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on 10 January 2011
Having used a few smart phones in the past i must admit this is probably one of the best. Especially for the price. The internet is fast and never had any problems. MotoBlur although not perfect works extreamly well. So far no problems. There are loads of app out there on the Android Market, so you can everything that the iphone does and more. The Google Navigation is not the best navigation software available but it is free with the phone and there are plenty to buy on Android market. If you are looking for a quality smartphone for a budget price try this one.
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on 8 February 2011
The Motorola Defy is a simple and technical advance product in the same time. With a very clean design with main aim to make the phone rigid and water safe it contains all the functions that you can ask from a smartphone of today. With the screen size of 3.7 inch (as I have found atleast) this is the phone with the smalest size and weight for this screen size on the market today and the phone really does easily fit into a normal pocket withouht beeing distrubing. The large screen with the high resolution 840pix vertical make it perfect to "couch surf" as it is rather easy to navigate around webpages, even those not optimized for mobile use. Also the addition of swype make the transition from a physical keyboard to a only touch as in most moderns phones of today much easier. This enables one to use the keyboard on the go, wich normaly is a big issue with normal qwerty touchscreens phones thad demands a large precisison in finger taping on the screen.
The addition of motoblur for contacts and social networks works pretty good, even thought many "geek" users out there are saying that all they want is pure vanilla android with no extra functions, I must say that I like the nice functions of motoblur to sync my contacts and facebook accounts.
The gps also works good, and so does the network capabilities and media expeience. Pherhaps the only downfall is that the 5mpix camera is not on of the best but still works for random daily picture shooting.

All in all, a great phone to have, life safe and also extremly cheap compared to the specifications when compared to other phones in the same class...
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on 15 February 2011
ordered a phone for xmas, the earpiece failed severla days later. sounds like a common fault but liked the phone and good value - or so i thought. I've now had it replaced, great customer service from amazon. sent out a new phone and organise the pick up of my faulty one. unfortunately the replacement phone has only last a few weeks before doing the same thing.

treid factory reset and adding new firmware but no joy.

Returning again.

Surely Amazon have ditched the dodgy stock by now and got some decent phones in.

one more try then i'm getting my money back and going for the safer option with HTC.
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on 16 December 2010
Bought to replace 2 year-old iPhone 3G. Was concerned that Android might not be as good as iOS, but it turns out that it's better. The DEFY itself is a joy to use. The build quality is great, and the 3.7" screen is very sharp and clear.

You wouldn't think to look at it that it was a water resistant, or dust proof phone. It is small and neat and very light, although it still manages to feel like a quality device thanks to strong build and nice design.

Although using Android 2.1 and not(the supposedly faster) 2.2 I'm not aware of what I'm missing with the newer versions, and this phone runs just fine. Everything is snappy.

Battery life is very good and with the same sort of use as the iPhone 3G, it's lasting at least twice as long as the iPhone did when I got it first. (Obviously the iPhone's battery life has deteriorated after years of use.)

So why 4 stars and not 5?

Well, the phone only comes with 2GB of on-board memory and a stingy 2GB micro SD fills the expansion slot. I'll be swapping that out for a 16GB card soon. Also, the camera only shoots VGA. If it could have managed 720p it would have been nice. That said, the VGA videos are at 30FPS and are very fluid and perfect for playback on the device, or uploading to youtube.

The only other gripe is that the internal speaker doesn't sound as good as the iPhone's.

All these details are easily forgotten when you remember that this phone is about 1/2 the price of an iPhone 4. When you look at the other phones in this price range, the Defy seems like very good value for money. Even if you're not looking for a phone with tough features, it's worth a look.

UPDATE: Since the time of writing the above, the phone's earpiece has stopped working. I'm currently attempting to deal with Motorola's support, and it's like pulling my own teeth. This seems to be a fairly widespread problem, and Motorola should really have issued a recall of all effected devices. Disappointing. I'm unlikely to buy another Motorola phone.

UPDATE2: After initially being pleased with this phone, it's turned out to be a complete and total lemon. This is not at all helped by Motorola "support". After eventually arranging to return this for repair (at my expense) I was told that I should have my repaired phone back within 5 days. I waited a week, and nothing. When I called (SBE, the repair centre), I was told that it had been sent off for repair because they didn't have the parts. I was told it would be another week. I waited a week and 2 days, and called again. No joy. I called Motorola support, and they said it had been repaired and shipped to me. Long story short, after waiting for 22 days it arrived this morning, but without the battery and the back cover! I am now waiting for those to be delivered. In addition the repair seems to have been carried out by someone with the dexterity of a gorilla. Several of the screws have been damaged. It was shipped in a generic phone package but since it didn't fit, the phone was rattling around in there, along with the microSD card which they did remember to return. They stuck plastic all over the phone, but there is dust and dirt under the plastic, so I'm not sure what the purpose of this was.

I was assured that when I got my phone back it would be like receiving a new phone. Ha!

Even if the phone works flawlessly from now on, I'm left with a very bad experience of dealing with SBE and Motorola. They never call, they never email, they don't return your calls. You have to keep asking and asking to find out what is going on, and SBE are unapologetic about their screw up.

