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on 23 April 2017
Interesting let you see the picture behind mass media
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on 7 May 2000
An excellent and very detailed overview of how our planet is controlled, and public opinion is manipulated beyond most folks perception as to how things" Happen"
Should be followed by Diplomacy by Deception also by Dr John Coleman
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on 15 July 2009
Hat's off to Dr John Coleman, an excellent read with in depth analysis of how the Committee of 300(Global economic and political elite) control the many(General population) through many front organisations and influence decision making within the governments of the United States and Great Britain and beyond in secret think tanks like the Bildererg Group, Council on foreign relations, the Tavistock Institute etc.

What gives this author real credibility is the fact he was an agent at the heart of MI6 and was aware of how secret societies work as agent of MI6 and discovered to his horror he wasn't acting on behalf of Great Britain but this secret society called "The Committee of 300". While in the secret service, which essentially is a secret society that is there to protect the Queen(who is head of the committee of 300) and her empire( which still exists, albeit covertly controlled through front organisations to hide the imperial control)managed to compile enough evidence of who he was realy working for and decided to do some more extensive research over many decades and was able to write this book and reveal how the committee wanted to dismantle and break up nation states into regions and superstates like the EU and create a One World Government to administer all aspects of human society. The more you watch the news the more what he has predicted is unfolding before our very eyes.

The detail is incredible. The idea that anyone trying to label someone a "Conspiracy theorist",when trying to tell the truth think again, this is no theory but highly detailed facts of what has and still is happening, based on the committee's own documents, proving beyond all doubt that it is no theory, only telling you what the committee already has down on paper of what it wants to achieve.

It explains why and how and who was and still is behind the major events in world history that change society in the direction "The Committee of 300 " wants through its many agents around the world. It opened up my eyes and it also lends credibility to other conspiracy researchers that deal in facts not theory. Highly recommended.
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on 23 September 2010
John Coleman was one of the first whistleblowers, struggling against the tidal wave of deniers, but now there's too much information out there for the old, feeble allegations of "conspiracy theory" to hold up. If you have ever wondered why this world of ours is so messed up; wondered why the wars; why the deception by prime ministers and presidents, by those in parliaments and in senates/ congresses and by large corporations; or why our living standards have fallen while we work longer hours; or even why our children act the way they do; read this book. You will get a glimpse of the "they" who really control our world and your way of thinking will never be the same.

This book contains valuable material but roughly the first third of the book was was all over the place, making it hard to follow the threads through history of who was really pulling the strings and why. It contained a mixture of good information and bits that were cringingly-embarrassing, with its many reproofs - which I mainly did not disagree with but which were excruciatingly presented due to the regular trotting out of the author's brainwashed "christian/religious" views (as opposed to spiritual views flowing from one's personal experience of the ALL).

The book picked up in approximately the second third, which "followed the money" of the drug trade over the last 300-400 years; naming names and alleging for instance that most, if not all, the British aristocracy benefited both knowingly and fantastically from the imposed misery of millions in the Third World (for lack of a better term) as well as that the spread of the drug trade to the First World has been deliberately planned from the very top - and why.

The last third of the book was a little tedious, consisting mostly of lists, although there was also a very interesting section on how Nixon was stitched up by Kissinger via Haig (whom Coleman claims was just a jumped up colonel who never commanded troops in battle) because Nixon would not obey certain orders from the top.

Four stars because of the valuable material, although perhaps I should have deducted two, not just one, stars for the hectoring style and lack of supporting evidence (although just what evidence would it be possible to offer, given the illegal manner in which so much has been hidden by labeling it "official secrets"?).
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on 10 September 2016
Books like this are the reason why so called conspiracy are not taken seriously by the vast majorit of people. Big, powerfull statements made to create a wow reaction, that sort of sensationalism that makes a book sell. Ridicolous use of capital letters for entire sentences... and, not surprisingly, all the statements are not referenced. You will find lots of titles in the reference section, but if you want to know where a certain statement comes from... well, you have to take it as it is. I bought this book as it seems to be one of the best among the pretty much limited choice on the comm of 300, and withing a few pages a knew I would have had to force myself to make it till the end. And so I did. To make it short, waste of money, waste of time. There is a lot of serious work of research and divulgation done, and this garbage detracts a lot from that. Stir away from it, particularly if you are pretty serious about educating yourself on this matters.
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on 15 December 2000
I had heard of John Coleman from reading David Icke, and seeing an article of his on the illuminati-news website. What he says is incredible. But on further reading of his references and other books you start to see exactly where he is coming from. You must read this book two or three times to let all the information sink in. There are still bits of information I don't believe. But that's because I haven't checked out the references yet. Those I have checked have been 100% on the money.
This conspiracy is very big, and very advanced. But it's not too late yet.
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on 10 June 2012
This book is a stimulating and enjoyable read for anyone who has an interest in examining an alternative view of world events. The author, Dr John Coleman was a former British intelligence agent and provides some fascinating insights into some historically significant events, including the beginnings of rock 'n' roll and the assassination of JFK.

More importantly though, Coleman explores the ideology of the people behind the scenes, who are 'pulling the strings' and shaping the course of world history through covert means. Dr Coleman makes some strong statements regarding the ulterior motives of those involved in "The Committee of 300" that warrant further investigation. The author's outlook for the future is bleak and he implores people to start waking up to the fact that we have all been distracted from major global issues by the heavily controlled media and entertainment industry.

The author's writing style and grammar leave a bit to be desired, however the informative content in the book is what makes it a worthwhile read.
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on 12 January 2017
This book is a must read for anyone interested in politics & the future of the human race. John Coleman has bravely revealed information that the 'elite or ruling classes' don't want us to know about. It is not fiction as it is backed up with substantial evidence & names of individuals who are involved in controlling the masses. These people hate religion & don't like the idea of people thinking for themselves. It highlights the corruption in today's society. I understand this book is banned in the UK - say no more!!! I had to get my copy from Canada.
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on 2 August 2011
This book is a fake. It is sloppy, careless, rambling and has quite clearly never been near the services of a decent proof-reader. There is very little in it which can be checked against solid references or sources. Its most contentious statements rely on no other authority than what Dr. Coleman claims to have researched in a secret part of a library to which very few people have access. In other words, we simply have to take his word for every hysterical claim he makes.

Unfortunately for him, his word is not very convincing. His own writing is sloppy and unprofessional, casting enormous doubt on his claim to have been an intelligence officer in M.I.6. For one thing, he mistakenly identifies M.I.6 itself with the British Army's Special Air Service regiment in one passage! That is an error which not even a Girl Guide would make, far less a professional member of a national intelligence service. Given that he doesn't seem to know the difference between a commando and a spook, it would be foolish to have confidence in his more outlandish claims, especially the ones what are prefaced by phrases such as "it is well known that", "some even say that" and "is believed to..." That holds no water in serious, professional research.

Most ludicrous of all is his inexplicable obsession with The Beatles. In Dr. Coleman's parallel universe, The Beatles were created and named by the Tavistock Institute which then drafted in the services of a German musicologist called Theodor W. Adorno to write all of their hits so that free heroin could be distributed to the youths at Beatles concerts. Any "scholar" who seriously expects to get away with tripe like that must be on some pretty powerful drugs himself.

If there are any facts in this book, they either got there by accident or were cribbed from the well-referenced work of proper scholars such as Antony C Sutton or Carroll Quigley. Do not waste your time and money on this rubbish.
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on 4 July 2016
Must read for everyone
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