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on 2 August 2011
First of all Adele 21,as a piece of Music is a great, Turning tables, Set fire to the rain are just brilliant, and the Cure cover Lovesong also fantastic. So why the three stars. Well first of all Adele 21 is a five star album, however the compression on this CD is unbearable,it has at times is so harsh it has distorted the music.This appears to be because the transfer being so loud you loose the quality of the recording. I was so disappointed with the sound I bought the vinyl version hopping it would be better, it is not leaps and bounds but it is of a higher quality than the CD. I can only believe the CD has been mastered from an MP3 file, hence the loss of quality. I appear not be the only one who felt this i looked on line and it appears to be many people upset by this transfer. I personally do not understand why this is being done, why can't the record companies just let the quality of the recording come through. If you want to know what I mean put the CD in a reasonably good system and turn it up, you will not be able to go to loud before the sound begins to distort and clip,if this is the future we are going backwards, there are many recording 50 years older than this that sound 100% better. This is a shame that one of the best albums this decade has been mastered so badly I do hope XL recording take note and solve this problem. Those thinking of buying the vinyl version don't bother it sounds the same as the CD. This review is based on the very poor quality of the CD so please make sure you understand it not for the album musically. Shoot the mixer!
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on 3 February 2011
Where to start - Rolling in the Deep is a awfully contrived affair and unfortunately, the rest of the cd just gets worse. "Rumour Has It" is lyrically childish and a lame attempt at Rock. Why do so many artists attempt a genre they have no understanding of in a sad ploy to say "I'm diverse". Just try to get one genre right please!!! As for the version of "Lovesong", Robert Smith does not deserve such horrible damage to what was a great song. But there is worse to come - "Don't you remember" could fit onto a Shayme Ward cd being as forgettable as it is, and I quite literally fell asleep listening to "Someone Like You" although to be fair I was bored 2 songs in and my ears were bleeding by the end of the cd. No songwrting ability, no musical sense, and lyrically about as interesting as cutting my toe-nails. British songwriting has never been so low than at this moment in time.
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on 24 January 2011
So that you know where I am coming from,my favourite albums are Desperado(Eagles) and Whats going on(Marvin Gaye)...I normally sit back and listen to a whole album,not in this case, it was fast-forward all the time.Does she have an excellent voice,YES,but the arrangements and production are very poor.Her album 19 is more indicative of her talents,buy that, not this load of rubbish.Everyone one is allowed mistakes I hope this is her last.Whats the betting her next album will be called 23!
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on 4 April 2011
The album is called '21' but there isn't 21 songs so why is it called 21? I bought it and expected 21 songs and was extremely disappointed when I found only 12. Is it a misprint, or are the record company really bad at counting? Either way they should make sure they don't make errors like this with their products else more people will be upset. 1 star.
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on 6 March 2011
Awful. Simply awful.

The same drone-voice on her songs is miserable and not enjoyable to listen to.

Avoid at all costs.
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on 25 February 2011
Here we go again, the next big thing; it seems that female singer-songwriters are all the rage at the moment. I have to admit to not owning this record but as she is all over the airwaves all over the place, i think i have heard enough to voice my opinion. I thought the material on the first album was mediocre at best ("chasing pavements"? what the hell is that supposed to mean?)and there doesn't appear to have been any significant forward shift with this cleverly titled collection. It's all bleeding heart emotional piffle and I suppose we are to accept that this is all drawn from personal experience, but you can't help but think it's all a load of cliche ridden rhetoric aimed at the sappy members of society who can "relate" to this kind of turgid drivel. The cover art shows you what to expect, a moody black and white shot of Adele looking all fragile and vulnerable (that's original). Sorry folks but i rather think you're all getting sold down the river on this throw away tosh and quite frankly i think she sounds a bit like foghorn leghorn anyway.
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on 7 May 2011
Oh my god....if i hear Adele on the radio one more time.21 is an album that has transcended merely being a cd,its more like an everyday product.Mums have it,sisters,girlfriends,uncles,nieces.I know at least 23 people who have it.
And i only know 24 people.
My partner plays it in the car on the way to another enormodome shopping centre,my hands clenched tight to the steering wheel as Adele sings another song about how some bloke dumped her.We get to the shopping centre,as we wheel our trolley round like consumer zombies they are soundtracking our malaise with....Adele singing about another bloke who didn't pay for her large bag of chips.
21 is like standing in a room with a pre menstrual woman who is in need of a chocolate bar and a hot water bottle.
It is the DEFINITIVE womans album.Any notion of me enjoying the songs has been throttled by the sheer rotation of her songs played on tv,radio,salons,coffee shops....horribly,horrendously ubiquitous.
678 5 star reviews,5,000 likes....its like Day Of The Dead.I think 21 is a generic,cliched,boring,safe album that gets lapped up by the masses like cats drinking milk.Plus the way everyone says "how beautiful Adele is..."on tv shows,pull the other one.We all know shes a bit of a chunk,partial to a biscuit or five.
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on 27 January 2011
Awful over the top USA production. We've waited so long and this is so typical of what comes out of that country - witness Joe Cocker's last effort. You've souled (intentional spelling) girl and that ain't good. The backing features some moronic "powerhouse" drumming and the piano playing throughout is just awful - I don;t know if one or more persons were responsible, but the pseudo-classical intro's on some tracks is particularly dire - elsewhere its a real kitchen sink job. Saddest thing Adele ends up literally screaming above the cacophany - yes the very same who sang like an angel on 19.

Ms Adkins I don't what the bearded wonder charged you for producing this stuff, but I'd be asking for my money back.
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on 24 January 2011
'Sometimes it lasts in love... and sometimes it hurts instead'.

My expectations for this release were raised when I saw Adele perform 'someone like you' on Jools Holland - and it literally made me cry. It was the first track that I played when I got hold of the album, and I was pleased that she had stayed with the simplicity of the live performance - but slightly disappointed that the album version is a bit sterile in comparison. But this is nit picking. At a tender age Adele has proven herself as a fantastic writer and performer. Her vocals are distinctive and she is equally at home with pop, blues, soul and torch songs. There are any number of stand out tracks here, - in fact the first six are so good I instantly wanted to repeat play each track on first listen - just to take it in.

This is very much a break up album, sad, but uplifting at the same time. I liked 19 but had no great expectation that she could produce a second record of this quality. Suddenly I am a huge fan.

Highly recommended.
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on 11 November 2011
I Cannot Stress how much I HATE Adele she makes music for people who don't really like or know very little about music , The songs , Lyrics everything do absolutely nothing , they make me feel nothing and to make things worse everybody seems to like her and they all give the same reason for liking her because of how well her records sell . This is to try and get old people buying records again isn't it cos I can't see anyone under 40 actually enjoying this awful sludge but shockingly enough my 23 year old girl friend who this time last year was enjoying My Chemical romance , Green Day , Linkin Park and Eminem is now off all that and listening to Adele and other simular sounding dross all because she thinks it gives an impression she's more mature and grown up . If this is Mature well then I feel that Maturity is a very sad thing indeed
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