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4.7 out of 5 stars
Bride and Prejudice
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on 24 October 2005
Most movie soundtracks don't really interest me - even if they have a good song or two, the rest of the music usually does nothing for me. With Bride and Prejudice, however, I was immediately captivated by the music (well, I was first captivated by Aishwarya Rai - but the music also thrilled me). I was hooked on the exotic sounds almost from the start, as I had never heard anything quite like the music of Balle Balle (Punjabi Wedding Song). If you've seen the movie, you know how integral a part the music plays. The sisters' No Life Without Wife song is one of the more memorable parts of the film, as is the huge production number A Marriage Has Come to Town. A song like Take Me to Love, which is one of the more beautiful love songs I've heard in a long time, almost gets lost among the more audacious audio/visual treats the movie offers. And I haven't even mentioned Ashanti's song, which does play very well in the movie.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the other tracks on this album. Dola Dola is absolutely infectious with its addictive beat. Arrogance, Pride, and Vanity is an engaging duet that sums up the state of the stars' early relationship (and does not, so far as I can remember, actually appear in the film). Ashanti's two songs, My Lips are Waiting (AKA Goa Groove) and Touch My Body, are excellent. Lalita Walks Away is a gorgeous instrumental that captures almost perfectly what may be the most poignant scene from the movie. The music is even more beautiful on Take Me to Love, two versions of which are featured here (Part 1 being the sad version, and Part II capturing the feelings of a young love in bloom). Just before the first verse begins, there's this magical moment when violins kick in, and I have to tell you it's one of the most beautiful musical sequences I've ever heard - and it takes you immediately back to the corresponding moment in the film.
I had never been exposed to music like this, and right now this soundtrack - and vintage Bollywood music from India - is all I can listen to. I should mention the fact that this film and its music is a mixture of Bollywood and Hollywood, and if you haven't been exposed to Bollywood, you just do not know what you are missing. If I had the chance to go back to college, I would learn Hindi just so I could enjoy Bollywood's movies and music in their original language. Of course, not all of the songs on this CD are in English - but that doesn't matter because the music just engages your whole being. Several of these songs have taken up permanent rotation in my brain - it really doesn't matter if I can understand the words or not.
For me, this was a must-have CD. There's not a bad song on the album, and I for one could relive each related scene of this movie over and over again without end. This music is so appealing that you might also want to invest in the Hindi version of the soundtrack. The Balle Balle! Amristar to LA release doesn't include a few of the songs on the English soundtrack, but it's worth buying just for Tumse Kahen Ya, Hum Na Kahen, the Hindi version of Take Me to Love - and there's also an instrumental version that really lets you hear how beautiful the music to this song is.
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on 14 October 2004
Great film the english songs are a pathetic but the hindi ones are great. Especially bali bali and ashanti's track is superb.
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on 27 February 2005
"Bride & Prejudice" is by far my favorite film that I have seen this film. The film was recently released in the US this month. It was my first exposure to Bollywood. Despite not being used to the occasional song and dance segments, I immediately fell in love with the music the moment I heard "Punjabi Wedding Song". I immediately bought the soundtrack after I saw the film for the first time.
"Pride & Prejudice" is by far one of the best soundtracks that I have ever heard. I found the songs to be addictively catchy. I could not and still can't get the songs out of my head. One of my favorite songs is "A Marriage Comes to Town". I love how the song begins as a ballad and quickly becomes a bouncy, catchy dance song. I also loved that particular scene where the song came from where Lahlita and her friends are strolling through the market. The funniest song from the film has to be "No Life Without Wife" which Lahlita and her sisters sings about life with a potential suitor named Mr. Kholi, who is crude and obnoxious and wants to marry Lahlita. Even without the visuals, I still love listening to the song. The lyrics are extremely funny. While I am no fan of Ashanti (whose voice I consider to be weak and thin), she does a fairly decent job on "My Lips Are Waiting" and "Touch My Body". She does a much better job on "My Lips are Waiting" as opposed to "Touch My Body" which I consider to be the weaker track of the two. Between the two versions of "Take Me to Love", I have to say that the second version which includes a gospel choir is slightly stronger although both versions are very good in their own right. I thought it was odd that "Arrogance, Pride, and Vanity" was included on this soundtrack although it is nowhere to be found in the film (I know, I just saw the film again today). It is a beautiful ballad but kinda moot point if it wasn't in the film though. Nevertheless good song.
I have not been able to stop listening to "Bride & Prejudice" for a couple of weeks now. The music sounds something I would hear on one of the "Siddharta" compilations or a DJ Cheb I Sabbah mixed cd. I love the fusion of Indian and pop music.
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on 21 March 2017
After watching the film I wanted the soundtrack the songs are great.
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on 15 June 2016
Excellent album. Would recommend.
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on 26 December 2015
As expected
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on 10 June 2015
i bought it for a colleague
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on 7 May 2015
Love this!
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on 24 January 2014
This is a lively musical get's you singing the tunes and shimmying along, great for a girly night in! ,,
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on 27 December 2012
funny movie, beautifull story, with very good songs. although the movie appears 'musical like', its not. for all the bollywood fans a reconmandation(?)
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