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on 16 August 2011
I am not sure how the previous reviewer had so much difficulty in using this device. Once charged, mine worked as per the simple instructions, straight from the box. It is a simple "homing" device that shows where you are, your height and speed and which way to head for a previously saved and selected destination. I had no issue working out which PoI the device was set to - it shows you a number from 1 - 16 on screen so you know. Also the pointer arrow does show up just like in the photo. You do, though, have to wait for the device to sync to enough satellites before it will show you which way to go. That is a fail safe idea as far as I am concerened - why would you want to have an arrow pointing the direction to go, if the device hasn't yet worked out where it is because it isn't sync'd. Give it a couple of minutes and it seems to be long enough to work all this oput.This is an amazing little device for the money and I have found it to be accurate and very useful. At the price, it is hard to see why there isn't one in every car these days. Only downside is the charging USB port isn't the new "micro" size, so you have to have the (supplied) lead to charge it, rather than charge it from what is these days a universal mobile phone charger
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on 26 September 2014
My wife and I have been taking fairly long walks regularly and I just wanted something to tell us how far we had walked, how far away the car was and at what direction it was, so that we could see when we should start back. It sounds silly, but sometimes you can lose your sense of direction when you are in the woods or somewhere you are not familiar with.

I also thought that if one of us can't continue, we could call for help and give our co-ordinates over the mobile phone. Be prepared for the worst you see.

This cheap and basic device seems to do the job.

It seems pretty robust with a strong coated plastic case and tactile surface. It is fairly easy to read the display, although some of the information is in rather small characters. I can read the stuff that I am interested in without glasses.

The controls are a bit fiddly to operate and not altogether intuitive. But I was able to use the basic features without any real difficulty.

I think it is fair to say that, while the instructions are not pidgin English, they clearly have not been written by someone with full command of the language. e.g. "Its high-sensitive direction indication guide user to go back original departure position...". Still, you can get the gist of it. The manual is a single sheet, but it is fairly comprehensive and all in English, sort of.

The lithium battery seems to hold it's charge for many hours.

Setting the time is rather strange. The manual says that it comes set to Beijing time plus 8 hours The instructions then say that you set it to GMT plus or minus what is appropriate. I found that I had to set it to plus 13 hours to get the right time. You can select miles or Km for distance and input geographic coordinates manually, although it does seem a rather fiddly process.

So it is a bit flaky, but it does the job and it is quite cheap compared to many other GPS devices.

In case anyone thinks otherwise I am neither a Vendor of this nor a competitive device.
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on 3 October 2013
After taking up long distace walking I needed a GPS to trace how far & how long it takes to walk distace this seems to good to be true but I thought I will give it a go for the price ,tried it today it works perfect instructions are simple to understand even for a technophobe like me, checked the geographic coordinates with my car sat nav spot on. Charged up on USB & walked for 4 hours battery light never moved great little devise. When walking by myself it's nice to think if I did hurt myself I could phone someone with the correct cordinates for help.
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on 12 August 2012
Originally looking for a multi-purpose GPS device on a budget for use with Geo-Caching and route finding while out walking! I found this and having read all the reviews for this product from various other sellers as well, I decided to purchase from TaTa-mall at the best price. I haven't used any other GPS/SatNav before, using only travel route software on a PC, like Google Maps.

Arrived well packaged, very promptly, well in advance of target delivery date.

This gadget uses the principal of setting or recording a route of up to 16 Points of Interest (POI) and records the direction & distance you are away from each of them based on your current location (assuming you can receive satellite signal connections). You have to select each POI individually and separately to get this detail. It will display a 'compass like' directional arrow until you reach those coordinates.

Other buttons allow you to see the distance/time covered since start, clock (satellite time), speed & current elevation, current coordinates. Also a settings option for miles/kms, time zone adjustment, clear POI, reset defaults etc.

The instructions are quite basic and do need some understanding of GPS terminology to figure them out especially with regard to the POI (Points of Interest) setting. Seller was quick to respond to query but not that knowledgeable about the product.

Charging of battery via USB on PC was quite quick and battery life is good, you can turn it off to conserve power then back on again as required and it will remember the POI settings you have made and after a short while re-establish direction required (although you will lose any time/distance to date).

Please note that although instructions say use Google to obtain POI coordinates, Google Maps uses Decimal Degrees but the Mini GPS needs Degrees, Minutes and Seconds! So the Google coordinates will need to be converted before entering as instructed as a new POI. There are various sites that you can get this conversion but obviously this needs a little work before you want to use the gadget for that purpose. Upon query, Seller states it uses WGS84 datum system.

Also, if these POI are pre-set before journey they do not display a record label (that you get when at a POI and record the coords at it) but they will overwrite any pre-existing on that POI number. So you probably need to make a separate 'backup' note of the 16 POI locations if this is a concern.

In conclusion, fit's in the pocket nicely when walking and good value for money so far!
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on 30 March 2015
If you want coordinates in the format nnnn North, nnn South - yes thats North & South not North and West/East - then it great, pity it bears no resemblance to any other coordinate system in use
Returned for refund
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on 26 February 2011
I was given one of these and was hopeful that it would do a good job. I am no slouch when it comes to digital devices but this one beat me. The 16 POIs (points of interest) are confusing. Every time you turn it on another POI is added. You don't know which you are working with. I have yet to see it display the arrow on the presentation, which presumably should point north. The so called manual is not easy to understand. The only things I could get it to display are the time and height.
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on 19 July 2014
I wanted a simple GPS device for measuring distance travelled (I wasn't too fussed about being shown current coordinates). I have a proper GPS running watch that tracks and stores the route you've taken, gives pace etc, but this Mini GPS keyring looked perfect for simply recording my distance travelled when I didn't want to use my watch. Plus, for under £20 it was a bargain. However, it simply didn't work. I tried it on two routes and the distance it displayed was 4 miles over the actual distance travelled. The seller was excellent and sent replacement device, but again the keyring over calculated the distance by around 50%. If the device had lost signal it would have undercalculated distance, not over calculated, so I am not sure how it had got it so wrong. On all my tests it claimed to have GPS signal (the tests were in two different parts of the country).
Unfortunately, this makes the device useless - inaccuracies of this magnitude I think would make it unsuitable for any user's needs. After trying the replacement I sent it back and got a full refund.
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on 11 October 2014
This device does work with very limited options. You will need to bear in mind that it only cost under £20 so dont expect too much.

I couldnt get the poi to work properly untill I readthe instructions and it clearly said the device needs to be moving to be acurate so standing still looking for the poi will not work.

overall does what I wanted which was to locate my wildlife camera in the woods after a couple of weeks of leaving them out.
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on 10 June 2014
convenient little device, just set your current position and go. you can now return to this position (car in park,or similar) with no trouble.
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on 19 May 2015
Not great. I bought this item because I walk a great deal and obviously wanted to know distance travelled, speed of walking, altitude etc. This device under read quite badly with me and I know that because I have recently bought a more expensive gps watch. I don't condemn it out of hand but I would advise buyers to beware. Should you want pin point accuracy you have to spend a bit more but if you just need a simple guide then it is ok.
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