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on 18 June 2013
Free on youtube but after watching it in stutter vision I had to buy it.
Very cheap, and well worth the purchase.
If you don't buy this your a tight git.
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on 6 June 2015
Good animation, bit of a ripoff of Alien 3
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on 11 March 2013
Didnt enjoy this one as much as downfall, and its a shame there wasnt a movie for Dead Space 3. The Art style especially the 3D sections are rather ugly, though the voice acting is okay..On par with the first film at least.
Overall the story is quite good, and it is different to the first film so props for not doing a Die Hard 2.
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on 22 November 2013
was quite a good film, but i think the first film was better. I am glad I bought it though
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on 11 October 2014
Ambivalent. O.K.
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on 28 January 2011
First thing to say is: I'm a great Dead Space fan and I was really looking forward to this movie. I didn't watch any trailers beforehand to let it hit me with surprise like it happened with Downfall.
Since there is more than one summary of the story by now, I just start directly with my opinion.
Well, Aftermath DID hit me with surprise but I was really disappointed with the result. Althouth I was watching it in the dark with my headphones on, there was just no atmosphere, no tension building up. After the great and fitting art style they used for Downfall, I had hoped for something that would be on the same visual level at least. But the CGI style just didn't reach me and the different styles they used for the four stories didn't help to build up a steady atmosphere. For me, the first three quarters of the movie were downright boring. And the last quarter, with the fourth story be told and following the Necromorph outbreak on the O'Bannon, wasn't outstanding either. The inconsistencies already mentioned by previous reviewers were also a problem for me. Beginning with just the different designs of the space suits in the first two stories.

I really enjoyed the first movie, the first game and as well the second game so far, so of course I was pretty hyped for this movie which could be a reason for my disappointment. However, in my opinion even Dead Space fans should think twice if they want to buy this movie or if they prefer to give it a rent instead.
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on 9 March 2012
Do not expect Avatar 2. This said if you are a fan of Dead Space then at the current price point (IE cheap) then if you are interested about how the story developed from Dead space to dead space 2 (and to be fair in the game this isn't clear at all) I fully recommend. People worrying about discrepancies between the 4 "survivors" should watch it again as its quite clear that this is deliberate to highlight the biases and prejudiced nature of the players involved. My final point if you've brought Dead Space on the WII for your kids and think about buying this or the other DVD to go along be well aware this ups the grown up value by an awful lot
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2011
Dead Space - Aftermath (DS:A) is the story of the first-responder ship USG O'Bannon sent to rescue the planet-cracker USG Ishimura. O'Bannon falls to the same fate as the Ishimura except for the fact that there are four surivivors that have managed to find a shard of the marker. DS:A tells the story of each of the survivors as they recount what happened from their perspective.

The majority of this film is done in CGI, and not very good CGI either. It resembles an in-flight-safety information video as the character models are so mechanical, the textures incredibly bland, the shading simple and the effects laughable - imagine the local news desk had a go at animating the story with their CGI dramatisation software and stock character models and you will be somewhere near the quality of the animation. I nearly turned it off, the CGI is that bad but it is during the interrogations that the hand-drawn animation comes in as each character's section is helmed by a different director, all of the animation-styles and visualisations of the Dead Space world change.

This keeps you guessing, but did ANY of the directors talk to each other?! The first two segments are EXACTLY the same, I imagine they were given a brief of the story but have ended up standing on each others toes. Characters change race between the CGI and animated sections (Kuttner is black, yet his daughter is white in one section and then black in the CGI world...)

Extra content: All there is is a Dead Space 2 trailer, it's the full length unabridged one, but nothing that isn't already on Youtube.

In conclusion, this is absolute rubbish and quite frankly an insult to fans of the Dead Space universe. This is a mere parody of Downfall and should not be viewed as a sequel, run-on or even an affiliate despite being made by the same production houses. Obviously rushed to coincide with the release of Dead Space 2 and it shows. Avoid.
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on 26 November 2014
Dead Space Aftermath is the sequel to the Dead Space video game and bridges the gap between the game's ending and the beginning of Dead Space 2, though, perhaps not directly - instead of explaining how Isaac Clarke gets from his escape craft onto the Sprawl, the film goes about explaining what happened to Aegis VII after Isaac destroys the beacon there.

Dead Space Aftermath is the second animated film after Dead Space Downfall, a prequel to Dead Space that detailed the events on the colony and on the Ishimura prior to Isaac and his team's arrival. The only thing that is glaringly deplorable about this film are the 3D sequences...they just look horrible. The characters look like some Pixar intern made them and most importantly, they have no resemblance to the nicely drawn characters in the animated part of this film. Basically the story of Dead Space Aftermath is that another ship - the USG O'Bannon - gets sent to Aegis VII to stabilize the planet and retrieve shards of the Red Marker. Four crewmembers who survive the events are captured and recount their ordeal in an interrogation room. So essentially we have several lengthy flashbacks that detail what happened to the O'Bannon.

Despite the 3D blunder, personally I think the animated parts more than make up for the rest and this film is just as gripping and visceral as Dead Space Downfall, if not a bit better because it has several fleshed out characters that feel tangible and real, and also explains some of the greater forces at work here, while Dead Space Downfall barely had any memorable characters, and also left us with a very unsatisfying ending. Truly, if they had decided to make the entire film animated instead of those ugly 3D sequences, this would have gotten the full 5 stars. Thus, a 4 out of 5.
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on 26 March 2012
im a big deadspace fan. have played both games and watched the previous dead space anime "downfall" which is brilliant. however when watching "aftermath" to be honest i wasnt that thrilled. the story jumps around, and sometimes its hard to keep track about what is going on. i also didnt like the style of anime- i thought they should have kept it closer to downfall. its a weird mix and makes viewing it slightly disorientating.

i also feel that i didnt connect with the protagonist character as much as i did with Vincent from Downfall. so i didnt really care what happened to them at the end of the day.

i wouldnt recommend buying this film- just watch downfall instead as you get much more out of it then this one.

some positive aspects about aftermath include: the traditional gruesome blood and gore expected of any dead space franchise. also how the story links to aspects of dead space 2 and adds a different perspective.
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