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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 6 March 2011
I got interested in the GF1 a year ago, but decided to wait to see if any new models came out. When the GF2 came out, and was offered at this great price (578 GBP) including two lenses, I ordered it.

In Sweden, this camera did not sell for that price, even with only one lens, so I was glad to find it on Amazon UK.

I had to pay extra tax (5%) as Amazon has to pay Swedish tax, but it's still much cheaper.

Delivery was really quick! I ordered on February 7 and received the package on February 11. Delivered to Sweden.

The camera is amazing. Together with the 14mm it is an impressively small package and takes sharp, crisp, colorful pictures. The 14-42 is a good complement, but I mainly use the 14mm. It is the perfect lens for casual shooting so if you're only getting one lens, I recommend that.

The manual is a bit hard to read, but fortunately you don't need it that much as the menus are quite clear.
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on 22 May 2011
I read lots of reviews on Amazon and in magazines before buying the Lumix GF2. I am a pro wedding photographer having covered thousands of weddings at Gretna Green and in churches and castles around southern Scotland. At the moment I use a Nikon D700. I basically cannot fault the Lumix, its a great camera and produces very acceptable images. I love having the flaxabilty of an Slr in a small package, no regrets on buying the GF2, those not happy with this camera are most likely going to be unhappy with whatever they buy.
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on 28 September 2011
I bought this camera as I am new to photography and wanted near DSLR picture quality without the bulk and weight that accompanies DSLR cameras.

The build quality of the camera body is fantastic - it has a firm feel to it and the mechanisms (such as the pop-up flash) are solid, and not flimsy.

The size of the body is bigger than that of a compact, but still small enough to fit in a jacket pocket with 14mm pancake lens attached. There is also a strap with the kit for wearing round your neck/shoulders.

The camera comes with a battery pack and charger - I naively thought it might come with a slot for batteries having only every used compact cameras, but it holds it's charge well and the charging unit is small enough to bring on holiday.

The camera makes use of a large LCD viewfinder on the rear that doubles as a touch-screen operated control panel - this initially put me off as I thought the screen may get scratched and covered in finger prints, but so far has worked well and is easy to navigate.

I am very happy with the picture quality from the two lenses (a 14mm pancake and 14-42mm lens). I initially thought i'd only require the 14mm lens, having read opionions from other reviews and forums, however the zoom has come in very useful and I feel it would restrict my freedom without it.

I was attracted to the camera not only because of its large sensor size (nearly 4 times that of a compact with equal or greater mp) and interchangeable lenses, but because the GF2 looks and feels like a `real' camera. The GF2 looks like a camera would if it was slung round the neck of a photographer in a `60's movie. It has a very nice vintage feel to it, albeit with all the trappings of modern technology.

The only negative is that the instruction manual is very limited on information - for the price this camera was new, I would have thought Panasonic could have put together some flash videos or a better users guide. The information contained is very dry and difficult to understand out of context, or if you have little photographical knowledge.


To those who wish to compare this to the GF1; Yes the GF1 is a better camera. It has better functions and better quality lenses (17mm pancake and 14-45mm zoom), however my review is of the GF2 and the GF2 only. I find the comparisons between the GF1 and GF2 a little irrelevant on Amazon, as the GF2 is lower priced than it's predecessor and tries to target a broader market which is why Panny made the design changes they did. I don't think comparing the two actually achieves any real purpose and that the GF2 camera should be reviewed objectively on its own merits.
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on 6 June 2011
I wanted something a bit more capable than the average point and shoot but short of an SLR (even a micro 4/3 SLR-alike although I've since added a G2 body to the collection). This fits the bill nicely. The images are bright and crisp, the metering and focusing seem to be spot on, the build quality is excellent and 12 mega-pixel images are plenty big enough for all my needs.
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on 9 February 2011
A fantastic camera. Sure to win the T3 'camera of the year' this year following on from the GF1 last year. You will not be disappointed.
I was disappointed with Amazon however! I pre ordered it from them to be told it would not be available until March / April so I cancelled it. Guess what? It was suddenly back 'In Stock' but at a higher price!! So I ordered it from another vendor cheaper. Shame on you Amazon.
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on 17 April 2012
I have been a keen amateur photographer for a while now, but have only ever used a compact. I feel I can get the most out of any compact but I have reached the limit of what a good one has to offer, and so have been toying with the idea of getting an SLR for a while.

The only thing stopping me has been the size of the SLR and all the kit. I am going to Bali in the summer and the thought of lugging an SLR around really put me off, hence I have been looking at mirco SLRs.

