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on 9 August 2009
I got this because it did everything I wanted, had LIVE but wasn't as expensive as the Go models. Turned it on, found GPS very quickly and downloaded traffic updates brilliantly.

Then I did what was asked and tried to update the maps and the firmware with TomTom HOME....I have a Vista machine and it all went fine, said that it had downloaded all of the updates and latest map and then on rebooting it froze at startup, therefore making the satnav a complete brick.

I did everything TomTom support told me to do but to no avail at all. I was on the verge of sending it back as faulty when I happened to find an article which said that if you use a wireless connection for your internet, TomTom HOME has real problems updating the satnav and doesn't do it properly and therefore, you should use a wired connection to update.

I did this and, hey presto, it is working again as before.

The moral of the story....the unit is great, but TomTom HOME is awful and to avoid any problems make sure you update only with a wired connection. Hopefully TomTom will look into this and ensure that it doesn't occur in the future because it has the potential to ruin people's experience with what is a fantastic piece of kit.
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on 8 February 2011
I purchased the Tomtom Via 120 EU after owning a Tomtom One (the origonal)for 6 years.
I drive for a living and use my satnav every day, this unit had everything I could want including voice activation.
I was certainly impressed with the unit when I got it home and soon had it up and running.....BUT, I soon noticed that it did not plan routes anything like as quick as my old TT One.
Undaunted I used it the very next day and planned my 1st delivery trip, it loaded the route eventually and informed me of delays on route which turned out to be very accurate, I found the live traffic feature very good.
Not so good when I came across a turn I could not go down, so I set the unit to roadblock 100 yds and it re-calculated.......after 30 seconds it finally sorted a new route.....terrible, my old TT One took about 5 seconds.
I tried this several times to see if it was just a blip, no, it takes ages to recalculate, I was not impressed.
I then found it froze when I decided to ignore the direction it gave me...I was getting fed up.
Add to that, 1hour 43 minutes battery life compared to 4 hours from the TT One was really making me doubt my purchase.
Tried it on day 2, same results so I have returned it and will be using my old trusty TT One for a while longer.
If you are someone who uses a satnav on the odd occasion then this device is hard to beat with all of its features for the price.
If you are a professional driver driving a vehicle where it is limited by weight limits and height restrictions and the need for quick re-calculation is needed, forget the Via 120, you will be tearing your hair out waiting for it to re-calculate.
Also, no itinery routing available, delivery drivers use this facility a lot to enter multiple delivery addresses and can then calculate the total distance and time it will take, a very poor effort fromm Tomtom imo.
All the features work well, Bluetooth, Traffic warnings, voice control, Google search.
Its a pity the most important things like screen response and route planning take so long.
Very dissapointing Tomtom, I was hoping that after 6 years on from my 1st and still only satnav things would have moved on, not gone backwards.
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on 18 July 2009
Bought this as a replacement for a TomTom One V3, as needed Eastern European coverage, and decided that the Live services would be pretty useful too.

Unit arrived, but before Live services could be used the unit said that update was needed. So connected to computer and tried to update. Computer is a 3 year old desktop, with Windows XP, and sufficient memory capacity.

All I got was a series of error messages, and was unable to update anything. Even unable to create the suggested back up on the computer, not even an attempt at a manual back up worked.

Rang TomTom Customer services who were baffled and finally suggested that the software must be corrupt and to return to Amazon for replacement which I duly did.

Replacement arrived, but before connecting, just in case, I deleted TomTom home and all associated files from computer and re-installed first.

Same problems arose - each time I connected the updates it said were available changed, every time I tried to download updates I got an error message, it told me that there was insufficient space to download some updates and that i needed to delete files first - when i tried to delete some of the voice files for example it would then tell me there was insuffiient space to do that.

Just about to ring customer services again, when I decided to try out my sons 9 month old laptop running Windows Vista (with same antivirus and firewall as on my desktop). Updates worked fine, downloading and installing everything within 15 minutes.

Unit duly tested on the road last night, worked fine, Live services tested and impressed with them.

The moral appears to be don't try and update on an XP machine.

