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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£2.83+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 27 February 2012
I love this. Absolutely.

It's not a set of CDs as stated by the description. These are vinyl records. I was a bit surprised when I received them, but also I loved them on the spot.
These are squared vinyl records, with an image of MJ on each face. There are two tracks on each record and you can see the circle tracks engraved on each square.

I simply love them, I don't know why. I love them even if I can't play them.
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on 25 March 2017
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on 25 December 2014
Fantastic! Great quality item and super fast shipping!
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on 26 March 2015
vvecry good
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VINE VOICEon 12 July 2013
Criticised by just about everyone on release, and with a seemingly endless list of mediocre or down right bad reviews I decided not to purchase this album and did not add it to my collection until only a few weeks ago. This is a perfectly good Michael Jackson album with perfectly good songs. Hold My Hand with Akon is just beautiful and so poignant, just listen closely to the opening line. The remaining 9 songs, are perhaps best described as 95% songs, all good songs but not perhaps polished and then finished to MJ standards. That being said, as far as I am concerned there isn't a bad song on the whole album and that can't be said about many albums including some MJ albums.

To sum up, if you're an MJ fan you probably already have this, however if you're not buying it because of bad press and comments, think again. At less than £2 it's fabulous value for money. Go on you know you want to!
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on 16 December 2010
First off - "Michael" isn't the album Michael Jackson would have released as a new album had he been alive now, although it does contain several new songs a lot of it are out-takes from previous albums and demo's remixed. Sony were touting this back in the Summer as a "New" album that had songs Michael was working on before his death, well like i just said this clearly isn't all the case. "Michael" isn't a bad album at all, just not a particularly great one. Will it trouble the likes of "Off the wall", "Thriller" or "Bad" as great legendary Michael jackson albums? - Er No but it's at least as good say "Invincible" so it isn't all bad news.

One of the things that baffles me is that several of the songs on here that are out-takes from earlier albums have been remixed..why? Behind the mask for one was a finished song from the Thriller sessions so why did Sony feel the need to remix it? The reason i mention this is coz there are lots of finished songs from earlier albums that were never used just sitting there and sound perfectly good! Some of these can be heard on you-tube..songs like "I got the hots" and the brilliant Rod Temperton written "Hot Street" are all finished and sound fantastic..when these songs are eventually released i hope Sony don't ruin these by giving these contemporary makeovers !

It makes "Michael" a somewhat un-even album because of the many factors of completion these songs were in. Some were largely finished and some not and have been altered.

First single "Hold my hand" featuring Akon is one of the several new songs here and it's a nice but pretty unremarkable song, it's the sort of song Akon was churning out back in 2007/8 but is largely forgettable to be honest, pleasant but rather vacuous.

Another great new song is "Keep your head up" a nice contemporary rnb song but with a more memorable tune.

Some have mentioned the 3 tracks or so that allegedly Michael doesn't sing on and Sony have employed a soundalike instead? - Personally i'm not so sure?..only "Monster" sounds potentially fake to me? The voice is a bit lower than Michaels usual register but the other songs sound perfectly fine and i've been listening to Michaels voice regularly for some 35 yrs or so that's my take on it at least. Make your own mind up.

"Michael" is still an essential purchase for any Michael Jackson fan but this album is somewhat a missed opportunity, id personally love to hear the songs that Michael was working on with Will.i.am and Neyo before his death but will.i.am at least is pretty against the music they made being released so it's unlikely we'll ever hear it..shame. Not sure why the Neyo songs didn't make this album.. i'm sure Sony will try to release another album next year,so maybe they will be on that.

Id like any following michael Jackson albums to fall into 1 of 2 catogories - Post 2005 ( after the trial) songs michael was working on with modern producers and contemporary sound and the finished earlier album out-takes. Here's hoping.
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on 14 April 2014
In 2010 Michael Jackson returned with a “brand new” album of tracks. The album itself is a mishmash of recently recorded tracks, and old track unearthed from the vaults. All tracks have been reworked in much the same way as his 1980 “Farewell My Summer Love” album – unfortunately this is to the detriment of the album. This is the first solo album by Michael not recorded with Grammy Award winner Bruce Swedien and it shows. Vocals are adjusted and played with on some songs, noticeably on the “Cascio” tracks, something which Bruce Swedien did not do. Bruce Swedien famously left finger snaps and the sound of Michael dancing (whilst recording) on the vocal track, rather than a sterilised vocal track.

Track 1 – Hold My Hand
Any Michael Jackson fan will tell you that Michael has never opened an album with a ballad; however the track itself is genuinely good, although surprising to hear Michael and Akon singing to each-other to “Hold My Hand.” The track is a funky r&b number with fantastic vocals, however the only disappointment for Michael fans would be that Akon sings the majority of the song.

Track 2 – Hollywood Tonight
The track was originally conceived in 1999 and later reworked in 2007. The version presented here is a remix of the demo by long-time collaborator Teddy Riley. The track itself ranks amongst Michael’s best work and is instantly catchy, but over produced by Teddy. The track uses about 90% of the orginal demo’s vocals, then adds a tagged on bridge by Taryll Jackson as the original demo had a bridge written, but not recorded. Unfortunately the original demo is far superior to the album version. The single version known as the “Throwback Mix” is much closer to the 2007 demo and as a results works far better.

Track 3 – Keep Your Head Up
The first of the infamous Cascio tracks. The song itself is good, with (possibly) Michael in familiar territory singing a “Man in the Mirror” style song, although nowhere near as good. Tricky does his best to lift the track, however the vocals sound odd, and occasionally goat-like, their authenticity has been questioned by Michael’s family and fans.

