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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 February 2016
The Pure Twilight is a bedside, stereo DAB radio with a moon-shaped lamp atop a black and silver body. The touch sensitive lamp uses six high power LEDs to simulate daylight, as well as mood light that changes colour and varies in intensity. The idea is that at bedtime you will have your mood lighting active and if you select sleep mode, this will gently fade over a specified period of time. In the morning, the daylight option will steadily brighten for a period before one of the four alarms sound.

There are dedicated keys for the four alarms, sleep, audio source, daylight and mood lighting, along with volume and select up/down options and power. In use, a further four touch sensitive buttons become active below the LCD screen.
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on 5 December 2011
I picked this light because I liked the look of it. I thought it didn't look as bulky as the philips wake up light and there were good reviews on it.
However even from the get go there were issues with it. The touch light wouldn't turn off all the time, and it would turn itself on during the night without any help.
There was no gradual wake up, it just became really bright almost instantly.
Also to turn off the alarm, you had to turn the alarm sound to auxillary.
I've regretted buying it, I threw out the box about 1 day before it started constantly turning the light on and off all the time so I couldn't return it and I wouldn't buy a product from this company again.
At the moment it is sitting in my room collecting dust and when I go and buy a new wake up light it will be going in the bin. Back to Philips - it might be bulky and doesn't look as good but it does the job and does it well.
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on 20 September 2014
I bought one of these 2nd hand. Yes the reception is poorer outside London. Fixed that by installing an external antenna. The touch lamp is poor but can be operated by front buttons. I had no issues with random alarms at night but mine has the latest software. The unit moves when you press buttons on the front but I solved this with a non slip mat underneath. The wake up light duration can be adjusted. Light is blueish but it is daylight spectrum, that's the whole point! It is the only dab led multi colour sunrise clock on the market. I went through 15 or so halogen bulbs in 3 years on my lumie. This thing only consume 6 watts and should last for many years.
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on 28 June 2011
Not wanting to have misled readers below; for the last few months my twilight has had a nervous breakdown!
Light comes on, all of its own accord, any time of day or night!! Try to switch it off at 2am & it phases up & down in magnitude of illumination as if its having palputations
...only remedy is to pull the mains plug out! It then behaves more sane for awhile, before having red, green & blue relapses; until I pull its plug again?????

Have been on Pure website but haven't found a solution in faq or other help. Haven't actually contacted them as I think the early wakings have worn out my will to live with this mad machine!

in most ways delighted with this product so could be a 5 star, but to be fair it is expensive so value for money needs analysis:

Radio reception- good in southwest of house, nothing in ntheast! thats probably not the radio's fault but certainly worth checking the signal in the room where you're going to use it before expending that much on something that cannot work!
in our case the room is the right location so
5 stars *****

Sound quality- good enough for our needs but news programs etc come across with too much bass for talking & haven't found any control for this as you might expect?
we listen to a lot of talk radio, but overall
4 stars ****

Light- all the wakeup & manual on off work just as hoped, the white light is a good strength to read by at full brightness & gives an easy waking light in the morning, just what we wanted. however the coloured lights are just what they are, through a solid diffuser, they look; basic red, blue & green; the variations aren't all that subtle either, so not really of much interest to us, but as i say it works & we have it set to white
4 stars ****

Instructions, start up & controls- very easy, immediately managed, very simple, clear & easy to use ...half asleep!
5 stars *****

Style, shape & size incl footprint- excellent! pleasant but not imposing, takes up very little space, being oval, whilst having plenty of face for the clock & controls
5 star *****

Extra facilities, accessories, options & display- a little bit disappointing, not a problem but the clock size (reasonable) isn't enlargeable, the options menu is quite basic in each mode, various wish list elements just aren't thought of, which for this price is surprising?
3 star ***

Conclusion- you might be happy paying a lot less for something with less? i've been looking for some while & this product provides everything i needed in one, which nothing else did ...but it also cost a lot!!
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on 17 September 2012
What I use the product for:
- Radio alarm (sunrise function not used)
- Bedside light
- Night light

We've recently had our second child and I needed a dimmable light to enable me to see what I'm doing during night feeds. Our other clock radio was also driving me mad with the lack of reception, so this was a good solution. We've had the product for about two months and all of the above functions have worked perfectly.

