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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 March 2016
The story is not new, but it is ok. The movie is really easy to watch and the end no bad at all. Overall nice movie to watch but definitely is not stays with you after you watch it.
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on 16 March 2017
great film & fast service
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Greg (Daniel Carlisle) and Molly (Emily Peck) are a 20-something, straight-laced, ivy-league couple who move into New York's village area. At the same time a hipster-couple Trip (Todd Kubrak - a guy who could easily pass for Edward Norton's double) and his girlfriend Chloe (Liz Osborn) are also moving into together with Trip's long-time roommate, Bridget (Marja Lewis Ryan); an out of the closet woman-eating lesbian with a passion for 19th century literature. When the couples bump into each other in a trendy village bar called - The Four-Faced Liar (after a clock tower in Ireland that displays four different times - none of them correct) they become fast-friends. Greg and Trip really hit it off whilst Molly finds a kindred spirit in Bridget who truly understands her literary perspective and feelings. Whilst Greg and Trip bond, Bridget and Molly's friendship develops into something more, but will Molly throw caution to the wind and follow her heart?

TFFL is a brilliant story about relationships, there's more partner-swapping here than a mismatched sock convention and when we throw in the intrigue about changing sexual orientation and all of it's associated difficulties it makes for a well-acted and attention captivating saga. It's a smart and insightful commentary on following your head or your heart (Linton or Heathcliff is the film's Brontë analogy) and also the issue of trust between couples. Trip is a cool but duplicitous character whilst Greg is rather boring and worryingly placid about his girlfriends indiscretions and Bridget is the mouse like but attractive tomboy that makes for the slightly-cliché 'curious girl meets experienced player' lesbian drama. It's extremely well acted by all of the little-known cast and the script could easily have begun life as a Chekov inspired play with the majority of the drama playing out with all the characters in the same room.

All in all, an interesting tale of five young people in New York that explores modern-day attitudes to sexuality, loyalty and homophobia via it's characters and their interactions. A refreshingly different romantic comedy with a decent script. Recommended!
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on 28 October 2014
At first, I was lost in the childish quick fire New York mumblings and "never have I ever games", unsure who lived with or was a couple with who. There's a fifth character so the title doesn't quite match. But as the film went on, I found myself more engrossed and enjoying the story, rallying for one couple though feeling sad for another. There's an act of infidelity which I didn't realise since the extracurricular partner looked so much like the actual partner.

The trailer for this is awful, quoting something about butts I may get censored for putting here, but it gives the wrong impression and this is a story that appeals beyond the city and age range presented. It's not super deep or memorable - sadly so few rainbow films I've seen are - but was more enjoyable than many others
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on 28 January 2012
I was skeptical about the synopsis and cover of dvd. However, I purchased movie and can say have watched it 3 times so far. It is a really nice movie as, I have entitled it. Nice does not have to mean dull! What is nice about this film is the characters are not high fliers or losers just, sort of ordinary. The start of the movie is a bit lame but, not long after you begin to warm to it because it is just that a warming movie. No over the top stuff just people looking for love, and not knowing when you have it or where you might suddenly find it.

The film moves along nicely the two main female leads are an interesting and workable combination whereas, the leading male characters are fine but faceless in a way because they are not really the focus of the film.

I enjoyed the fact that the film had a decent ending, and that it was not a 'Hollywood' film. The way two best friends Bridget and Trip talk sometimes is a bit silly (they are students so, I guess this is the reason), and the daft game they play at the pub is also a bit cringe worthy but done to get the characters to divulge intimate or personal details about themselves. None the less I liked it.