Track 4 - (I Like) The Way You Love Me
This track has been released in its original demo form via the box set “The Ultimate Collection.” Here we have a reworked version of the track with clearer vocals, and it works pretty well.

Track 5 – Monster
Another Cascio track. The track covers an area Michael has covered previously in the 2001 song “Privacy.” This time Michael likens the paparazzi to a monster, bizarrely the song contains horror sound effects and a rap by 50 Cent which seems to have nothing to do with lyrical content of the rest of the song. 50 Cent raps about funerals, cemeteries and tombstones and even calls it “2010 Thriller” which this is not. Teddy Riley and 50 Cent seem to have misunderstood the meaning of the song entirely, tagging horror on to a song about the press. Lyrical issues aside the song is the stronger of the three Cascio songs on offer and despite making no sense 50 Cent’s rap is very well done, however the lead vocal on this track are once again lost somewhat, and not particularly strong.

Track 6 – Best of Joy
The best track on the album, partly because it is simply produced and clean sounding. Excellent work from Tricky on this track. Vocals are superb and the track is really very good. I would recommend “Best of Joy” as a reason to buy this album. Whilst no explanation of the song is available lyrically, I believe it is a song about Michael’s children. However you could easily interpret it as a love song, similar in style to the “Bad” album outtake “Fly Away.”

Track 7 – Breaking News
This is the track used to preview the album prior to initial release, in hindsight this was a mistake by Sony. Whilst Teddy Riley did an excellent job, the vocals provided caused controversy with family and fans questioning their authenticity. After fans heard the vocals on “Breaking News” it caused a negative storm which the album did not fully recover from, despite great tracks such as “Best of Joy.” As a result many fans decided to boycott the album which is a shame as the album contains some gems.

Track 8 - (I Can't Make It) Another Day
The song had originally been written by Lenny Kravitz and recorded during the “Invincible” sessions, however it failed to make the final tracklist. Lenny later re-worked the track as a slower duet between himself and Jay-Z. The version present here is slightly altered from the original demo now including a heaver drum beat, and a new guitar solo by Lenny.

Track 9 – Behind The Mask
This song has a long history and several versions by different artists exist. Originally written and recorded in 1979 by Yellow Magic Orchestra. In 1985 Greg Phillinganes also recorded a version of the song and later by Eric Clapton in 1987. However the version included here contains the vocals recorded in 1982 for the “Thriller” album. Michael had recorded his 1982 version with some additional lyrics by Michael, this is also the version Clapton used for his release, and therefore the Sony estate receives 50% of the royalties for Clapton’s version. The song had been close to appearing on the “Thriller” album; however an agreement could not be made regarding distribution of royalties in time. Once again the version on “Michael” is a reworked version, the vast majority of fans would love to hear the original 1982 demo instead, as the remixed version is overproduced.

Track 10 – Much Too Soon
The song had been recorded in the early 1980s, during the “Thriller” period, although I doubt it was ever a serious contender to make the final cut, not because of it’s quality, but more due to the fact that it is so different from anything else Michael has ever released. The song is closest to country music than anything else he has ever released, feature superb acoustic guitar work from legendary guitarist Tommy Emmanuel.
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on 7 May 2017
I have not bought this yet but it is next on my list and I can not wait! Duets sound good too and Hollywood Tonight
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on 11 January 2011
Been a MJ fan for a couple of decades. Bought this album with a lot of reservations. Lets face it Hold my hand is an Akon song with an MJ cameo.. So i had my share of doubts. But i was pleasantly surprised with many of da songs. Except for Monster and Breaking news the other songs are definitely Michael.. I would rate this album higher than Invincible. The last 3 songs on da album are classics. I would recommend a definite buy!!
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on 7 June 2012
In 1984 at the height of Michael Jackson's post thriller career, his former record label Motown released an album called Farewell My Summer Love which consisted of songs recording in the 70's overdubbed by an 80's sounding band, presumably in an attempt to pass it off as a new Michael Jackson album. The Producers of "Michael" have attempted the same conceit.

Like Farewell My Summer Love, "Michael" is technically a decent album. It seems to cover all the bases and sounds like how you might imagine a Michael Jackson album to sound. Unfortunately, the listener is left with a rather hollow feeling because a vital element is missing - Michael himself. This is not his vision, he did not make any artistic decisions. As fans know, he would agonise over every note of every album. The fact that he did not do that here means that he is simply being used as a product. This is essentially a remix album - someone else's vision.

This may have been a more interesting album if the producers had provided a bonus disc with the raw tracks that they had used so that listeners are able to identify how the album was put together.

It would always be inevitable that Sony would be issuing posthumous material, particularly given the riches that apparently remain in the vaults. However I would have preferred an album of tracks written and produced by Michael alone. After his collaborations with Quincy Jones and then several other producers, this would have been a more fitting final album rather than a gathering of producers guessing what Michael would have done.

It is encouraging that fans have not responded overwhelmingly to this album and is perhaps a lesson to Sony that Michael's fans are not simply going to buy into everything that they slap Michael's name on. Indeed, even compared to other posthumous releases (eg Queen's Made in Heaven or John Lennon's Milk and Honey) this does not seem to have been the success that Sony may have expected.

It is also encouraging that at the time of writing Sony will be releasing a 25th Anniversary edition of Bad featuring raw (not overdubbed) demos. I hope this is an indication of Sony's future policy - any unreleased music should be used to shed light on the music that Michael released rather than be passed off as the album he would have released had he lived.
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