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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2014
This is the first maya banks novel ive read and I really enjoyed it, I realised this was the second in the series so I have bought the first book the darkest hour which is ethan and rachels story.

the book begins with sam who is undercover trying to bring down a gunrunner and he is having an affair with sophie in a hotel room which ends abruptly when he gets an important message. The affair starts again 5 months later when sophie warns sam that he is in danger and sam realises there is more to sophie than he originally thought and doesn't know whether or not he can trust her but he can't deny the passion he still feels for her and the fact that she is 5 months pregnant with his baby.

The book is really good all the characters are well thought out and 3 dimensional, the story is full of action and hot romance, it sucks you in from the very start and keeps you entertained right to the end. You will want to read the next in the series straight away.
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on 12 January 2011
I have no idea what has happened to the erotic writer Maya Banks?? This book is a carbon copy of the first one just with the names changed and instead of amnesia the heroine is pregnant.
I think Maya Banks thinks she is giving Chris Ryan/Andy McNab a run for thier money, well beleive me she is not. There is just far too much about the mission, hardly anything about the main characters actual personality and some vanilla sex scenes thrown in at exactly the same place in each of the two books.
Maya used to be an automatic buy and if she goes back to what she is good at she will be again but not with this series.
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on 4 February 2012
I usually enjoy some light romance or romantic who-dun-its, but this was stretching a point far to much, to some sort of fairy tale! The heroine (at 5 months pregnant no less!) manages to survive, physical & emotional trauma that would have certainly caused severe damage to either mother or child in any near real situation, plus the story dragged thru' page after page of basically repeated thoughts of either of the hero/heroine, which seemed highly unlikely & it's still a mystery why she didn't tell the important info much sooner, to the point that I started to skip pages until some sort of different action happened, when it did, again it just wasn't logical. I hate to give a really bad review, but this is the worst I've read for a long time & not worth the price!
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The Kelly Group International (KGI) is a super-elite, top secret, family-run business. All the Kelly family men have military backgrounds. They handle the jobs that the U.S. government could not. They mainly specialized in gathering intelligence and dealing with hostage/kidnap victim recovery.

Sam Kelly is the oldest brother. Five months ago Sam shared a brief, intense affair with Sophie while he was undercover in Mexico. Then she vanished. Therefore, when Sam and a couple of his brothers (Donovan and Garrett) pull a delirious woman out of the river channel behind his home, Sam is startled to discover it is Sophie. That quickly changes to shock when he realizes she has been shot and is pregnant!

Sophie has spent the last five months on the run. Knowing that any mistake would cost her life and that of her unborn child - Sam's child - Sophie is desperate to reach Sam. Sophie was connected to Sam's past mission in more ways than he could ever imagine. It is time for Sophie to tell Sam who she really is and warn him that his entire family is in danger.

Sam knows he will do anything to keep Sophie and his child safe. Once Sam hears Sophie's story, he is no longer sure she can be trusted. It is also obvious that Sophie is not telling everything. But one thing is certain; the entire Kelly family is in danger.

***** FIVE STARS! A fascinating story filled with romance, suspense, and intrigue. My advice is to not even open the front cover of this book until you have pizza delivered. Once you begin reading, stopping will be all but impossible. I can hardly wait to see if the author will be able top this gem. (Garrett's story is titled Hidden Away and its release date is March 1, 2011.) In a word: Breathtaking! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 12 March 2015

I much preferred this over book 1 in the series. Plot and character development much stronger.

The heroine here was strong, even when she decided she needed help.

The lack of trust between them was very real, and made their attraction seem more honest, as if they could not deny it to themselves. And it fit the story, nothing I hate more than a lack of trust based on flimsy reasons leading to all sorts of misunderstandings that could be avoided, but none of that here. They both had secrets they had had to keep from each other, then found themselves in a situation where they had to try and trust each other and rely on each other. And it worked here.

I loved Sam, he cared very deeply for his family and for Sophie and was not afraid to hide it.

A great twist that I honestly did not see coming, and usually you can see these things a mile away.

An enjoyable 4 stars.