To address some of the concerns I had before I bought it due to other reviews:
- we have never had an occassion when the light has given us a disco show in the middle of the night.
- I am able to use the buttons without the unit moving, it took a bit of practice, but it's fine
- I have never had to change anything relating to the alarm when it is going off (e.g. change station), so the slightly complicated button and screen combination has never posed a problem.
- the clock is perfectly legible once dimmed at night
- the wire aerial provides wonderful reception (perhaps we're just lucky in our house)
- the clock has never lost time

Things I love about the product:
- the light control being activated by the dome, very easy to find in the middle of the night. Also very easy to use as long as you respect the fact that it needs to be quite sensitive.
- the dimming of the clock display, I hate the bright light given off by some clocks
- the sound quality of the radio
- the ability to have multiple alarms
- the usability of the product, I found it really easy to set up and get the hang of.

I have yet to use the sunrise facility as I don't want to wake the baby any earlier than necessary, but so far I am delighted with this product.
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on 14 January 2012
I was sceptical about the whole idea of a light making any difference to rising on these winter mornings as no more than a gimmick.

Anyway, my wife complained about getting up in the dark (we both leave the house in winter at around 6:00am) and wondered if a 'SAD' alarm would help. So I duly obtained one for her Christmas.

I looked through lots of reviews and specifications and finally settled on this one, primarily because it's the only one with a built in digital radio available and also because it had a 'touch' dome for the light and snooze function.

Having set the alarm up to light up from 30 min before a 'forest ambience' noise - we went to our beddy byes and waited to see if we'd notice any difference.

Well three weeks in and I can honestly say that it does make a real difference to both of us in the mornings. We are quite often awake just before the noise alarm goes off and both are certainly in a better frame of mind to face the working day.

Referring to the Pure Twilight specifically, I can honestly say I'm very impressed with the quality, functionallity and specification of this unit - it was a little more expensive than most out there, but you certainly get a solid 'lump' for your money - this DOES NOT feel like another piece of chinese plastic wares. All in all a superb piece of equipment that really does make a difference to how you feel first thing on those dark winter mornings.
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on 16 February 2011
Before purchasing this item, I had a Lumie that lasted for about two and a half years. After it died I replaced it with the Pure Twilight unit.
I know that waking up with light does not work for everyone, but it does for me and the product certainly works when it comes to this.
I suspect your opinion of the product will depend on your primary reason for purchasing it; For use as a radio or an alarm with light function.

What I like:
Light levels, radio quality, USB power socket for iPod /kindle etc. (Not an iPod dock though)
There is no noise when the light starts to come on in the morning, while my Lumie had an annoying buzzing noise.
Set up is easy.
Multiple alarm settings for week / weekend etc

What I don't like:
I find the touch light annoying sometimes - unit tends to slide when you press buttons, so sometimes your instinct is to hold it - this will then activate the light and start to dim or brighten it.. And then you have to set it back to your preferred default light level.
My biggest complaint is the logic behind switching off the light with the alarm in the morning. The light comes on and the sound you chose sounds at the correct time - you can then touch the light to snooze if you want. If you decide to switch the alarm off, you do so by pressing the power button. Unfortunately this plunges the room back into darkness (unless you have a bed light next to the alarm, but that does defeat the purpose of the product in my opinion).
So in the morning, the light comes one, the alarm goes off, I switch the alarm off, the light goes out and I have to switch the light on again. According to support this is by design.
My unit also switches to mood sounds when I switch the alarm off but I think this is a fault on my specific one. I am waiting to hear back from Pure support on this.