I will never by another Motorola product!
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on 16 January 2011
I think this is the first phone on which Motorola can be proud. I have been using iPhones for past 4 years and now when I lost my iPhone 4 a month ago (which was not insured) I looked for some alternates and value for money. I went through so many reviews and product description and ended up choosing Defy. I was glad to see this phone i think the looks are perfect and weight is ideal for the pocket. After using 3 weeks I had a major problem earpiece (ear-speaker) stopped working I called Motorola customer services and they confirmed that they have a problem with this phone the position of headphone socket is not right so when you plug-in headphones they can damage earpiece. They offered free repair and told me they have resolved this issue in new handsets made after November 2010. So I decided to return the phone to Amazon and got a replacement. This is working perfectly fine now.
Defy is enriched with some really fancy features one of the best is Motorola's Motoblur tracking and contacts backup on their website.
This gets 4 stars only because it lacks latest Android firmware and phone speed is a little bit slow.
Overall a very good smart phone.
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on 16 February 2011
I've had two handsets from Amazon that both developed the earpiece problem that has been well documented on the Motorola website, so reluctantly have had to give up on owning this phone.

The idea of the Defy is excellent (water/dust/shock resistant, but neverthless slim and rocking the Android OS). For someone like me who works on building sites at times it appeared to be perfect.

However, Motorola have fitted this handset out with an earpiece that is very likely to go wrong at some point in its lifecycle (see Moto UK forums or google for a more detailed explanation).

Motorola say they've fixed this fault from late December onwards, so phones manufactured in say January 2011 should be ok. Both my handsets from Amazon were November 2010 made (by the way Amazon are THE BEST retailers, and really stand by their customers - don't buy anywhere else just to save a few pounds).

Aside from the fault issue, I did run each phone for approx 8 days each before they went wrong. In that time the first one had various other faults (spontaneous reboot, refusing to connect a call despite strong signal). The second handset was fine in this regard.

The Defy has less than amazing battery life. I was coming from (and have now gone back to) a BB Bold, which easily lasts two days even with heavy use. With same usage I had to charge the Defy every day, and on some days it died by early evening.

With regards email, it just doesn't come close to the BB offering.

If you are a medium or light user then this is a great phone (as long as you get one manufactured after the fault fix - see google on how to determine your manufacture date by the Motorola serial code inside the phone).

If you are a businessman and/ or self employed like myself,get a Blackberry!
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on 16 January 2011
It's a brilliant phone. Great sound quality, beautiful screen,the usual apps and performance you expect from an android phone and scratch proof and water resistant - why on earth don't they make all phones scratch proof and water resistant??
It's not an iphone but it's half the price and not far off. Even has it's own sat nav, 'navigator', which works! Smartphones have come a long way. The days of poking at something with a stylus are a distant nightmare.
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on 11 April 2011
I am very pleased with this bit of gadgetry however I'm lucky to actually have it! The Amazon delivery company left it at my front door whilst I was out-- there for the picking! (Fortunately I got there first!)I had done a lot of research prior to buying this and it certainly lives up to specification. Initially the data connection was slow (I'm on TESCO PAYG) but I contacted Tesco and they sent a new sim card which cured the problem- now I get H (3g+) most of the time and easy access to my 30MB/s 802.11N at home. (One point to note - it does not not connect if the router is set in the newer 5gHZ band!) Provided one turns off the 3G data, GPS and wifi the battery life is excellent but obviously with everything running one would be lucky to last 8 hrs! According to the various websites the DEFY should get an upgrade to Android 2.2 in the next few months and from all accounts this could make things even better. Getting used to the touch-screen keyboard takes a while if you have big fingers but is easier in landscape format-- I tried Swype but unless one is effectively a touch-typist it's a no-go -as one needs to know the location of all the keyboard letters in advance. (With such a small keyboard whilst "swyping" the next keys are effectively blocked from view!)I've ordered a larger (8gB) and faster micro sd card as the supplied 2gB one fills fast with the vast choice of aps and (I'm informed) that the video camera works better with a faster (at least Class6 ) card.Samsung MB-SP8GEU 8GB SDHC PLUS Class 6 Extreme Speed Memory Card All in all a bargain at the price and no ties to any particular network!
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on 30 May 2011
I purchased this phone a while ago ,as i was needing a phone for the job i do which is washing vans and lorrys on site,i needed a tough phone but also a water resistant one,as my other phones got damaged,this phone fits the bill,it is tough to a point,and can stand up to most bumps and scrapes at work,it is very easy to use with one hand,it also holds a charge for a few days even with internet and email use,also the call quality is very good and can be adjusted to 4 differents sound settings depending on what you are doing,i have never had the earpiece problem yet and my phone was built before the new batch were fixed,so fingers crossed it wont happen,but the phone has a two year warranty with motorola,so i am not worried ,the only thing i wish is the phone was a little bigger,as i am 50 and dont see the screen so good when viewing emails,internet etc,but i suppose they would not be able to make it bigger and still be so tough and shock resistant/water resistant etc,but apart from that i would say get it,it takes good photos also,having used this for about 3 months at work,i would reccomend this phone to anyone,the android is very easy to use and get along with. 4 stars from me.
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on 9 March 2011
The Defy defys everything I've thrown at it. I work outside a lot and wanted a smart phone that could take the bumps and scrapes. I brought a silicon skin and screen protectors to be on the safe side and in two months its managed being dropped, sat on, partly submerged, covered in mud and caked in sand without any deterioration in performance.

The skinned Android 2.1 works brilliantly and I really can't fault it. Loads of apps available (mostly free). I ditched my mp3 player because I felt the device could cope happily. The 3.5mm jack is a real plus. The integrated contacts and accounts work really well.

My only minor criticisms are the poor batter life (I charge about every two days), the camera which is slow to respond and of a poorer quality than you expect (could use a dedicated 'solid' shutter button too), the touch screen which doesn't work well when wet, inability to 'queue' songs on the native music player - only create playlists, and the lack of flash support. But I happily cope with these very minor flaws.

This will do everything an iPhone will for about half the cost, and its solid.

A bargain.
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