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on 7 January 2015
Everything I expected and more.

1. Contains all of the episodes (the very first is only a partial episode since that is all that exists).

2. The early episodes are very interesting to watch, if only because they give a strong view into the early production mechanics of the show. You can see lots of goofy mistakes mostly due to the "live filming" methods of the day. Many episodes show a mic entering the scene, and someone bumping the camera, and gaffed lines from some of the actors. It is all great.

3. It was interesting to watch Honor Blackman do her stuff. After viewing her episodes I can say that she is every bit as good as Diana Rigg (Emma Peel). In fact it was Honor who first wore the leather outfits. She is a strong actor and does a really good job of it. Just an enjoyable as the Emma episodes and I pity those who do not get a chance to watch them.

4. The only draw back is the packaging. It looks great but the discs are really wedged into the slots they sit in. You will need fingernails if you expect to get them out without ripping packaging up.

All in all, an excellent buy. Once I watch the rest of the episodes I'll post again if anything changes.
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on 28 March 2014
Bought this for myself after being given Amazon vouchers at Christmas. So far have just finished season 3 (Honor Blackman era) and I am not disappointed. The episodes are what t.v. was liked in the early sixties, sets rocking, forgetting lines, cameras being moved in the background, 'dead' people blinking ten to the dozen, and none of this detracts one jot from my enjoyment. The storylines cover the range from bizarre to 'serious' and it has taken me back to my youth in a very happy way. The extras so far have been basic but I have had an enjoyable 15 minutes watching the Third Act of The Importance of Being Ernest, with Patrick Macnee, great fun. Can't wait to re-visit the Diana Rigg era.

Some comments gave been made about the packages and all I can add is that to date I have had no difficulty in extracting the discs and like the packaging.
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on 14 February 2015
Well. What can I say.

Firstly the quality of production is brilliant.

These DVD's ooze 1960s panache and kitsch of the era. The cover/binding is something to put on your top bookshelf alone!

If your a fan of the Avengers then buy it. I wished they had the New Avengers included but I believe if included it would have taken away the absolute original format of Steed and the original three girls (Honour Blackman, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorsen) in their finest.

Although mainly in black and white for early episodes you tend to ignore format but further on in the series the colours are so vibrant of the age and any person born in the 60s remembering the countless re runs will never get bored again.

A product so endearing to me and very well presented. "Proper telly without any blood and guts" Just leave it to your imagination!

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on 13 July 2017
It has taken me two years and at last I can say I have seen every single episode of this show!
As a boy I can remember Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson but I didn't that learn about Honor Blackman until the mid nineteen nineties when Channel Four ran their documentaries celebrating the show.

It has everything style, wit and class to my mind this is the best show that ever came on British television.

My four favourite episodes are:
1.The Charmers from the Honor Blackman era
2. The Town Of No Return from the Diana Rigg era
3.Pandora from the Linda Thorson era.
My fourth favourite episode is called Killer which features an actress named Jennifer Croxton who stood in for Linda Thorson (Tara King) while she was on holiday (fictionally) and her name was....wait for it....Lady Diana Forbes - Blakenly an aristo/toff trainee spy!
This particular episode scared me witless as a boy, I was frightened to go into a strange room on my own for years!

This is a real labour of love put together by Jaz Wiseman & Co and is the best DVD collection I have ever bought.

Maybe I'm being sentimental but this show represents to me Britain at it's post - war finest proud, confident with all before it until the rot set in 1979
with the coarsening of its culture resulting in what we have today.

John Steed would have made a great ambassador for this country dare I say even Prime Minister! Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King were proper feminist women who could take on men as equals and gain their respect without putting them down. It's brilliant!

I could go on about this show for ages but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else suffice to say it was worth every penny I spent on it. There are lots of surprises in store here and if you're a fan of Sixties television like I am you will love spotting the many actors/actresses who pop up in support roles before they went to achieve stardom years later.

I will end on this note, there was an actress who played Emma Peel before Diana Rigg sadly those episodes were lost do you want to know who? Go buy this set.

And as hard - core Avengers fans would say, EEEEUUURRPP!

TTFN - ta ta for now!
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on 31 December 2015
It has been my goal for the last 50 years to own the complete Avengers series of episodes from start to finish. I've now got it! At last I can now tick that box. I bought the whole lot as a retirement treat for myself. I remember interviewing Patrick McNee in Manchester for hospital radio (I still have the recording) at the time that he launched his book, "Blind In One Ear" and I found him charming and polite.
For those in the know, there is something very special about The Avengers and it's a sort of appreciation or something you "feel inside" when you watch episode. It has class and is a one off ....just like the Beatles are a one off!
I can recommend this special box set to anyone. I am totally happy with it!
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on 20 October 2015
An excellent set which suffers from a couple of big problems. The first being that the discs are contained within a card-page format book and hard to remove without destroying the packaging in the process or marking the discs - and none of the discs have indication of "season/series" on them just numbers so it's hard to determine which series is which if you have done as I have done and removed them for storage in a much more appropriate storage device where they can easily be accessed and played. This is a pity really as the series and book is nicely done but I'm not very impressed with the book format and was expecting a box set with pop-out disc holders, not card-slots into which the discs were dropped with barely a thumb-nails gap to try and retrieve them after the fact.
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on 11 May 2014
This is a very complete set, as has been mentioned by other reviewers. Boy, does it take me back!! I love the colour episodes, which I had to view in black and white during their original run, as our family had only just bought our first TV and it was B&W. The only downside, as others have mentioned, is the packaging. The discs are so tightly fitted into the slots of the pages that you have to get your fingers (and fingerprints) on the discs as you remove them for viewing. This can result in the discs not working properly until you clean them. Some of them have lost their sound until I perform this tedious task. I am tempted to remove the discs altogether and store them in separate jewel cases for future viewing. It's a small complaint, and I include it here just as a warning to others. It wouldn't stop me from buying it, but it's a small irritant to be ready for, if you decide to purchase the set.
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on 17 April 2017
The Avengers has been a great series from the start. I purchased the 50th Anniversary edition for my wife but I am enjoying the old episodes just as much. The earlier found episodes have film missing but the DVD producers have done a great job by integrating the story lines for the missing film. I vividly remember watching the early Steed episodes and whilst old, and the sound fluctuates, they do not lose their appeal. Having the entire set of episodes in one package is fantastic. I am an Avengers fan and recommend this to viewers.
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on 10 January 2017
Absolutely wonderful and a superbly designed box set. An excellent bargain and extremely prompt delivery so I am delighted with the product and supplier. Thanks
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on 22 October 2016
A good set expensive but worth it
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