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I teach crafting and one of the projects we did was adding these little sealife creatures into melt and pour soap. It was great. Using clear glycerine soap we poured a little into the mold, let it set and then popped in the sea creature facing down (or to the side) and then filled the mold with the rest of the warm glycerine clear soap. This embeds the little creature inside the soap. It's great for kids party favours and certainly encourages them to wash their hands so they can get to the toy!

Good price for the item as there are 24 of them in the set. All of them were pretty and also small, in nice and bright colours. No repeats of the animals in the set I got, which was nice. Well made items and good value too.
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on 20 June 2012
I have rated the toy quite well, because each little creature is as described. However, the selection I received is very poor. I have 4 fish the same, 3 octopuses, 3 pipe fish thingies and 2 snails the same. I also did not get the quoted shark, turtle or starfish. Whoever makes the selection needs to be more considerate of the purchaser. Very annoying because the picture suggests 24 different creatures. So although the toy is fine, I am not pleased with the seller.
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on 24 December 2013
We used these toys to fill my sons wooden advent calendar, and they fitted perfectly in the drawers. I was surprised at how much of a hit they were, a friend had bought him a chocolate advent calendar too but he bypassed that every morning running to see which sea creature he had, even at night putting him to bed he would already be talking about what would be in his advent calendar tomorrow. He's learnt all their names, as no information was included about what creatures they were we had to look some of them up in a book (obviously we knew stuff like turtle! But as to what type of fish it is...! We decided eventually we had a wrasse, an orange roughy and a cod!)

He has been carrying them round constantly in a tub ("aquarium") because he loves them so much, every time we see his grandparents the whole menagerie has to come too as he is so excited to show them, and they have been invaluable in getting him to positively run up the stairs at bedtime "to give squid/ crab/ seal his first bath".

I also love that they don't take up much space.

However, we only received 23, and I can see how that may have happened as, contrary to what I expected they didn't arrived packaged in a box or tube, but in lots of individual little plastic wrappers, all placed in an envelope. It didn't seem worth the hassle of contacting the seller but in retrospect I wish I had as I wasn't expecting my son to love them so much, I thought I would just put a chocolate in the final drawer of the calendar, but he was so clearly excited by finding out what sea creature he had behind the final door that I ended up rushing out to buy a schleich polar bear, which was £3, making the overall cost of my advent calendar more than it needed to be if the proper amount of creatures had just been there in the first place. Annoyingly it was the ray we were missing, and last night before bed my son was saying he hoped it would be a ray behind the final door! Which it should have been!

Having read the other reviews though it seems we were lucky to get such a good selection- we had no duplicates at all, one of every creature, except the ray.
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on 21 May 2013
Great selection of sea creatures, no duplicates. I bought them as bath toys but they would do well for party bags or pass the parcel layers. I was surprised at the level of detail for the price . I expected them to be a lot cheaper looking for 33pence each.
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on 23 February 2012
My little boy is fascinated by sea creatures and we bought him this set. It is great value - the creatures are detailed with nice colours. He plays with them in the bath all the time. NB they are small so don't get them for very little ones.
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on 28 June 2013
I paid £8 for this set inc Amazon Prime one day delivery.
All 24 creatures are well made and finished - NO DUPLICATES - and a great selection, each one individually packaged.
My three year old grandson adores them. After a couple of weeks he could name all the creatures.
He plays with them all the time both in water and just sitting on the floor playing with them and chattering to himself.
We store them in a 'seaside' bucket and he loves to take them out and about.
I got him a couple of books to compliment them and encourage his fascination. (Usborne Beginners - great books at a great price.)
He also loves to play with them whilst watching Octonoauts and loves it if one of his plastic creatures appears in the programme - and they often do!
A really good purchase which encourages fascination in this subject.
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on 26 November 2013
As other reviewers have experienced, this product is not what is displayed in the picture. I thought that it would be 24 different pieces. In fact I received 3's and 4's of the same thing. I have a superfluity of lobsters and crabs. There was no jellyfish, octopus, fish of any kind, turtle, penguin or squid in my pack. Overall, disappointing.
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on 18 November 2013
These arrived quickly. The packaging was a bit excessive - each sea creature is wrapped in its own plastic, but otherwise fine.
We received many different sea creatures, with no duplicates. The creatures are very detailed and the plastic seems to be of a high quality. It was nice to see such varied creatures like a walrus, seahorse, squid and sea snail, rather than the usual fish, fish and more fish. My daughter is a huge Octonauts fan so knew all the creatures.

We used them for fishing at a children's party and the children enjoyed fishing out different creatures. We've also used them in the bath. My only minor niggle would be that they don't float! But I think these are a good product, well-made and a good price.
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on 25 August 2012
After not getting some of the creatures in the first set I ordered, I requested specific creatures when ordering the second set and the polite seller did not disappoint! I now have at least 1 of ALL 24 creatures as displayed in the picture.

My 2 & 3.5yr old sons have so much fun playing with these good quality creatures, whether they're in the pool with their nets, in the bath or simply in their room. They have started to learn the names of creatures I didn't know until secondary school! I'd definitely recommend these for children, whether for party bags, educational or general play, as they look lovely, bear close resemblance to the real life creatures and are of decent quality.

Thumbs up!
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on 20 February 2014
I am really happy with this product. My son is four and loves all animal and sea life toys/figures ( especially given his love of Octonauts!), most small toys are the usual range of sea creatures... And there are only so many dolphins and sharks a boy needs. What I really liked was that this pack contains ( a lot of!) unusual sea creatures, a leafy sea dragon, squid, sea cucumber, cone snail etc. as well as the more usual creatures ( seal, fish etc.). I haven't seen these types of unusual sea creatures anywhere else... Really good value. Great bag of toys for general present, party bags or cheap and small reward presents. Definitely worth the money.
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