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on 11 October 2011
If you buy simply on features/price, you may miss the benefits this battery pack has to offer. Read on...

This is my second IMP50D, I managed to leave my previous one which I had bought a year ago, on a plane.

I had been very happy with the previous one: without having done specific testing, it seemed to provide the expected recharges (mainly being used to supplement my underpowered big-screen phone).

Benefits: It recharges fast (very important 1A output, compare others' maximum output)! Also, if the phone (at least) is charged, the power pack no longer drains - a very important detail, NewTrent have spent time developing this logic, and it works great. 2 USB outputs so you can charge 2 phones/iPods etc.

Good, convenient size, well thought out cabling too. It comes with 2 adapters that allow you to charge the pack from the PC's USB, and to charge your appliances either via mini-USB or micro-USB. Of course, you can just plug your iPod cable into it as well.

This model represents for me a good trade-off between cost, size/weight, and convenience. If you want, there are power packs that more than double the 5000mAh rating, but this is the equivalent of 3x charges of my phone battery.

With my second one, I had the misfortune of getting a faulty cable - I got in touch with NewTrent, and a replacement cable set was delivered within the week. Impressive customer service - I thought I would have to return it via Amazon, which is slow & costly. NewTrent gave superlative service, took note of the issue and resolved it the same day (international postage took care of the rest of the time).

Conclusion, well designed and well executed. A great company to deal with. Look beyond the price of the 2000mah battery packs, they will disappoint you - this one won't.
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on 15 September 2011
This battery pack could have been tremendous for travel. An iPad and/or iPhone can be used continuously on intercontinental flights, maintaining power throughout using this battery pack. It charges readily with a commonly available micro-USB cable, and overnight connection to the mains is adequate to provide a full charge. There is both a 500 mA outlet for a device such as an iPhone, and a higher current 1A outlet for units such as an iPad (some other battery packs I have used have struggled with charging the iPad), and you can even charge two items at the same time, if necessary.

Despite these positive features, however, there is a single design flaw that seriously impairs the units reliability in everyday use. The Power button is flush with the surface of the unit (see product photo), making it all too easily depressed by accident. This means the unit will often discharge while in a bag or case, so that when it comes time to recharge there is little power left. This is amply demonstrated by the charge status bar, which will often be found glowing when I go to use the unit, but by this time only a single bar is lit instead of the three bars illuminated at the time of connection to the mains.

All it would take to make this item recommended without reservation would be a slider switch, or even a recessed button that is less easily depressed by accident. I have taken to wrapping the unit in elastic bands in an attempt to "recess" the button, however slightly, but this has had variable success. As it stands, it is disappointing to be unable to rely on this battery pack when travelling.
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on 19 November 2010
I'm a returning New Trent customer. The IMP50D, although a different beast to my other iPhone jacket charger (New Trent IMP130 Slim-Fit Extended Rechargeable Battery Juice Case Air for IPHONE 3G and 3Gs), feels to me like a milestone in the evolution of travel chargers. It's a sexy and stylish little number and will comfortably sit alongside your iPhone or iPad without disgracing it. But the most distinguishing feature is the performance. It's a monster in terms of capacity. This thing will keep on charging your iPhone, even after you think it couldn't possibly have any charge left. I've actually achieved 3 (just about) full charges to my iPhone! I do look after my iPhone's battery though, so perhaps your mileage will vary.

- huge capacity, will just keep on charging
- surprisingly light and compact (145g, 110x70x16mm, just slightly shorter, wider and thicker that the iPhone, feels like the iPod classic in the hand)
- stylish and modern (shiny black casing and large cool blue lights)
- solid construction
- super easy to use, with no fiddly bits (even its charging cable is compact)
- 2 output charging ports, one for iPhone/iPad (5V 1A), the other for most other mobile devices (5V 0.5A) (comes with mini-USB adapter, but you can use your own device's USB cable)
- fast charge time (I've just charged it in just over 3.5 hours, compared to the iPhone's 2 hours, but the quoted time is 8.5 hours, which probably includes trickle top-up)
- cool charging and discharging, doesn't feel hot to touch
- can charge 2 devices at the same time (I've tried it!)
- automatic trickle charging mode where the IMP50D's battery runs down before the iPhone/iPad's own battery (meaning you could probably use apps, have wifi turned on and listen to music at the same time on your iPhone for over 30 hours straight)
- I personally like the fact that it is more environmentally friendly