I won't compare it to other movies as, do not see the point of that. What I will say is; this is a harmless, warm film worthwhile one watch and its likely you may watch it again.
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2011
The Four-Faced Liar is a trendy gay-friendly bar in a part of New York City which doesn't look like New York City in the movies. This is the place where Molly meets Trip, her colleague from her studies in 19th century literature. Molly comes to the bar with her boyfriend Greg who has just arrived in NYC, Trip brings his lesbian flat-mate Bridget, as we soon learn he has also a girl-friend, ballet-dancer Chloe. They are all in their early twenties but the film doesn't offer much information on what they do apart from meeting friends and sharing drinks.
As it turns out Bridget and Molly share keen interest in 19th century novel - Wuthering Heights is their apparent favourite - and they hit it off immediately. The story line concentrates on the two girls - Molly learns to accept the fact that she is a lesbian, Bridget changes from a woman-eating out-and-proud lesbian into a possible girl-friend material. Neither change comes easy but fortunately both girls realise on time what they are about to lose if they stick to their former selves - Molly marrying Greg (who is sadly cast aside and learns rather late what is going on behind his back) and Bridget devouring more and more women. The other story line - Trip losing and winning back (and losing again) Chloe is far less prominent although offers some more laughs.
There are some pros and cons, as usual with GLBT productions - pros are decent screenplay and acting, a major con for me was the quality of sound. Maybe it's just me but I found it quite difficult to follow dialogues which took place in the bar.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 March 2011
In the hipster world of New York's west Village, literature major and Emily Bronte enthusiast Bridget names her many lesbian conquests after days of the week. She isn't looking for love or a relationship, and like any self-respecting student spends an inordinate amount of time in a bar (the Four-Faced Liar of the title) with her best friend trip, a womaniser himself despite his girlfriend. One evening they meet straight-laced Gregg and his equally reserved girlfriend Molly, herself a literature major with a passion for the 19th century English authors. Recognising a common bond the two young women fall into an easy friendship leaving little choice for Gregg and Trip to do the same. As the boys bond over video games and sports, the two women realise a deeper connection. Molly's reserve melts away around the outgoing and mildly snarky Bridget, whilst the latter is forced to question her fear of love and commitment the more time she spends with her beautiful friend. Soon yielding to the unbidden desire for each other, their affair has the power to irrevocably change the four friends' lives forever.

It's great to see a well-acted lesbian-themed movie, they can be few and far between! Only exception is the boyfriend who is either a robot or has the stare of a maniac killer.
There's not a whole lot to the story, but it's well worth a view - maybe at this year's llgff at London's BFI Southbank where it's been selected as one of the ticket ballot movies.
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on 26 December 2015
There is much of the ambiance of 'Cheers' or 'Friends' in this film which follows the couplings and uncouplings of a group of young men and women who meet at a bar called ' The Four-faced Liar' .It was named after a tower in Ireland which had four faces with a clock on each face all telling the wrong time. I suppose it was an appropriate metaphor to describe the actions of a group whose verbals do not always match their actions. They try, in their various ways, to hold on to love or affection, and it is when they become true to themselves, as in the eventual relationship between 'out' lesbian Bridget and new friend Molly that they could succeed. Their ' high' is to become their partner's 'low' .

It was interesting to note how the men bonded on games like 'I have never...' which involved verbal sparring. Molly's version was' I have never...kissed a girl! ' near the beginning of the film turned out to be ironic. It led to the only real argument near the end of the film in which one of the boys says to Bridget something like 'Stop f...ing' my friend's girl' but it was all very civilized and modern as it would probably be very uncool to be homophobic in that society.

This dialogue-driven piece would have been better if the soundtrack had been clearer. As the film had short scenes, each presumably advancing the narrative or the characters, it would have been great to have heard what had been said. This did affect the enjoyment of the film, although the depiction of the atmosphere of the West Village was great.
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on 22 March 2013
i saw various trailers for this online on youtube but the movie is about the ups and downs of being gay straight lesbian or bisexual in the 21st century and it is quite funny aswell but the ending would have been better with a conclusion instead of been left on the edge but its a shame that there isnt a second film. but one of the best lgbt films ive seen
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on 20 April 2015
cardboard cutout characters, especially the men, cliched scripts, and worst of all it shows the women in a very bad light; eg: unfaithful liars, predatory lesbian who seems to be trying to outdo every male "stud" in New York, and who cares nothing for who gets hurt along the way!

Rent not BUY!
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