemistry between Lena and Louise before and after transformation. I would like to see Lena with her fangs buried in a human neck. I would like an ending that isn't off-screen - there are simply too many questions raised by the ending, and it creates an impression of, 'Oh, too complicated to write.' Although, having said that, the DVD has two alternative endings, either of which would have been far more satisfying.
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on 15 December 2013
I personally enjoy vampire films, although they do vary and rightly so. I personally viewed this film on Netflix not really knowing what to expect and was really surprised to find it was a great film, it has polished gloss and a good story line in the all female line up, each character bringing in their own personalities through in a powerful way and also sad and tragic way too. Personally I think it's a quality film. Also I believe if Hollywood had made this film we would have had a poorly made film with a poorly matched soundtrack. The soundtrack I believe is really good too, nicely tailored. The film centers on 3 (soon to be 4) care free vampires all from different times in our history living dangerously and carefree and neglecting descretion which becomes their downfall.

P.s If you like this you may like Kiss Of The Damned.
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on 27 March 2013
This has to be the best vampire-related film ever made, both glamerous and thought-provoking, with scenes that tug at the heartstrings until they threaten to break. All the actors - and actions - in this film are simply outstanding, from seasoned veterans like Nina Hoss and Arvid Birnbaum down to younger talents like Max Riemelt and Anna Fischer, although special plaudits have to go to Jennifer Ulrich as the bookish highbrow, Charlotte, evidently of French extraction, and to the overall prima donna of the film, Karoline Herfurth (who, incidentally, also appears in that excellent film 'The Reader'), who, as Lena, is seduced into becoming a vampire and fellow-traveller of the trio led by Luisa (played by Nina Hoss), thus establishing a quartet of female vamps who wreak havoc in pursuit of pleasure and in the interests of survival across Berlin. Some of the scenes are simply mind-blowing in their explosive effect, but overall I was most impressed by the romantic relationship which, despite all the odds, gradually develops between Tom, the young cop played by Riemelt, and Lena, who has to overcome her initial reluctance to become involved with someone who was on her trail and determined to book her for an offence unconnected with her subsequent induction into the female vampire sisterhood. This film, despite the gore and bloodshed (inevitable with such a genre), is simply outstanding in every way, and I heartily recommend it, not least for Arvid Birnbaum's role as the senior detective who reluctantly comes to terms with what his younger partner has become amorously involved with. See is you can detect Jochen Nickel, that veteran of films like 'Stalingrad' and 'Auf Herz und Nieren'.
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on 2 July 2016
most vampire films are cliched . This breaks the mould , despite favourable reviews which state the opposite .
a great beauty of european movies , from the continent , is avoiding the u.s obsession with graphic sex n violence ,
yes there is violence , but often implied , and the sex stand alone , would only have got a pg certificate .
what is pertinent , is the drives and obsessions of searching for the ideal companion . this is a love story , but not
quite what you would expect , or the media imply .
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on 16 May 2017
This film is great. A must have for vampire genre fans. It's very angsty and sleek.
There is a really good transformation scene for anyone who is interested and the special effects are well done and not over the top.
The story is not unique but it's done in a very good way.
It's a little like a European. Feminist 'Lost Boys'.
Give it a go.
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on 2 December 2012
High quality film about a trio of German female vampires who, unlike the Dracula types, are affected by real human emotions [not just demons possessing dead human shells] and burn up in sunlight [a surefire way of committing suicide]. Apparently ruthless blood drinkers, these glamorous girls soon show their tender and jealous side after a new girl joins them, when the going gets tough and one of them dies. There are problems of love, grief and loneliness regarding immortality with a particularly poignant scene where one of them goes to see a dying old lady in hospital - her own daughter.

It is well acted and well thought through. with great colour photography, good music and a decent plot. I saw this first at the Bram Stoker Horror Film Festival at Whitby and liked it so much I had to get the DVD. If you like vampire films then this is for you too.
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on 22 November 2017
Brilliant German vampire film which follows the lives of a group of female vampires Beautifully shot with great performances from the cast In fact, I'd go as far to say it's the best German horror movie I've seen since Nosferatu
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on 20 November 2017
Bought it twice - since the first would not play - thought that I just was unlucky the first time.
Expensive return means that I am stuck With two dvd's that there is something wrong With.
Not the good experience that expected
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