★Book Basics★

Genre : - Cont Romantic Suspense
Series : - Book 2 in the series.
Love triangle? - No
Cheating? - No
HEA? - Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - Yes
Rating - 4 stars
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Book2 in the KGI series was pretty much what I expected, and if I hadn't known this was a Maya Banks book, I'd have thought that it was by maybe Laura Griffin or Cindy Gerard, with: non-stop action from start to finish, tough, military, protective Alpha males, feisty females, danger, some hottish sex - not the scorching hot stuff we're used to from Maya Banks. This is more a romantic suspense/action tale with some sex thrown in, and yes, it was decent enough but can't be classed as an erotic novel, more a sensual one.

The book picks up pretty much from where Ethan and Rachel's tale ended and it's nice to see that they are living their HEA and that she's recovering from her ordeal and that they are taking time out for themselves. This is the tale of Sam, the oldest Kelly brother, leader of KGI and it's fast-paced from start to finish.

It's basically Sam protecting his ex-lover, who's fleeing a baddy that Sam has been after, and she, Sophie, turns up at his doorstep (actually, she's floating on a log on the lake at the back of his house), injured and 5 months pregnant with his baby, intent on finding Sam to protect him. Despite her pregnancy and injuries, she has spirit, is a kick-ass female type in her own way, and is determined to protect her love, Sam, and her baby.

Of course, there are baddies, and several of Sam's unmarried brothers, who seem to be versions of him and Ethan appear, together with several of their friends, and they fight the baddies to win the day. In fact, as in book 1, there are so many potential guys with tales of their own that are name-dropped, but other than the latter, we still don't know much about them. Still, a decent enough tale.

We get a HEA in this book, and there's a sneak preview of Garrett Kelly's book, out in March 2011, and yes, I will probably get it. I won't rush out to buy it, as the series so far is not a Keeper, but yes, it's better than the Sweet series of books by Maya Banks that seems to have taken to depicting the female leads as nothing but 'meat markets'. Personally, I wonder why her writing has changed so much from her early tales such as Colter's Wife, and IMHO, it's not for the best. She's an ok read, but not an author who is an auto-buy any more.
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on 4 May 2014
I love the KGI stories. This one was Sam and Sophie's story and even with their romance, the events that brought KGI into it and how they handled everything were amazing and had me turning the pages quickly.

When Sam was working undercover in Mexico, he met Sophie and he can't get her out of his mind after they both go their own ways. Sam doesn't know that Sophie's father is the arms dealer who he is trying to catch. It gets complicated because Sophie's father knows that Sam and the KGI guys are after him so he gets Sophie to seduce Sam and try to find out what they are doing. Sophie appears to go along with her father's suggestion but she has a different plan. Sophie shoots her father, steals a key to his vault holding his secrets and goes on the run for 5 months when she finally goes to Sam for help. Oh yeah, she is pregnant with Sam's child, too.

Like all the KGI books, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sam and his brothers don't know if they can/should trust Sophie but since she is carrying Sam's child, they want to protect her. Protecting people is ingrained in them so that's what they do.

I recommend this book especially if you like military or ex-military stories.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 February 2011
Book 2 in the series about Sam and Sophie. There are a lot of characters in these books and it can become confusing to keep up with which ones are the brothers and who is who! I enjoyed the book but its 'far fetched'! That is one strong baby Sophie is carrying to remain OK after all that Sophie goes through! I like the characters of Sam and Sophie but Maya Banks is quite odd in that she doesn't really give good descriptions of the characters. I can't get a picture in my head of what they are supposed to look like.
I skipped through a lot of the 'mission action'. I didn't enjoy this author or this series as much as Lora Leigh's books but I will probably still buy the others in the series as they are quite cheaply priced (for American books!).
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on 23 March 2011
Really enjoyed this book, just when I had begun to tire of Maya Banks books. I was gripped and didn't want to put it down. Would have given 5 stars if there had been more sex and the ending was just a tad unbelievable. However the banter between the brothers really made it for me as well as having a strong alpha male. It's not as hot as some of her menage stuff but still really good, would recommend it. Have bought the next book already.
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on 10 February 2014
i love the kgi books they are all gripping suspence and hard to put down even when i was ready for my bed i was still at there reading would recomend all the kgi books
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