- even though it fits in a jacket pocket, it will probably live in your rucksack or laptop case pocket (but is this really a con?)
- no charger (but just use your computer's USB outlet or the iPhone's charger, or buy a cheap USB charger if you must, problem solved)
- I would have liked an iPhone/iPad adapter included, but that is just me looking for cons (just use the cable that came with your iPhone/iPad)

Outstanding charger, very hard to fault. If you're after a travel charger that will last you for long journeys and charge multiple devices, this is the one you should get.
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Made of black plastic with two outlets (Ipad and 500Ma) and one input, this has 3 slots on the front which light up blue when charging or discharging and give some idea of the state of the charge and an On/Off button. It looks the part, quietly classic a la Iphone, and not much larger at 7x11 cm (3"x4") it would fit in most pockets and is light enough not to notice. The power in socket is standard small USB and the two power out sockets are normal USB size. The type of leads most people who have mobile phones etc will have around the house. The Trent is not supplied with a charger but the same charger that is used for an Ipad can be used among others.

I've tried this with and HTC Desire HD (Gingerbread), Ipad version 1(IOS 4.3.3), Iphone version 1, an Iphone 4 (IOS 4.3), Nokia N97, Nokia N95, Nokia 6070 and an HTC Innovation (don't ask!) and it seems to work without problems with all of them. That's the good to excellent.

The not so great, however, is that unlike lots of folk here I find that while the Trent is a useful bit of kit it won't fully re-charge my Ipad if the initial Ipad charge is around the 27% or lower mark.

In fact, despite the Trent being absolutely fully charged and with the Ipad on 27% the best it will do is get the Ipad to 75% before it goes completly flat. What I have found is that it will bring an HTC Desire HD up from about 30% to near full and the Ipad up to about 45 to 55% (from 25%) from one full charge on the Trent, which is still very useful in an emergency. But more than that or, more than one re-charge of your Ipad, I don't think so.

One further point, it takes a long, long, long time to fully re-charge using the Ipad charger, haven't tried it with anything else......
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on 19 February 2011
Let us start with the good points build quality is good the device can on average charge most devices up to three times depending on use. Charging is comparable to device being charged via the mains and you can charge two devices at the same time.

Now the bad points it only comes with two adapters which you can see in the pictures of the device (additional adapters can be bought from the New Trent website) you can use your own devices leads but I feel this takes away from the devices portability the TeckNet Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh Universal USB Battery Pack a virtually identical device has seven adapters included as standard. There is no mains plug included so you have to purchase one separately as the device takes 8.5hrs to fully charge by the mains and 10hrs via the usb cable supplied. The power on/off button can be accidentally turned on if you are not careful in transit discharging the battery pack over time.

Overall this is a good product that does what it is suppose to do however it could have been a lot better the TeckNet Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh Universal USB Battery Pack gives you the additional adapters however still suffers from the other problems. If you can live with the flaws the New Trent Dual-port Pack IMP50D 5000mAh with 1Amp output port External Battery pack will keep your devices going for a lot longer.
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on 17 March 2011
With a long flight looming, I wanted to be able to use my iPhone for videos over a long period. I didn't want a battery case that attached to my iPhone 3GS (what happens when I get an iPhone 4?), so was impressed when I found this.

At the time of writing this, New Trent still had a section at the top of the page offering half-price or free units, and to email them if you're interested. As I'm sure many of the other reviewers here did, I soon found out that if you write a review and send a link to New Trent, they claim they'll give you 50% back. If you get a useful rating of 10 or more, they claim they'll give you 100% back.

This really put me off the product, as I instantly doubted most of the reviews. To be fair to New Trent, their email doesn't say they expect a favorable review, but it does cloud matters somewhat.

