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on 13 December 2016
I love Taylor Swift's music! Having started as a casual fan, I initially bought a few of her albums earlier this year and have since sprung for the deluxe versions. Having already owned the standard version of this album, which I absolutely love, one might wonder why I bought this deluxe version. Well, the bonus tracks on Disc 2 are superb. I fell in love with "Ours" the moment I heard it and had to get it on CD. "If This Was a Movie" and "Superman" are lovely as well and the two extra alternate versions of "Back to December" are well worth having - the acoustic one in particular is fantastic! It is also nice to have the acoustic version of "Haunted", "Mine" [Pop Mix] and the US version of "The Story Of Us". And the bonus CD-ROM content showing the making of the video for "Mine" is great to have too. A must-have for any serious Taylor Swift fan.
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on 26 February 2011
The first I heard of Taylor Swift was 'Love Story' At first I wasn't a fan, but decided to buy 'Fearless' anyway, I was pleasently suprised by her music. The lyrics are very good, and for me and I imagine a lot of other people they are lyrics I can relate too. I found that the music grew on me so I purchased 'Taylor Swift' her debut album. Again, not as good as Fearless in my books, but a good album.

I had been looking foward to the release of 'Speak Now' for quite a long time and decided to purchase the deluxe edition. I purchased the deluxe edition with 'Fearless' and my favourite song of that album was one of the deluxe 'extras' So I was very glad I did. With 'Speak Now' I also found that some of my favourite songs were ones that wouldn't be included if I'd bought the non deluxe edition. On the strength of 'Superman' and 'Long Live' I would have paid the extra money just for them.

I'm going to break down the songs and what I think of them:

Mine 3/5: Not the best song on the album by a long shot, I kind of feel the same way as I do about 'Love Story' Pleasent enough but not her best.

Sparks Fly 5/5: The kind of song that I like to listen too when getting ready to go out or to go and see my boyfriend. It puts me in a good mood almost instantly. I love the lyrics and I love the feel of the song.

Back to December 3/5: Again, not the best on the album by far but a nice enough song with nice lyrics and a good tune. Apparently about her relationship with Taylor Lautner.

Speak Now 5/5: A sweet, tongue in cheek song with a story. I like the way a lot of her songs tell a story and this one is just fabulous, with lyrics like 'Wearing a gown like a pastry' You can't help but love it.

Dear John: 4/5: A rather long song apparently directed at John Meyer who has long been speculated as a bit of a love rat (But a wonderful musician!) Although Taylor Swift never confirms or denies who her songs are directed at the guitar in the background sounds a LOT like something out of one of John Mayers songs, you can almost feel the angst/heartache in the lyrics and her voice and I like the way it is obviously a song she feels and has felt. A song a lot of girls can relate too.

Mean 5/5: I love this song, I listened to it again and and again after a break up and it cheered me up no end. Its a catchy little tune with again, wonderful lyrics.

The Story of Us 4/5: Another good song, with well thought out lyrics. Taylor proves time and time again that she's a truly talented musician and lyricist.

Never Grow Up 5/5: A sweet and gentle song, as usual slightly autobiographical as there are references to what I assume are her mother. A lovely message is sent out in this song and I think its lovely.

Enchanted 5/5: This is one of my favourites of the album. I love the subject matter, I love the lyrics, I love the tune. The lyrics at the end 'Please dont be in love with someone else' You can tell that Taylor Swift writes from the heart.

Better than Revenge 4/5: I enjoy this song as it is what I feel a revenge song. Apparently about Camille Bell, the girl Joe Jonas left Taylor Swift for. Speculation says this is a song in response to Joe Jonas's song which states 'Now I'm done with superstars, and all the tears on her guitar'.

Innocent 2/5: The one song I don't like on this album. Sometimes Taylor Swift songs are 'growers' and they take a few listens. I've tried to listen to it more than once but for some reason I don't like this song at all.

Last Kiss 5/5: The first time I heard this I nearly cried, Its such a beautiful song about a break up, something a lot of us can relate too.

Long Live 5/5: Beautiful lyrics, cheerful song. Another one of my favourites on the album.


Ours 4/5: A song about not caring about what others think of her relationships etc. I like this song, again its not the best but its catchy.

If this was a movie 5/5: Another song I related too on a personal level, about when you wish things were like the movies. The guy showing up on your doorstep in the middle of the night begging for forgiveness. Taylor Swift may be a super star but she seems to have her fair share of heartache and break ups and this song like all of hers shows shes a human being. A beautiful song.

Superman: My favourite song of the album.

All the rest of the content is different versions of songs already on the album, a music video and a making of. All good content and worth having.