I very nearly went for the Nikon 1, but then I spotted the GF-2 dual lens kit for an unbeatable price (sorry Amazon, not from you). A camera of this quality with two lenses for well under £400 could not be missed, so I took the plunge.

So far the results have been very good. I have mainly been using the 14-42mm lens, zooming in for some great close up shots (children, pets, flowers). Images are super crisp and a vast improvement over the compact. The iAuto mode picks the best setting for your shot to help you get going. The close ups of flowers are simply stunning, with vivid colours coming through.

The camera has face and pet recognition and you can even link a birthday to a child/pet so it automatically keeps track of their age in the photo.

Some people have said they do not know what the 14mm pancake is for. I agree that at first it seems redundant, other than to make the unit much smaller. However, I think the wider angle will be useful at times. We shall see.

I could have bought the camera with one lens for £238 (sorry Amazon, not you again) which is incredible value.

Finding good cases has proven difficult. I want a bag that holds all the kit and both lenses but the mirco SLR cases are too small, and the full SLR cases are too big! The retro leather cases are quirky but a little OTT in my opinion, and very expensive. I am considering buying padded cases for individual items and keeping them in my 'man bag' (far more trendy than a big SLR bag).

The neck strap that comes in the kit is very useful and I am surprised at how confident I feel just having the camera hanging down in front of me. I don't feel like it would be damaged with a bit of common sense and care (keeping an eye on zips, walls in front of you etc).

In summary I feel this camera has enough settings to play with to keep the advanced amateur happy. Equally the iAuto mode helps the novice get excellent photos, and there are colour options and many scene options available built in to enable unusual/advanced photos to be taken without the need for editing software. RAW pictures can be taken for even better results and editing on your PC.

The camera can be found at an uneblievable price now that the GF-3 is out.

I bought an 8gb card which can hold around 1000 photos in .jpg mode, and around 300 in RAW mode.
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on 13 September 2011
They say good things come in small packages. It's a bit of a cliché but true nonetheless.

I am an experienced amateur; that is to say that i know my way around a camera, having followed just about every trend-setter of the digital age in the last ten years or so. I have more recently taken my ability that little further and really wanted to have the power and creativity of a full system camera, but with the added ability to sling over my shoulder when out and about.

I had done some lengthy research into cameras within this range, and with the previous reviews coupled with high quality specifications convinced me to take the plunge. I have to say i am delighted to have made this choice in a competitive and tricky price range for a digital camera, bordering on serious DSLR territory.

I won't bore you with the specifications and in's and out's as that is well covered on here already. I just want to say please take a chance on this camera, the quality and feel is excellent (although the lens feels a little too plasticky (although looks great from a distance)) and HD video at full 1080 is brilliant.

In the two weeks i have owned this camera i have had some seriously good photos, ranging from Landscapes, Sports, Timelapse and even some Trick Photogrpahy. I am off abroad this week and i cannot wait to see what impeccable results the Lumix will bring me!!

Pay a little more and get both the Pancake 14mm and 14-42mm lens, you won't regret it!!
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on 11 October 2011
Having reviewed many different camera's I had concluded that I wanted to buy a camera with a detachable lens, possibly an SLR. I reviewed all SLR's within my budget I was attrached to the GF2 for its size.

The GF2 is simply a normal compact camera with a detachable lens, which allows you to use other lens's and filters far more effectively than the effects you get on normal compact cameras.

If you want to take a tentative step in to more serious photography, this is the camera for you.
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on 17 October 2011
this a fantastic compact camera with all the flexibility of a larger SLR. amazing value for money now the newer model has been released. i prefer the design of this one anyway and 13 megapixel is more than enough for most people. easy to use touch screen although in sunlight a little difficult to see image on screen but there is a viewfinder available, but it's not cheap. highly recommend to amateurs and semi-pros alike.
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on 1 May 2016
Bought my red gf2 with 14-42 lens in 2012. It was a pretty decent kit at the time.. but the low light really sucked with this lens. I would get a lot of noise or low quality. But that said it was a great beginners kit. I ended up buying an olympus lens and another low end lens for more close up and portrait photos. I love that I could adapt to different lens. The video at its highest quality was pretty decent, though the format didn't work for many devices unless the quality was lowered. The RAW format was pointless to me. I wasn't able to use it, because again not mamy viewers or editors could open it, so I ended up sticking to jpeg. The flash was ok mostly, I did feel it was too harsh at time. The manual setting etc were fine. The filters were fun though a bit gimmicky. The menus were ok to use. These might juat be personal preference though.
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