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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 December 2010
If you are pining away waiting for the film to be out on dvd this is a great way to relive the moments from the film. Put it on and close your eyes and you are THERE. The moment it starts with 'Obliviate' I'm filled with the same excitement and expectancy I felt seeing the film.

I don't know why people are complaining I think this is fantastic, after all the tone of this film and subject matter (not having any scenes at Hogwarts) ARE altogether different from the other films and having a soundtrack with a different tone / style is apt I think.

The inlay sleeve of this cd is fantastic for collectors, some great images, its in pride of place along with the other soundtracks, just eagerly awaiting the finale now!
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on 1 January 2011
Desplat's assignment for The Deathly Hallows undoubtedly occurred as a result of his excellent score for Twilight: New Moon, showing his skills at writing for the fantasy genre. Unfortunately, Desplat did not manage to pull anything special or unique for this penultimate film of the Harry Potter franchise. The scores for Harry Potter have suffered from a lack of consistency as different directors chose different composers from The Goblet of Fire onwards, often with little or no reference to John Williams' original themes or any subsequent themes by the other composers.

Desplat, as he did with New Moon, could have stamped his own mark, but instead many of the tracks whilst individually impressive, never seems to evolve into a well rounded listening experience on album. It is frustrating because he does have some good themes here, and some of the action writing does sound impressive. Maybe he will develop the themes further in Part 2, but this score does feel a little incomplete. It is nonetheless good, but not groundbreaking score with individual moments of flare rather than a cohesive music progression of ideas and themes. Hopefully these themes will be further developed in Pt 2.
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on 6 February 2011
In general the album is good, the music has much darker feel to it, well complemeting the penultimate instalment of the Harry Potter series. Unlike the previous scores however, most of the pieces are quite forgettable, with only few exceptions. As a Harry Potter fan myself I was quite disappointed, missing some of the key pieces I came to love while listening to the previous soundtracks (most notably the Hedwig's theme). Though essential album for any Harry Potter fan, it's definately not the best one.

I recommend listening to some of the songs before buying the album to avoid any unnecessary disappointment.
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on 26 March 2013
I confess that, as a whole, I prefer the soundtrack from the first three HP movies (John Williams), but the first two songs from this album are amazingly good. They depicts very well the feeling in those first moments of the story. I definitely recommend this soundtrack, but first watch the movie!
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on 11 July 2011
This is advertised as just a double disc in a posh box, but it's way more than that! You get a film cell, picture disc, bonus tracks, a DVD, a signed music score, and a poster. All in a really nice box. Well worth it if you're a big HP fan.
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on 23 May 2011
I hate to say it, but I found this soundtrack so disappointing. I absolutely LOVE Alexandre Desplat, I really admire his other works, so it really surprised me when I just couldn't bring myself to like this one. None of the tracks stand out for me, apart from perhaps "Farewell to Dobby". There are two or three moments on the whole CD when you hear something really beautiful, but unfortunately it doesn't last long enough for you to remember.
Personally, out of all the HP soundtrack composers, I think Nicolas Hooper (films 5&6) did the best job, and I'm sad he hasn't done the last two films.
I'm really hoping Desplat's Part 2 will be slightly different. But for the first time ever I was disappointed when I heard he would also be doing the music for the next one, as much as I hate to say that - as normally he is one of my very favourite film composers.
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on 20 March 2013
Great music straight from the film. Doesn't include music from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - that comes as a separate CD, be warned! The music on this CD is beautiful and very atmospheric. Worth the money! Very happy.
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on 19 October 2011
I initially hated this soundtrack for the same reason I think many people hated it - a perceived lack of continuity from earlier soundtracks like those of John Williams. However, after a lot of thought, I've completely come round to the soundtrack and a strong belief that it is the most appropriate soundtrack that could have been written to the film he Alexandre Desplat was presented with by David Yates, the director. Possibly, people sometimes forget that composers are working for the director and not themselves in the soundtrack world.

This film is about how Harry loses his sense of being a child, is thrown into all the confusion and fear that comes with that and, through the actions he chooses to perform, becomes an adult. Through terrible circumstances, he is forced to concentrated on the grim present and is not allowed the luxury of nostalgia for his early years at Hogwarts. That might come after the final battle is long won. Therefore, a soundtrack which made reference to themes like 'Hedwig's Theme' would sound out of place here, even in a varied form. For me, the memories that theme represents, would simply not be present in the Harry we watch in this film.

In place of the old themes, we get some beautiful new pieces which, although less tuneful, are very strong in conveying darkness, danger and, most poignantly of all, simple sadness. Amid all the death and destruction of the last book, one of the all-pervading emotions is one of great sorrow that a whole school full of once-innocent children are being forced to fight to the death to simply be allowed to be free.

My personal favourite tracks on the CD are the trilogy, 'Hermione's Parents', 'Destroying The Locket', and 'Ron's Speech'. We hear a beautiful flute part on the first of these (Desplat's own instrument) and then are treated to an amazingly original approach to a dark action scene in the form of a beautiful Viennese waltz followed by a genuinely Mahler-esque theme that underscores Ron's heartfelt apology to Hermione after abandoning her and Harry, mistakenly paranoid that they are romantically involved.

I would heartily recommend buying this soundtrack and giving it many chances to weave its own, very human, magic.
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on 23 November 2010
I remember listening to the Half-Blood Prince before watching the film and being unimpressed at first. However, watching the film completely changed my opinion and resulted in some parts of the score becoming among my favourites in the entire series. I hoped that this could be the the case once more Deathly Hallows: Part 1, however I was mistaken. This score simply doesn't sound like a Harry Potter score to me. Although Hooper's scores tended to be somewhat minimalist at times, they always sounded like Harry Potter soundtracks to me. I was especially disappointed about the lack of Hedwig's Theme as Desplat had said that he believed it hadn't been featured sufficiently in the last few films. I know the theme does make a few very brief appearances, but unfortunately these are easy to miss and we are never given a true statement of the theme. Hedwig's theme appears to be the only homage to any of the previous scores and they are not even replaced - brief moments, e.g., in Snape To Malfoy Manor appear to be building up to something but ultimately left me unsatisfied. Although I can understand the fact that the films have been growing steadily darker as the story progresses, I don't believe that this a legitimate reason for the signature themes of the previous scores to be ignored. For example, Howard Shore did not decide to abandon the main themes in the Lord Of The Rings just because the characters' situation was growing darker. Even in the darkest moments, the Shire themes can be heard, albeit matured versions and although I can understand the fact that the music is going to subtler as much of the fanfare-style music of the earlier films would be out of place, I don't think that it should reach the point of being unmemorable - I literally find it difficult to remember most of the tracks on the C.D., having listened to it multiple times. Overall, I don't believe that it is a terrible score, however, as I mentioned it just doesn't sound very "Potterish" and I have gotten the impression that some of the music could have been written for just about any run-of-the-mill soundtrack. It just doesn't send the same chill down my spine as the previous scores did. While Hooper and Doyle might not have made much use of the majority of John Williams signature themes, the music always felt like it belonged to the films. I almost think that some of James Hannigan's scores for the video games were superior to this. I will certainly still listen to this soundtrack, but is such a pity that the first part of the end of the series had to be so low-key and underwhelming. I'm almost dreading a Harry Potter score for the first time, but maybe he can redeem himself with Part 2, as perhaps he will choose to go back to the "basics" to somewhat come full circle.
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on 18 February 2012
I have not seen the movie but the soundtrack ( purchased for my kids ) is stunning. very very clever musically and a great disk to have in the car , potter fan or not.....
Not a John Williams effort but its a similar mood and as good as his stuff easily !
recommended !
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