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on 1 August 2013
I love this DVD, I bought it a few weeks ago and have tried to do it 2x a week, I stupidly started on the original which explains the ache muscles two days later but it is encouraging me to want to do it more often. I suppose I should have taken the colours as indicators.

I am going to try the Earth after work tonight to see the difference and then water on sunday. Long way off looking at fire think if i went to classes again too I might feel ready to move to fire then.

I can't say how good this would be for complete beginners having started with the original, however if you combined it with going to classes once a week to make sure doing the postures and breathing right, I would recommend it to everyone.

I find it calming, energising and not annoying at all, for me the spiritual aspect is just right as its source comes from me not DVD and don't think a DVD like this should impose spiritually on you.

I have done a little bit of yoga before so didn't really notice orginal being too difficult and felt had enough experience of yoga to simply practice the original DVD and get fitter and better each time. Each time I feel i am breathing better and doing the poses for fluidly and calmly.

I am enjoying doing Yoga at home as money is an issue so certainly stops any excuses for not exercising. I don't enjoy celeb DVD who suddenly claim to know everything about this or that. The couple in this DVD really get it right. Maybe few months down the line I will finally have the toned and healthy body always wanted.

Remember Earth, water, original, fire.
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on 29 October 2015
I've done yoga in the past in a class so had a reasonable idea of how things work... and also how I expected to do it. I thought the DVDs worked well with a structured session on each DVD. The instruction was clearly described with tips on what you should be working on in each exercise. When your head is pointing in the wrong direction, once you get a feel for the class trying to watch the screen doesn't work too well though you can always stop and review if something different make sense.

I've worked through all the discs. Total Yoga original is clearly from a different era but the quality is similar.

My suggestion is that you start with the Earth, then Water which are easier routines, then use the original and only move onto Fire when you are comfortable with the others. Fire really got me sweating and there were a couple of exercises I needed to bailout of and one I decided I shouldn't attempt. After about 10 sessions I am already feeling more comfortable and the routines are neither to long nor too repetitive. You won't achieve the postures that these experiences instructors get to but there is guidance on where to compromise if you are challenged in the bendability department like me.

If you want to take up yoga but are embarrassed at the thought of performing in public these are the DVDs for you.
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on 1 May 2014
I can only comment on the first DVD of this set, because the rest I haven't yet tried, but I think it's great. It's certainly much harder than I'd expected with my very limited flexibility but with its cool down I've had no muscle pain afterwards. I've found it incredibly relaxing as well as challenging and will only move onto the next disc when I've mastered the Original! The narrator's voice is definately not a favourite of mine but the moves can be got reasonably quickly, just don't expect to be perfect on your first try. Having the option to attempt each move seperately really helps with this. No doubt my fitness and flexibility will improve with this set and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone willing to be challenged. Very good value for money.
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on 18 February 2015
I am working my way through these and looking forward to trying the last one 'Fire'. My first reaction when I did the first DVD was that it was fine for me - practising for nearly 20 years but quite fast for a newbie - till I discovered I'd played The Original first which is a complete class without stops or tuition. This is for keeping to one side if you still need instruction. Earth and Water are extremely clear and very well taught with clear visual and audible instruction and alternative easier options. I really enjoyed learning over again and worked at the pace of the video. What I do is 15 minutes every morning - roughly one section. I do it first thing before dressing and it sets me up for the day. 10 - 15 mins a day is better than an hour or 90 mins every week or less and you can really focus. It can also be done later in the day or where best suits. I am looking forward to doing Fire and will update this afterwards.
It's a great DVD teaching yoga at all levels and making it very clear.
Home yoga practice is best done by those who already go to a class or have done. It's best to learn yoga basics from a teacher as there are a lot of positioning tips it's good to get right before working at home. Great value too.
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on 3 February 2014
I've only tried Original and Earth so far but I am disappointed in this box set. I thought it looked like good value and it is, in terms of quantity of discs, but not necessarily in terms of quality in my opinion. The video looks dated - especially Original. I also found the instruction very dry; it's delivered in a deadpan monotone that isn't very encouraging or motivating. While I am still in the early stages of learning yoga I know enough both through practice and by reading the likes of Donna Fahri and Erich Schiffman (I especially recommend Donna Fahri who is brilliant) that it's not always a great idea to rush through sequences of poses too quickly. There doesn't seem to be much depth to these. You hardly have time to make any 'enquiries' of the pose and some of the transitions seem a little awkward to me and don't flow all that well. It felt like mere gymnastics/ callisthenics rather than the more hollistic yoga that I am interested in.

Earth was easier and better I thought than Original. Maybe when I get better at yoga I will change my mind on these and maybe I will get to like them. Maybe the other two discs are better. But for now I am disappointed and can't recommend this. I think there are better dvds out there with nicer production too which is not unimportant.