This album was worth the wait and I would definatley go for the deluxe edition. Happy Listening.
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on 1 January 2012
Die hard fans will not be interested in this review - they will have the album and know all the words. Hopefully, those like me, who like the odd song from this splendid artist but are unfamiliar with most of her work, may find it helpful. In this regard, I can say I am not a fan of country and western so you can probably work out how C&W in style this collection of songs is. The C&W is still there, more so in some songs than others, but it is watered down.

Firstly I should comment upon my 4 star rating. I would only give 5 stars if we were looking at a perfect example of its kind and I don't think it is - but it isn't very far off. For what I would describe as "intelligent pop" it is very good. Compared with her "Fearless" album, which for me has a little too much C&W influence, this is a big improvement. I can't wait for her next album if this is the direction she is moving in.

"Speak Now" probably has no more really good pop tunes than "Fearless" but it is consistently good with not a bad song. Even the Deluxe Edition extra songs do not feel like fill in stuff. Her exceptional voice and performance standards are almost a given, so the thing that impresses me most is the quality of the song writing and particularly the lyrics. A few songs on "Fearless" hinted at the growing maturity of her work and it has come to fruition here. She also has the enormous benefit of a skillful, talented and versatile backing band and no doubt an equally capable production crew and it all adds up to a polished product.

The Deluxe Edition also comes with a DVD which doesn't work on standard TVs in the UK so you will need a PC or laptop. To be honest, I have watched it once and I doubt I will bother again.

So, if like me you wonder if you should buy the album, I would say yes.
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on 22 January 2011
I cannot stop listening to this CD, it's wonderful! Taylor has outdone herself on this one!

I can barely choose a favourite from this one, Haunted, Long Live, Mean, Better than revenge, all equally as brillaint songs!

I usually go for taylors slower songs, or at least not as fast songs, like Love Story, superstar, etc, but this time around I've taken a definate liking to her faster songs.

This album shows more of a variety of style as well, from her usual country-ish style to a highly emotional almost rock style with Haunted.

I bought this knowing only two songs from it, Mine and Back to December and decided i liked those two so much that I'd love the rest of the album (plus, I adored her last 2 cd's as well!), and I was not disappointed!

This special edition is worth the purchase, as the extra CD contains some brilliant songs like Superman and the acoustics of Haunted and Mine, along with others, all well worth the listen.

I can't praise this album enough! It has me wanting to stand up in trains and sing along at the top of my lungs, some of the songs have me nearly in tears. This is a truly amazing album and I feel priveledged just to be able to listen! Thank you Taylor for another amazing album!
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on 3 April 2015
I bought Speak Now not as a new Taylor Swift fan looking for more music but as a longstanding fan who was only buying it to round out my collection - but I was pleasantly surprised. In typical Taylor fashion, many of the songs on here sing from the heart (such as Enchanted and Mine) but there are also more biting songs such as Mean which challenge the listener to ignore their critics and to carry on being the best person they can be.

Admittedly not every song on here is fantastic. Specifically, I was put off by the lyrics of Better Than Revenge which seemed to insult a woman for her dating habits and her sexual promiscuity, a stance that isn't in line with Taylor's new found respect for women (regardless of who or how much they date).

Overall, Speak Now is a good album and it's her final 'full country' release before 2012's Red album. So if that's the sort of Taylor music you're after, you should certainly buy it.
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on 16 November 2010
I love Taylor Swift, have all her albums and have seen her live. Her music is fantastic. Fearless (her second album) is probably one of my all time favourites so the fact that I rate her new one as almost that good is something special. The album is a grower, initially lacking the wow factor of fearless and the platinum bonus tracks. It's been on loop since day one and all the songs are very likeable. Speak Now isn't as consistently good as Fearless but when it does deliver the good songs are alot better (Mine, Enchanted and Speak Now). Given a few more plays Speak Now may surpass Fearless. Taylor's writting ability is more fun and her songs more varied in this release, a step up from fearless is everyway yet just lacks it's charm. If you liked Fearless, Speak Now is more of the same.
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on 3 May 2012
the lyrics in the 'Deluxe' booklet are really hard to read, I suppose I will have to download them, but I shouldn't have to !

So we have 1.5mm text in a pastel font colour over a photograph background, VERY difficult to read for older 'fans', oh and random capital letters, so cool... NOT. Really people you must be able to do better than this for an artist this good. If Miss Swift was responsible then I will soak my head in a bucket in embarrassment and confusion.

Back to the reading glasses and strong light...
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on 5 September 2013
I shouldn't be a Taylor Swift fan. I'm in my fifties (early fifties anyhoo), I like the Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy... and a lot of other stuff as well and that's where she comes in. Being a failed musician I can't avoid appreciating a well constructed song, thoughtful lirics, proper instrumentation and she does all that in big bucket loads. With each album she raises her game making the previous success appear just part of a journey, certainly not her zenith. Red won't be too everyone's taste, there are plenty of folks who don't like it because she's young/female/country/self-made/American/unreservedly happy/rich, but the country-turned-pop youngster is really hitting some bullseyes with this album now.