UPDATE 23/7/09 - re-connected several times since to get further updates, mapshare and quick GPS fix mainly - has updated quickly and without problem, again using the Vista machine.
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I already have a TomTom satellite navigation system and use it regularly. I rate this as a 5 Star product. I shall soon be travelling extensively throughout Europe by road and recently saw an opportunity to purchase a spare unit quite cheaply at a sale. Although an older model, the unit was still boxed, absolutely complete and appeared to be unused. It would not, however, switch on but, thinking it needed nothing more than charging, I took a chance and bought it.

I tried everything (As did my local store) but the unit simply would not switch on. Eventually, I contacted TomTom Customer Services and told them how the I had obtained the unit and that it was "NOT" under guarantee. Their service was exceptional. Firstly, they sent me a small package containing a cardboard box which, when assembled, fitted my TomTom unit perfectly and would clearly protect the unit whilst in the post. Secondly, the package also contained a Royal Mail "Special Delivery" envelope complete with address and tracking number. Postage and insurance were already paid by TomTom.

Within 24 hours of my posting the unit back to TomTom I received an email confirming receipt and within 7 days I got another unit back. TomTom had REPLACED my unit free of charge with a brand new and exactly the same model and ALL under guarantee!

So for those of you who are contemplating purchasing a TomTom satellite navigation system, I thought you might like to know about this company's follow-up customer services system. They are quite excellent and I hope this message is useful.

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on 3 April 2010
As a long term TomTom user the new offer for a TomTom XL Live IQ Routes with a year's free LIVE services was a very tempting upgrade as an alternative to repairing my aged TomTom One.

New out the box this is a simple unit to set up and very easy to use. TomTom Customer Services were very helpful in transferring my subscriptions for maps and safety cameras over to the new unit, explaining what was needed and what was now redundant - but after 28 days I am still awaiting the 'free live services for a year' after completing the on-line part the day after purchase. I have logged in every 3 days to check the expiration date as told to, but it has not changed yet.

The traffic services and IQ routes functionality work really well, much better than the Traffic receiver system I had been using and twice in the first week warned me of serious delays and plotted new routes to get me to my destination on time. The system seems slower to operate than the old unit, but is doing far more processing and has hung once - but switching it on and off fixed that immediately.

Overall I am very happy with the unit, and while not perfect it is the best system available - and this model is very good value.

UPDATE: 1 Year of free Live Services has finally kicked in just a few days later than promised - I remain very impressed with the unit
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on 12 August 2010
I was a bit puzzled by the reviews; the device seemed to tick all the boxes, although some comments were not so positive.
I planned a family trip driving from UK through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and to Italy and back, so the device was the ideal one.
I bought it. Nice.
I connected it to a computer for the map updates and the simple and effective interface worked very well.
Next day I loaded the car and was ready to leave, I switched it on and planned my trip.
I was doing an address search and surprise!!! All the Eastern European countries' maps disappeared.
Quickly called The TomTom customer service and I was told that the maps updates are 2.2Gb and the device has only 1.9Gb internal memory and when I used the automatic update all the maps have been replaced with a Western Europe one without getting any warning.

Be aware, as other reviewers pointed it out, no full map updates are possible on the device, ever!!, unless they can fit into the tiny internal memory. All the positive comments/feed back were by customers who perhaps never updated their device maps or done it a while ago.

The customer services help me to download two different EU maps (for free) as replacement but there are still few countries missing from the originally fitted map list.

TomTom is aware of the problem but not doing anything about it, actually the device is the best seller one and Amazon and major UK retailers are still selling it despite this incredible technical downfall.

What about fitting the device with a bigger internal memory like those used by competitors to accomplish the now new and useful real pictures navigation maps?
Is TomTom expecting the complete loss of business because of the free available Goggle maps and navigation therefore is no more investing in developing (properly) its own products?
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on 21 November 2009
Great update on my TomTom Go 300. Mount, interface and IQ routes are much better. Live is working very well and has suggested routes that I would not have taken without it (north circular at 7.30am!!). Also weekly camera updates are great - with speeds clearly displayed. Well done TomTom.
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on 21 October 2009
I would strongly advise against buying this model unless you are computer literate and have the time to deal with potential problems.