Final thoughts:
If they bring out a software update (yes, you are reading correctly!), and give you the option to silence the alarm but keep the light on, I will gladly give it 5 stars
(perhaps by pressing one of the alarm buttons instead of power button? Let's hope)
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on 4 June 2012
If you scan around the reviews you will find common things pointed out, all of which are true:
- the buttons require so much force that you actually push the device, if it is on a surface like a bed side cabinet
- the 'touch sensitive' buttons are unreliable, and the menus they control are very very slow (even compared to the oldest touch screen phones)
- the menu system is very confusing and little thought has gone into it
- the alarm turns off after an hour, terrible if you like a lazy snooze on the weekend
- the 'touch sensitive' dome is anything but. It often mistakes a touch for a hold and then the light just gets locked into this weird cycle of dimming and brightening. There is no way to stop it other than unplugging and losing all your settings
- don't dare disrupt the snooze function e.g. by changing volume or changing radio station; the snooze is cancelled as a result. Just what you need as you wake, having to fumble around resetting your alarm so you don't oversleep.

All in all this device is awful. If it hadn't been so expensive (and a gift) then I would take it outside and smash it to pieces. A a similar Philips incarnation, mentioned in some reviews here, was just as awful by the way. Actually I find all Philips stuff pretty dire - it's as if the menus have been designed by a mad man, little is intuitive or makes much sense (just like the Pure).

It's a real shame as the theory behind these clocks is excellent. But Pure (and Philips) really need to up their game if they are going to capture the market. Do they not test their products before launching them?!

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on 22 February 2011
Bought this because the sudden violent vibrating of my mobile phone alarm against my bedside table fills me with rage and despair in the morning. This is a much more gentle way to wake up - there are a selection of nature sounds that relax me as soon as I hear them. You can have gentle waves, a babbling brook, the sounds of the shore, a forest.. you can also plug in your iPod or use the DAB radio function, or listen to lullabies. The light is bright (and big) enough, in my opinion, to use as a bedside lamp. I believe the product is also useful for treating the symptoms of SAD. Unfortunately the function where the light comes on gradually so that you wake up slowly doesn't work for me because as soon as it comes on, it wakes me up. You don't seem to be able to set the brightness for the alarm function, though you can when you're using it as a normal lamp. You can set up to 4 different alarms and you can snooze by just touching the lamp (it doesn't get hot).

Other lovely things - you can use it to meditate/relax by just leaving the sounds on the (barely noticeable) loop, use the colour settings (wheat field is green and gold, fire is red and orange and yellow etc), use it as a kid's nightlight or play them the lullabies. The build quality of the item is excellent - substantial and an elegant design in contrast to some of the other cheaper alternatives. The sound quality from the speakers is good too.

Downsides - it's pretty big, though most of these 'sunrise' alarms seem to be. It takes up a lot of space on my bedside table. The other thing is the price - £[...] is a hell of a lot of money to play for an alarm clock, no matter how special it is. I got this model because I was looking for a good sunrise alarm, reviews for other similar products were dicey and I happened to have some spare cash. Maybe at half the price it would be a bit more reasonable. However if you value feeling more sane in the mornings, perhaps the cost is worth it.
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on 13 April 2011
I purchased this product in the middle of winter after having a rough time waking up in the morning in the dark. I was also lacking a DAB radio so this product seemed like a good buy. It comes with lots of features from different light modes, sounds, radios etc. It also looks rather stylish and this may have been a contributing factor to my purchase. I use it daily as a bedside lamp as it's definitely bright enough to illuminate a small to medium sized room for reading or taking the strain off ones eyes when on the computer after dark. It also serves it's purpose well as a DAB alarm clock. One feature I do like is the fact that the lamp is not only touch sensitive (swipe/touch to turn on off, place hand and hold to lower light intensity) but it is also completely cold and emits no heat as far as I can feel.

However personally I do not use all the features packed into this little thing (the mood lights and PURE sounds in particular) as I find them annoying. This is a personal preference and not a design fault of any kind but they really do nothing for me.

Good if you need assistance waking up or going to sleep in the winter or summer respectively and don't mind paying a premium for the build quality.

Bad if you're looking for a cheap lamp/alarm clock combination.
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