It's a sixteen track album, all new songs and judging by past experience, there'll maybe be an expanded version with a DVD or extra songs at some point in the future, maybe a Wall*Mart or Target special, making it harder to come by in England. There will also be a Red tour DVD which will also be worth seeing. She definitely puts on a show!

1. State of Grace is a beaty number, all rock drums and loose leccy guitar with a wistful vocal track that gets stronger as it progresses. It's catchy and with one of her clever vidoes will make a single for sure.

2. Red is just genius and without the banjo almost wouldn't be country at all. A strong, strong song and could be rendered rock or dance if covered and remixed. I like it just the way it is, all energy country rock.

3. Treacherous is a mid-paced ballad with a gentle, lilting lyric which might sound more familiar to Swift fans. It's more than an album track though and builds into something stronger before a wind-down.

4. I Knew You Were Trouble won't be new to you by now. Very poppy, big $ song and quite right too. Not my favourite though.

5. All Too Well is in my opinion, the best track on the album. It's owes something to giant seventies ballads like American Pie, starts great sounds original yet familiar, builds, never lets go, has a story to tell and does it well. The musical element is excellent and she, with her unlikely superstar singing voice gets it just right. There are women out there who can sing better and many would want any one of these songs to be the lead track on their album, but Taylor sings her own songs in a way which adds up to way more than it should. Love this song. If she didn't write so many, this would be a real classic in decades to come. Might still manage it anyway.

6. 22 has been a single and is misses me by thirty years. Pretty good though, catchy as usual.

7. I Almost Do is a great ballad that might just require a couple of extra listens to appreciate.

8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Tongue in cheek hit. Commercial, not quite me but can't deny it's ability to win radio time.

9. Stay Stay Stay. Clever fun, pop which hangs on to a little country via instrumental and vocal style. It's a ('nother) catchy tune and will cheer up a dull five minutes.

10. The Last Time. Very Snow Patrol. Gary Lightbody's style dominates the feel and while I like most of Snow Patrol's stuff, this feels just a little dull in the lighter, zingier company of the rest of this album. Still it shows that Miss Swift can immerse herself in a song like this, fit in perfectly well and add something worthwhile.

11. Holy Ground. Here comes the up-tempo stuff again. Simple yet so good. How does she do it? Why wasn't this song written twenty years ago? How did it take this youngster to come along and invent it. It's sounds like Fleetwood Mac Tusk speeded up and made into something less pretentious. It's not an award winner but as an album track it shames so much limp pap and filler which ends up between good tracks on other artist's thirteen track albums. Not only do you get more here, but they are (nearly) all potential singles.

12. Sad Beautiful Tragic is more country, more ballady and could have found itself on any of her previous albums without causing any surprises. Not my favourite but I don't quite hit 'next' when it comes on.

13. The Lucky One. Sounds like Transvision Vamp (remember them?) Same instrumentation, same lyrical style although Wendy James would be sassier and more tongue in cheek. Otherwise, it has Transvision Vamp all over it. Curious. And good too.

14. Everything Has Changed didn't quite grab me when I first heard it, but repeated plays on MTV and a clever video have gradually elevated it. I like it now.

15. Starlight. And here comes the mirrorball. It's a dance tune and although it's been rendered here as a very (very) catchy country-rock song, it is begging for a serious dose of David Guetta. Great song and will be a winner live too.

16. Begin Again. Ballad. Not quite my thing but once again she's dragged a strong tune out of her cowgirl boots, added some believable sentimental lyrics and built a song good enough to grace the charts. Listening to it now, I have to admit I like it. Heard it fifty times and finally I actually like it. Clever girl Taylor. Time for some Brad Paisley now before she takes over my iPod completely.

Unless you just don't like her, buy Red. It's very good, I promise.
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on 22 April 2014
I came across Taylor Swift one day while my parents are on holiday. I was totally surprised, kind of expecting her to be another one of the same rubbish old 'pop artists', but she is absolutely brilliant. I could listen to her voice all day and the songs on this album really show it off as well. Impressive album. There aren't any songs that I don't like, I definitely have not started skipping any yet. Stand out tracks for me are 'Sparks Fly' 'Speak Now' and 'Long Live'.
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on 1 July 2012
I decided to buy this album when i saw Taylor Swift's Speak Now World Tour live. The tour and the songs was so beautiful so i guess that the album it will be very good, and i was right. This album is the perfect way to calm down. It has a lot of ballads like Dear John but it has also a lot of hard going songs like Better Than Revenge and The Story of Us. The only think i don't like is the small letters on booklet but it's ok.
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