(I notice some other reviewers recommending Louise Soloman's Yogalates series and I would agree - they are miles better, more satisfying and enjoyable to work with than these I found).
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on 13 April 2011
I've got a whole load of exercise DVDs, including many yoga ones, but this one is the first one I've felt compelled to review because the DVDs are so good. The reason I've given it five stars is that unlike many yoga DVDs, which can be a bit gimmicky, its a well balanced series of classical poses, and its practical and easy to use. I've done yoga on and off for 25 years, so I already knew most of the poses, but I would have thought that a beginner could easily pick them up from the instructions on the beginners DVD, particularly if combined with instruction from a yoga class.

I like the fact that there are beginners, intermediate and advanced DVDs. Most of the time, I use the intermediate DVD, but if I'm feeling particularly energetic, I'll use the advanced DVD, and if I'm feeling a bit run down and tired, I might use the beginner's DVD. Hence, I have a DVD for whatever mood I'm in. I find the advanced DVD challenging and aerobic, and I build up a sweat when I do it. I think it is a better workout than standard aerobics DVDs because it works the whole body using the sun salutations, including your arms, stomach muscles and shoulders.

Also, if you want to, you can flick through the postures you don't want to perform, if say you have limited time. And there is a 10 minute bonus track on each CD, which I often use when short of time.

It is true that the credits take a long time to run through and you can't flick through them. For me, this isn't a problem, as I put the DVD on and go and do something else. I usually work out when I get home from work, so I'll stick the DVD on as soon as I get in, and then go and get changed out of my work clothes, and by the time I've done that the programme is ready to start.
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on 13 May 2017
Bought after seeing reviews to give Yoga a try. Would classify the DVD as total rubbish. Reason is that there is no logic to the layout, drawn out intro but most annoyingly zero instruction or guidance. Essentially you are just watching someone do yoga making a commentary. No real instruction / guidance or coaching. You may as well watch a yoga class as a hymn behind plate glass for al, the involvement you feel.
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on 12 April 2012
On the surface, these are well produced, clearly explained DVDs, but they are just not for me. Out of the 4 DVDs I only like one (which I really like). This is a personal taste and probably stems from learning yoga within a body balance class, which is done to uplifting music and is very changeable and fairly fast moving.

I think someone who comes from or is looking for a more traditional yogo experience, might enjoy these much more.

I have been doing body balance for many years once a week and didn't realise just how many yoga moves I had learnt. Therefore I found the first Earth flow DVD too easy, I skipped the 2nd and went to Fire. This was more challenging but 1/2 an hour of sun salutations (with minor variations) had me wanting to press the fast forward button. Again, for those looking for the mind clearing, focused yoga, this might suit them down to the ground. I want the yoga but with more variety. It also say this one is aerobic, but I personally only got a bit breathy.

The only DVD I really liked was the 'Original' which is excellent. Variety, good options of advanced moves (something for me to work towards) and I feel muscle worked and relaxed afterwards. I will stick with this one for sure.

The instructions on all of them are clear throughout, so once you are used to the moves, you don't have to watch the screen.

In terms of starting this as a beginner, there are clips of the moves to watch in another section, which explains them, so no reason why a beginner couldnt use these with some patience.

So disappointing purchase for me, but that's just my taste.
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on 10 June 2011
I bought this because of all the great reviews but I have to say i strongly disagree with all of them.
This is not my idea of yoga at all. Even from the beginning I found everything to be so rushed, it was difficult to keep up, no sooner
had you got into one position then straight into a second one. Rushing through Yoga is not relaxing & you could do your self an injury.
It seemed very competative and offers alot on the DVD's but there doesn't seem to be much point if you can not keep up because they are wizzing through it. In my opinion it was a waste of money and i certainly would not recommend it. I have recently purchased a Louise Soloman 'Yogalates' Box Set and that is much more like it, taken through the positions carefully and allowed long enough to stay in the position for it to be Beneficial.
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on 18 September 2011
I recently bought these DVD's to make my workouts a bit more dynamic. I've tried the Earth and Original workout. I've never done yoga before, but I'm familiar with controlled breathing and poses from pilates. Do not buy this DVD if you are new to exercise and unaware of controlled breathing and controlled exercise. You may risk injuring yourself. Attend a few classes before attempting. If you're not going to try a class first, I'd say watch the DVD 3 times before doing the full workout... watch it at least once and breathe along with it, then watch it again and accustom yourself to some of the positions and the breathing without completing the moves. On the 3rd go, follow the DVD but pause at regular intervals if you're struggling with a move... having a biggish mirror on the opposite side of the room is good because you can check and adjust your position at regular intervals.

Original and earth are OK to follow, as with all DVD's it takes a few tries to synchronise yourself to the instructors movements and accustom your body to breathing, movements and stretches it's not used to... the instructor speaks clearly and alternative moves are offered where the move can be advanced. The moves are explained well and I found that I could follow it relatively easily without focusing too much on the screen. The workouts have left me feeling stretched, relaxed and gently worked out. Regular use will really help to improve flexibility, promote a relaxed state of mind and gently tone the body. I'm looking forward to trying FIRE in a couple of months time.
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