In use it works extremely well but there have been no significant improvements other than the traffic information since their Navigator 5 product - sadly no longer supported with new maps.

The issues are as follows:

Tomtom Support do not show on their site issues that reflect badly on Tomtom itself.

Tomtom Home software can make things worse because it offers the map guarantee option before you have backed up the device and installed the latest operating software.

The only way to update the device is through a very slow usb connection. A map update takes at least 2 hours. Backing up the device to the computer takes nearly as long.

The Tomtom server is underresourced and use should be avoided between 17:00 and 22:00. Server timeouts and corrupted files will otherwise result.

There is a major unresolved issue known to Tomtom where their rights protection forbids the download of the map guarantee update and the only recovery option available is to delete computer files and try 5 or 6 times before you are allowed to try again.

If you buy I suggest:

1. Exit from the Tomtom Home software before you first connect the device and back up a copy of the Tomtom drive to your desktop using Windows Explorer (etc.).

2. Run Tomtom Home but do not accept the option to use the Map Guarantee.

3. Use the Device Update option to update only the device operating system. You can get the other updates later.

4. Backup the device with the Tomtom Home software.

5. Disconnect and check that it is still working.

6. Late at night or between 10:00 and 16:00 attempt to use the Latest Map Guarantee feature.

7. If the download is corrupt (typically it says there is no room on the device) or forbidden get instructions from Tomtom Support. I found their responses prompt and accurate (cut and pasted - you need to be able to interpret them). (Basically you need to delete the Application Data and Downloaded Files and repeatedly try again until you get past the TT security block and manage a download without corruption or server timeout. This is apparently a 'known' issue without a clear resolution).

8. Disconnect and check that it is still working.

9. Backup using the Tomtom Home software.

10. Run the Tomtom Home Device Update twice and select the non 'Premium' options.

11. Backup again using the Tomtom Home software.

12. If you are still with me you will have spent many frustrating hours before having and up-to-date navigator - good luck!
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on 6 September 2009
Im a long distance lorry driver so need a satnav to find my destinations. The navigation on this unit is accurate & concise, but when I needed to upgrade recently I thought I would try the Live IQ Traffic model. All I can say is 'Fantastic', it keeps you updated about problems ahead & also can re-route you to save time & fuel.
I fully recommend this model.
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on 26 March 2011
I spent a long time searching around the net for the best satnav to buy but just when I thought I finally had it sussed there was another review to shoot it down.
I ended up purchasing a VIA Live 120 in the end and am very pleased but felt I needed to write a few review points as feelings are mixed amongst previous purchasers.

This replaced one of the original TomTom GO's and other than to plan routes, the main requirement for me was for traffic alerts and planning.

1) The routing time is not too slow and it starts telling you where to go pretty much straight away ahead of completing the route calculation.
2) The traffic & speed camera updates are fantastic. It comes with 12 months free and I think its around £40/year after that, well worth the money.
3) The IQ routes are very impressive. Every ETA for long journeys i've made so far has been spot on including traffic and this is only going to get better as more and more people use it.
4) The integrated windscreen mount is great, no more hunting around the car for the mount and trying to attach it whilst driving and it hardly makes any difference to the size of the unit.
5) Buy yourself a case, they are very cheap and you'll need one.
6) Be warned, many of the reviews listed here are not for the VIA Live 120/125 so make sure you are reading a review for the right product.
7) The screen size is perfect - bigger and clearer than the cheaper models but not too big that it affects the size of the unit to carry around - for me the Via Live 125 would be a pointless additional expense.
8) The volume is ample, even motorway driving in my van (which is not quiet at all) I only need the volume at around 70% max.
9) Software doesnt work on a MAC? Who cares really, i'm a MAC user also but for the number of times in the units life that it will need updating, i'll just use a PC.

Overall I am really happy with this model. After reading through all the reviews I really did think there was not one good satnav available on the market but after a while you just have to take the plunge and i'm glad I opted to do that with the Via Live 120.
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