Fortunately, I'm impressed. Using the 1A output to charge my iPhone, it's as fast as the Apple wall charger (unsurprising, as this is also 1A), and is capable of three full charges. Being a USB battery, I've also successfully recharged my PSP, Advance SP, my wife's Motorola, and a few other gadgets (not without recharging the New Trent first of course). This is definitely a very useful bit of kit.

There have been complaints of the switch being too sensitive, and it certainly is. My biggest concern is not it getting turned on unexpectedly, but that it'll get knocked off while I'm relying on it to juice up my phone. It's not a deal breaker, and I'd still recommend it, but it's worth being aware of when you sling it in your bag.

Recharging the battery isn't the trauma many say... I use a 1A USB charger (actually a TomTom one), and it takes five or so hours. It's not hard to understand why - if the guts of this really is a 5000mAh battery, then recharging it at 1A will take five hours. Try to charge it from a 500mA computer USB port, and it'll take 10 hours. Theoretically, I'd have thought a 2A USB charger could be used, as this is still way off the 1C charging that Lithium Polymer batteries are happy with, but I'm happy with five hours.

The price of the New Trent has risen since I bought it, but I'd still recommend one. It is a shame that there aren't more connectors supplied, but most of my kit already came with a USB cable. It's a touch larger than the iPhone, but so useful... using the GPS for a day's walk on the Apple wonder is now a real prospect!
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on 13 August 2011
After reading the great feedbacks of this product I decided to give it a try ahout 4 months ago. The New Trent IMP50D seems well made and has a nice feel to it, however, It simply does not work as described, Maybe I was simply unlucky with my unit.

1. Fully charged plugged into my Nokia N900 there is no connectivity.
2. It does charge my iPod classic, my iPod touch, but It does not work on an iPad 3G, whenever I connect the iPad, the device says 'Charging is not supported with this accessory'.
3. now it totally died after 4 months of usage and refuses to charge at all

So, all in all, Would not recommend this item to any one!!!
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on 10 May 2011
The NewTrent IMP50D looks very slick and gets charged quickly. The button as already mentioned gets pushed too easily.
I wanted to use the IMP50D to charge up my Android Phone while geocaching since it drains all the battery all the time.

I think the NewTrent has a nice value for the price and what's great is the dual charger possibility.
Great also to charge with 1Ah since 500mAh since GPS/Wireless/etc. usually uses up more power than the 500mAh charger can offer.
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on 15 January 2011
I have had the IMP50D for about a month now and have used it while traveling over Christmas so I was using my iphone (which has a 1420mAh internal battery) loads too. From a flat iphone battery or nearly flat this charges to full twice easy with capacity to spare. I reckon I get could a third charge in if I tried, but I have not needed to as yet.

From flat the device under charge will draw more current from the battery pack, as a result the battery pack works best when it is used to keep a device charged rather than charge from flat. To maintain a device at full charge will get you far closer to the 5000mAh mark. (this is common to any battery, the faster the rate of drain, the less energy can be drawn from a battery).

I as noted by other reviews, the cables supplied are of poor quality, I tend to use my own USB cable and iphone dock connector cable. This is fine for me because I use an old Nintendo DS case to keep everything tidy and to protect the battery from everything else in my bag.

The button is rather sensitive and the unit can be switched on too easily, however the LEDs are low power so the overall effect on the battery drain should be fairly small in the short term as long as nothing is connected.

Just for curiosity I connected this to my PS3 controller to see if I could charge it, it didn't work but I don't hold that against it.
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on 18 August 2011
I had this for 5 months and it worked OK for the first month I had it. It can give more than 2 full charges to my iphone 4. I was impressed by this product.
After 3 months, It will not hold a charge for more than a few days, for example: Charged until full on Monday, left sitting on desk Wednesday 2 day, Connected to the iPhone 4 on Wednesday afternoon, This item would not charge my iphone 4 by more than 75%.
After that it got worse, it took a long time (12 hours) to charge and the "full" light to come on, after charging the unit and letting it sit on day, it already lost part of it's charge.

It is useless as a backup storage battery
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